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Opt for bright coloured attire or re-use your wedding dress without looking over the top on the occasion of Rakhi on August 7, experts suggest. Make-up artist Aashmeen Munjaal and fashion designer Anuradha Ramam have listed few ways to add glamour to your look:

* Go for bright colours like royal blue, parrot green, dark maroon, red and fuchsia pink.

* A bling kurta and chudidar with a bandhani dupatta look good. Accessorise with big jhumki earings and have light make-up.

* For the Indo-western look pair a bling top with an ethnic printed silk skirt. The dupatta is optional.

* For the western feel with a touch of ethnic wear, a long flowy gown in ikat and mangalgiri can be a good choice. Finish the look with ethnic jhumkas and rustic silver neckpiece.

* A bridal attire can be easily re-used by putting in some simple changes:

Wear the blouse with a plain georgette or chiffon sari in a contrast colour. This will balance the heavy blouse. If the blouse is a corset then it can be paired with a long flowy in goergette or chiffon with a thick border for functions in the day or the evening.

Accessorise with a party clutch:

The dupatta can be worn with a simple suit with a simple border. Accessorise with a classic watch and a party clutch. The dupatta can be worn with a short tunic paired with palazzo pants.

The lehenga can be worn with a plain raw silk blouse or corset of the contrast colour. The dupatta should have minimal embroidery subtle the lehnga. Wear minimal jewellery and carry a party clutch to complete the look.

* Make your eyes pop with a blue kajal applied on both the upper and lower lashline and skip the eyeshadow all together. But go for a smudge proof kajal because this hot and humid weather can spoil the look.

* Swipe a hint of peach blush on the cheek bones for a natural looking flush and avoid the pink blush altogether. As a general rule, always go for warmer shades of blush for a more natural looking finish.

* Don’t forget to fill the lips with a nice lipstick shade. Opt for nude shades. Dab a little balm on the lips if they are dry or cracked. Slick on a layer of gloss to help the colour last for long. Apply matte orange or light pink lipstick.Read more at:occasion dresses

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Glistening in a little lacquered basket by the counter, the shop assistant sensed the eagerness in my eyes and pushed a tube of lipstick into my hand.

With a pretty and inviting case, I flipped it over to get a better look and realised that it was from an established high-end brand, or at least I thought it was, till she told me the price. You see there was absolutely no way that this lipstick only cost €2 when I know it to retail for more than 20 times that price.

Whether on the counters at the shops or off Ebay, counterfeit cosmetics have flooded every single stratum of the consumer market and while many budget-conscious fashionistas consider these fakes to be nothing short of a godsend, the truth is that things can get hellish for you pretty quickly if you use these products religiously.

Containing a wonderful cocktail of lead, arsenic, cyanide and even human urine and rat droppings, a moment on the lips could lead to a lot more than an emergency top-up five minutes later. The level of toxins in some of these items is so high that there have been reports of severe allergic reactions, rashes and burns which have led to disfigurement as well as tests which have linked them to infertility.

Ironically, despite all the online information about all the reasons why you shouldn’t worship at the altar of the fake designer god, ecommerce in China reached a reported $296 billion in profit in 2014 and girls on social media still boast proudly of their latest finds, peddling ill-thought advice to other girls about how to get supposedly more for less.

The reality is that while many don’t want to feel left out, this horrible habit of wanting to keep up with the Jones’ at whatever price truly does have deadly consequences. If you’re after a certain shade of lipstick, you can either save up for the one you want or go one better and buy a high street version.

Nowadays, there are pages and pages of information about how to find dupes of the exact colour you’re after minus the health risks (and illegality – though many people seem to care little about the latter). Don’t let your insecurity cost you your life.Read more at:prom dresses london

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No one wants to hear that there’s no solution to the problem that vexes them. And while we might be loathe to admit it, we don't want to find out that the solutions that do exist are time-consuming and difficult. Take our bodies, for example: Most of us want whatever our personal vision of a perfect physique is, and we want it yesterday. We want our cellulite to improve instantly. But easy fixes to our beauty wishes are like magic tricks—you’re willingly suspending your skepticism in order to believe in something better than reality. If you looked harder, you’d see the deception every time.

This is why it’s so easy to sell people—and unfortunately women in particular—expensive salves and bizarre contraptions designed to cure not just aesthetic problems, but insecurities too. We don’t buy cellulite cream because vaguely lumpy looking skin is really that big of a problem. We buy it because we hope that if our cellulite disappears, self-confidence will replace it. Once your butt looks smooth, you’ll be able to wear that bikini you bought two years ago that always makes you feel too bloated. You'll finally feel comfortable wearing shorts, against all odds and after years of misplaced insecurity about your thighs. You know how it works.

Cellulite is an especially easy "problem" to target, because somewhere around 80 to 90 percent of women have it to some degree—and they’re virtually all made to feel insecure because of it. So when one of your Facebook friends shares a post about a glorified massager, claiming it cured their’re going to at least click the link, right? That’s how one woman sold her FasciaBlaster to the masses, even though there’s no evidence it works. And it's not just useless, either. It's reportedly left women with severe bruises. Here’s a tip: bruising is not a sign of healing. It's not a sign that you're whipping your body into the shape you want it to be. It's not a sign of weakness leaving the body. Bruising is a sign that you’ve damaged your blood vessels.

Hundreds if not thousands of women fell for that bogus device, and it's just one of many. Every women’s magazine out there has hawked similar “solutions” and none of them ever seem to work.

And trust us: it's very likely that none of them ever will.

There’s very little you can do about your cellulite

That’s just reality. Cellulite is a byproduct of the way many women’s bodies store fat. The little chambers in our skin that house fat cells look different between the sexes. Biological men tend to have a kind of criss-cross pattern to their connective tissue, whereas most female-bodied people have vertical columns. Those columns make it easy for fat clumps to poke up through the skin, creating that lovely lumpy texture associated with cellulite. Having lots of fat or loose, thin skin makes things worse, though even slim people can have cellulite (and often do). Everyone has some body fat—we need it to survive—so it’s impossible to eliminate the stuff.

That’s why so many so-called cellulite solutions claim to rearrange the fat or restructure the skin rather than eliminating body fat entirely. Dermatologists have lasers and needles that supposedly zap away the clumps. Skin care companies sell balms that purport to tighten your skin. Some magazines even suggest exfoliating washes, as if fat cells are dirt that you can simply scrub away.

None of these really work. Some of them will have minimal, short-term effects. Those treatments also happen to be the most expensive. Topical creams can’t even penetrate down to a deep enough layer to work, and that’s assuming that they could do anything in the first place. None of these “cures” actually cure anything. That's just how your skin is structured.

Losing body fat will improve cellulite, but it won’t eliminate it

Excess fat definitely makes cellulite worse. Having more (or larger) fat cells exaggerates the lumps, so losing fat will help. But since, again, the issue is your skin structure, you won’t totally get rid of the cellulite look. You can jog on that elliptical for two hours a day and never rearrange a single fiber of your connective tissue’s structure.

And let’s be honest, there are far better reasons to cut down on body fat than some lumpy bits on your butt. Cellulite should not become your fitness motivator.

Strengthening your muscles is probably the only (potential) solution

Unlike all the other solutions, building muscle does actually have the potential to change how your body stores fat—or at least how it appears. You won’t fundamentally change those vertical columns in your connective tissue, but you can tighten an entire muscle group. Folks with that trusty Y chromosome don’t tend to get cellulite because their tissue is more interconnected, and doesn’t allow for large patches of fat to squeeze through. In theory, a strong muscle should mimic that fat-smoothing effect.

The caveat here is that there is alarmingly little research on whether strength training helps cellulite. Millions of dollars has been funneled into lasers and injections that don’t work, yet somehow no one has studied basic exercise principles. That being said, multiple dermatologists and cellulite experts recommend that patients lift weights if they're determined to see real changes in their bumpy areas. So unlike the products advertised in your Facebook feed, strength training is actually worth a shot.

Lifting weights isn’t just for dudes

Weight lifting has become more popular for women in the last few years, but there’s still a pervasive idea that somehow lifting instantly turns you into a stereotypically masculine bodybuilder. Let’s dispel this absurdity right now. Yes, lifting weights will give you bigger muscles. No, you will not look like a bodybuilder. It's not like picking up a barbell will make your muscles swell up to ridiculous proportions—we all wish that it were that easy.

Heck, you don’t even need to bench press to get rid of your cellulite. It tends to develop on the upper thighs and butt, which you can strengthen by doing squats. Not those dinky air squats where you bounce up and down, mind you. We're talking about real squats, where your butt gets below your knees and you have to squeeze your glutes to get back up. Not only will that likely improve your cellulite (though it’s not guaranteed to eliminate it), but you’ll also get a killer booty.

As a bonus, you’ll probably start to enjoy your body for something it can do, rather than what it looks like. Getting rid of your cellulite won’t magically make you self confident. But accomplishing something tough with your body? That might do the trick.Read more at:cocktail dresses |

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Our Perfect wedding has become a must watch in South African households. Partly for the weddings themselves but mostly for the beloved presenter of the show Thembisa Mdoda and her beautiful outfits.

The woman behind Thembisa’s OPW slay is Itumeleng Dibatane. Itumeleng has an extensive resume that funny enough has nothing to do with fashion or styling. Itumeleng recently opened up about her journey and more to True Love Magazine.

She worked in corporate for a long time and was involved in the inception of Vuzu.

“I started off in Events/PR at CHANNEL O in 2009, leading up to the launch of the Vuzu channel where I formed part of the channel’s ambassadors. I moved onto to a corporate events company for about over a year, got bored and ended up at DStv Media Sales Africa, where I worked as an account executive and later on a channel specialist for the Africa department.” She told True Love.

Strangely enough Itumeleng’s love for fashion stemmed from her pregnancy. She started enjoying to dress herself up when she was pregnant because she wanted to look her best.

“I was never ever fashionable growing up… During my pregnancy in 2012 is when my love for fashion happened to me. I felt like I needed to look 10 times better than everyone else because I was carrying life.”

From CHANNEL O to Media sales at DSTV Africa, she then started her clothing line. Her clothes are inspired by a vintage look and accredits it to the fact that she’s an 80’s baby. She started her job as Thembisa’s stylist on the show because they were friends and Mzansi Magic thought they’d work well together.

“I started my project with styling Thembisa towards the end of her last season before the break. I’ve known Thembisa for years now and we were friends before we started working together. The channel also knew my work and thought we could work perfectly together”

Seems the channel was right to take her on as Thembisa’s stylist because they really work well together. Mzansi’s favorite presenter always looks great and now we know who to credit alongside Thembisa.Read more at:prom dresses online | evening dresses uk

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People are reviving original and traditional weaves of which some like buta, jaal and shikargarh are back in fashion with brides opting for such trends, say designers Akshay Gupta and Anika Dhawan Gupta of the brand Bageecha

"To be honest, people are reviving original and traditional weaves. The small buta is back in fashion, intricate jaals and the shikargah weaves are very popular with brides today. As I mentioned, young people are slowly beginning to celebrate their roots and take pride in their ancestry," Dhawan told IANS.

The designers, who are going to launch their latest store here on Friday evening, says that their aim is to capture the exuberance of the city and history of Banaras and intends to hold on to its traditional designing roots with a vision to cater to the changing world.

"I grew up inspired by what my family does and our heritage and lineage always stood out for me. From my grandfather to my father, I've been told of stories across 100 years of creating beautiful woven silks right from the heart of Banaras.

"I realised that this market today is untapped and people have moved away from this beautiful product. With the help of my wife, Anika Dhawan, who also happens to own Rani Pink, one of the leading wedding d�cor companies in India, I decided to start Bageecha. My business acumen along with her creative approach lends to the younger touch of Bageecha," said Gupta.

The brand's Aumtum/Winter 2017 line consists of classic motifs, and intricate fine patterns in brighter and younger colours.

"The Bageecha bride complements her silver kamarband and paizeb with a antique silver purse, carried off with timeless elegance. She is feminine and classic in her classic silk lehenga with bright pastels woven with zari. The contemporary touch in our opinion is a revival of everything that was once celebrated and today is being appreciated by the younger generation," said Dhawan.Read more at:cocktail dresses | formal dresses

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1. Don’t forget about tailoring. Tailoring is one of the most liberating ideas in fashion. When considering whether you need to purchase those vintage Levi 401 jeans that are slightly too big but otherwise perfect, just remember that it’s a blessing in disguise. Once the tailor is finished with them, they’ll fit you like a dream. Think of your local tailor as a fashion hero.

2. Get creative with fabric choice.Sometimes when vintage shopping, I find a special item with great fabric, but I’m not really interested in the style of the garment itself. Usually I’ll pick it up anyway and reimagine the fabric as a different clothing item. Once I stumbled across a prom dress with some of the most beautiful fabric I’d ever seen, although I was less than impressed with the style. I used the fabric to make a pair of shorts, which I can never wear without being inundated with comments like “Where did you get those shorts?”

3. Three words: mix it up. Introduce some blatantly contradicting elements to your outfit, like a vintage prom dress with a pair of Nike sneakers, or a sequin skirt with a T-shirt. Such blatant contradictions often help “dress down” your look, making a vintage piece of clothing that otherwise may be too formal a little more casual and wearable. Keep this tip in mind when mixing eras or old and new garments.

4. Prices are not always set in stone. Don’t be afraid to ask dealers and vendors to work with you if you’re on a budget. Many vintage clothing dealers are also willing to consign or trade items.

5. You can often find vintage pieces in unconventional places. The Salvation Army, flea markets, thrift stores and vintage bazaars are good bets. These places are often hit or miss, so it’s best to frequent them often for the most special finds.

6. Wear contemporary hair and makeup. That takes it from costume to fashion.Read more at:prom dress shops | formal dresses uk

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Naturopathy looks at the influence of diet on beauty.

BEAUTY building has become a very significant activity sector in the Rockhampton region. Various beliefs assume regular usage of consumer goods and services is necessary for beauty, but is this actually a realistic outlook?

Naturopathy takes a realistic viewpoint comparably to the various beliefs being purported that promise glamour and attractiveness.

The reality is beauty building on a suboptimal diet becomes an impossible task, unless of course regular monthly beauty services and products become a fixed expense in your lifestyle budget.

Naturopathic practice knows that devitalised foods such as convenience foods, excess starch and protein and refined sugar to name a few, have an effect within the body to produce a high acidic condition.

Without any doubt beauty building depends upon optimal alkaline food.

Beauty building foods that should be consumed daily in large proportion is wholesome fruit and vegetables.

In fact, the ratio of fruit and veggies, if you seek to build beauty, should be about 60% to 75% of your daily food consumption.

If however you only seek to maintain a particular glamour appearance, certainly there are many external goods and service styles willing to accommodate you in achieving potential beauty in the short term.

So what does beauty building food mean you may ask? Put simply, optimal and wholesome fruit and vegetables assist nature's ability to renew skin growth.

Because of beauty building foods your skin can renew itself in a robust manner and you become a recipient of a healthy glowing complexion.

The upside is you are likely to find reduced need for beauty products and services due to healthier skin circulation.

Sesame oil that is cold pressed and certified organic, applied sparingly to skin and face, is an economical skin product.

This oil is known for its healing characteristic and has beneficial effect in treating dry or sensitive skin, and scaly skin.

One teaspoon of sesame oil massaged into the scalp once weekly may enhance a natural sheen of the hair after four applications.

Interestingly, sesame are valuable sources of calcium, protein, vitamin E and the essential fatty acid Omega 6.

Furthermore, sesame possesses phytosterols, plant-derived compounds considered somewhat important in blood and tissue health.

Build splendid beauty with sesame oil sparingly applied to skin, additional to liberal fruit and vegetables consumption.Read more at:cheap prom dresses | prom dresses 2017

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This may very well be one of the hottest summer our island has ever seen. With that in mind, if you haven’t visited a pristine pool, refreshing river or beautiful beach as yet, what are you waiting for? With summer in full swing, you are missing out on all the sensational splashes of the season. In case you haven’t lived on the aquatic side of life just yet, here are a few summer essentials for women.


What’s summer without swimwear? Bare it all in the daylight in a swimsuit suitable for your body type. Whether conservative or downright flirty, snag yourself the right one and have fun in the sun!

Wrap or cover up

Tap into your inner fashionista with a cover up or add some extra style with a short or long beach dress boasting colours reflecting your tropical oasis. Not a big fan of dresses? Then keep it light and breezy by trying a wrap to complement your swimsuit.


Shade your eyes from harmful rays of the sun with a pair of UV protected sunglasses, and keep up with the trends of fashion at the same time. From aviators to cat eyes, the choices are endless.

Sunscreen — sunblock

Water and sun are fun, but we have to indulge in these responsibly. Protect your skin by lathering up with sunscreen or sunblock for some protection before hitting those cool waters.

Aqua Accessories

These include your beach bag, which may be filled with other items like your water friendly sandals, your towel, your hat or a book when you’re looking to bask in the cool breeze. It might also include a change of clothes

Added Bonus: Camera

With selfie game winning in every spectrum of social life, why not capture the epic moments with your phone? Those memories are priceless- but keep your device away from the water.Read more at:white prom dresses

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Model Kat Gumabao will be the only Filipina at the Pulp Fashion Week Paris this year, and she will prove that sexy is not a size.

"I'm super excited about it... I'm not gonna lie, I'm really nervous. It's the first time I'm gonna be in Europe. And I'm gonna be alone," Gumabao shared on CNN Philippines' The Source.

Pulp Fashion Week will be held from September 30 to October 1. The event, which is in its fifth year, aims to "[put] different silhouettes in the spotlight," according to its website.

The 29-year-old model had her international debut when she participated in the first plus size show in Melbourne Fashion Week in Australia last year.

"It was the first time I was in a room with more than a hundred women, and they were naturally, authentically, genuinely celebrating everyone there," Gumabao said.

"Sabi ko [I said], 'Lord, it's something I want to bring back home.'"

While she expressed hope that she could help bring awareness to body positivity in the Philippines, Gumabao also noted that it was natural for Filipinos to remark on others' weight.

"Sa atin lang acceptable yung you see someone for the first time in a long time, 'Uy, tumaba ka,' 'Uy, pumayat ka ['You got fat!' 'You got thin!']!'" she said. "In other countries, that's a no-no."

She also recalled that while she initially struggled with her weight and tried different types of diets and exercise, "nothing worked."

However, Gumabao works out regularly and even dabbled in volleyball and swim team varsity when she was in school.

"I became good with myself only five years ago... I was 24," said Gumabao, who added that she "never saw weight as a hidrance to talent."

She said that the important thing was to stay healthy and "be physically able to do the things I wanted to do."

"My advice to everyone is as long as you know you are happy, and you're in a healthy state physically, mentally, and emotionally, then I think you're good to go," Gumabao advised.

"And just to chase your dreams, no matter how big and audacious they are-just to go for it, because like my aunt told me before, the worst thing they can say is no. You have nothing to lose," she said.Read more at:black prom dresses | pink prom dresses

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A huge show about the fabled French fashion house Christian Dior which opened Wednesday has had a galaxy of stars making the pilgrimage to Paris.

With Hollywood actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Stewart already in town for the label's haute couture show, Stewart's Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson queued with models Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne to get a sneak peak of the retrospective at the city's decorative arts museum.

While Dior - celebrating its 70th anniversary - has become ­synonymous with classy highly ­feminine glamour, fashion was not its founder's first love.

Christian Dior came to clothes through art after setting up a Paris gallery to "­champion the most avant garde of artists," said exhibition curator Olivier Gabet.

"It was he who gave Salvador Dali and Alberto Giacometti their first shows" in the French capital, he added.

And it was his friendships with artists Jean Cocteau, Max Jacob and Pablo Picasso that helped sustain him through a difficult decade after his gallery closed in the Depression.

Dior, a talented artist, began designing theater costumes and from there took his first steps into couture.


Hugely superstitious, he only made the final leap after a tarot reader told him he would head his own fashion house.

Two years later in 1947 his "New Look" revolutionized fashion, throwing wartime austerity out the window, trailblazing a new femininity.

Tarot and astrological motifs would later become one of Dior's trademarks.

Historian Florence Muller, who co-curated the show, said the "New Look" became "emblematic," with the show tracing how the six designers who came after Dior subtly adapted it - and how rival houses still "reference" it to this day.

The spectacular exhibition documents how Dior became the go-to brand for stars from Lauren Bacall to Marilyn Monroe.

It also reveals that Dior named his famous Bar suit after the bar of the Plaza Athenee hotel next to his headquarters on Avenue Montaigne between the Champs Elysee and the River Seine.

Ever the artist, Dior spent much of his time in the country drawing, leaving the nitty gritty to Marguerite Carre, who headed his studio.

"I think of my work as ephemeral architecture dedicated to the beauty of the female body," he said.

It was, however, to prove far from ephemeral.

When Dior died suddenly at the age of 52 from a heart attack in 1957 his mantle fell on his timid young assistant Yves Saint Laurent, who was only 21 at the time.

Yet in his very first collection Saint Laurent invented the "trapeze dress" which became a runaway success, and he was quickly dubbed the "little prince of fashion."

However, the leather jackets of his "beatnik" show were just too much for some of the brand's conservative clientele and he was bundled out the door in 1960.

'Forgotten man'

He was replaced by Marc Bohan, who despite running the house for a record 29 years, became the "forgotten man" of Dior, according to Muller.

"The extravagance of his successors Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano overshadowed a lot of what he did," said Muller even though his "Slim Look" was highly successful.

Ferre brought an exuberance back to the label in the 1980s with flowers, feathers and rich embroidery while Gibraltar-born Galliano brought a strong dose of British eccentricity and theatricality, she added.

"Even so Galliano had a strong connection linking him with Dior in his vision of strong femininity, with tight waists and ample hips," she said.

The Belgian Raf Simons stepped up to the mark in 2012 after Galliano was sacked following a drunken rant in a Paris cafe.

Muller said the show demonstrates that Simons' work was less minimalist than his reputation might suggest.

"You can get the impression it's quite simple but close up you can see the complexity," she said citing organza cut by laser and a dress make entirely of tiny feathers.

The exhibition ends with the Italian Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior's first female artistic director who took the reins last year.

"This exhibition is not just about Dior. It is about women in every era," she said.Read more at:prom dresses manchester

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