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When beauty guru Bobbi Brown, 60, met with President Obama at the White House in May 2016, she didn’t spend a lot of time agonizing over her dress.

“I wore a pair of black pants from Band of Outsiders, a white button-down shirt and Stan Smith sneakers,” she tells The Post proudly. “The first thing Obama said when he saw me was, ‘Cool kicks, Bobbi Brown!’ ”

Not long ago, women Brown’s age — in fact, most women over the age of 40 — were expected to fade into middle age wearing low heels and dowdy dresses. But many of the outdated rules about what is — and isn’t — appropriate for ladies after age 40 are being thrown out the window by baby boomers and Gen X women with better bodies and savvier fashion sense than ever before.

“Thirty years ago, there were clear-cut rules about how a woman should look after a certain age,” says Poupak Sionit, CMO of GlamSquad, an app that allows users to order hair and makeup services to their doors on short notice. “But those lines are very blurred right now.”

Increased longevity may have something to do with this cultural shift.

“Forty seems young now that women are living to be 85, 90, even 100 years old,” says Natasha Cornstein, CEO of Blushington, a makeup and beauty lounge with a strong client base over the age of 40.

Many also see it as a natural evolution of the women’s empowerment movement.

“What people really care about today is authenticity and self-expression,” says Brown. “If a 45-year-old woman feels like sneakers or pink hair really speak to her personal style, she is going to go for it, regardless of her age.”

But while the old maxims have been kicked to the curb, Brown cautions the need to always “look appropriate.” In other words, say yes to ripped jeans on the weekend, just not in the boardroom. Likewise, purple hair can be supercool if you’re a hair colorist — or work in a creative field — less so if you’re employed at a conservative law firm.

So, what are you waiting for, 40-somethings? Put on your trendy sneaks and feel free to embrace these other fashion-forward looks.

Ripped jeans

When it comes to choosing jeans, body confidence matters more than age.

“I wear ripped jeans all the time,” says Tanya Pushkine, a 55-year-old consultant who lives on the Upper West Side.

“I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t, and I’ve never felt any pressure to change the way I dress because of my age.”

And if that means borrowing clothes occasionally from her daughter’s closet? So be it.

“Sometimes I wear her clothes. And sometimes she wears mine. I don’t believe in rules.”

On-trend nail art

Think you can’t pull off one of those negative-space manis? Think again.

“It’s not about your age anymore — it’s about what makes you feel good,” says GlamSquad’s Sionit, noting that many of the company’s 40-plus-year-old customers are still interested in nail art.

The key to keeping the look tasteful at any age, according to Sionit? Keep your nails short and go for clean designs. (Think geometrics and color blocking.)

“It’s an easy way to look on-trend — and such a low investment.”

Do you, and dye your hair pink or blue

The first time 44-year-old hairdresser Diana Nielsen decided to get pink highlights, she did it to support a friend who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 24, so my age wasn’t even a consideration,” she says.

Her 10-year-old son, however, wasn’t so sure. “He said, ‘Mom, you don’t look like all the other moms.’”

But the 44-year-old salon owner from Little Silver, NJ, held her ground.

“I explained to him that it’s part of my flair and something I like to do and that eventually, he will be proud that his mom doesn’t look exactly like all the other moms.”

Gray hair that’s fierce, not frumpy

Model Cordelia Dietrich, 50, first started going gray when she was 15.

The line of demarcation was so dramatic that she had to color it every week.

“I found myself planning events around when I could get my hair colored,” says the Upper West Sider, who works for IconicFocus.

When she got pregnant at 43, she wanted to avoid chemicals so she finally stopped dyeing it — and she’s never looked back.

In fact, she now believes the softer color is more flattering against aging skin. “I get way more compliments now.” And as for her modeling career? “It wasn’t until I had gray hair that I really started getting work.”

Body-baring bikinis

If you were scrolling through Instagram over Memorial Day weekend, you may have seen 46-year-old Bethenny Frankel dancing in a purple bikini atop a sun lounger, blissfully oblivious to the underboob caught on-camera.

She, like Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Aniston and countless other celebrities over 40, still happily sports a two-piece anytime she can.

And why shouldn’t she? Her body is more sculpted than most women in their 20s.

And it’s not just celebrities who are proudly flaunting their assets: Sue Wager, a 51-year-old financial analyst who lives on the Upper East Side, says she has no plans of switching to a one-piece anytime soon.

“I am proud of how I look in a bikini and see no need to wear a one-piece just because of some arbitrary number.”Read more at:cheap prom dresses | prom dresses 2017

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Textured jewellery -- embossed or engraved -- can be paired well with summer and winter outfits. The play of textures adds distinctive dimensions to jewellery that can transform your outfit with just one single piece, say experts.

Sreenivas Reddy, Principal Designer at, and Pallavi Foley, a designer and jewellery expert, share some points to keep in mind while buying textured jewellery.

* Types of textures: Patterns for texture on jewellery depends on the creativity of the designer. Textured jewellery can be both visually appealing and physically stimulating.

There are several types of methods to add texture to jewellery pieces, such as the embossing and engraving methods, hammering, the sandpaper effect, all these add the extra something to jewellery pieces, making them stand out. Hammered jewellery is a beautiful piece of art which reminiscent of the surface of antique metal objects. It has both, a traditional as well as modern approach to jewellery making.

* The care for textured jewellery: Clean your textured jewellery regularly as it is prone to accumulating dust in the groves and delicate patterns. Caring for your jewellery does not always entail cleaning, but involves checking the pieces regularly to ensure their condition and maintenance. It would be suitable to use the original cases in which the jewellery was bought to maintain its novelty by protecting it from chemical reactions in its environment, which can tarnish the texture.

* Patterns: Make sure your outfit and jewellery do not conflict with each other, especially when donning textured jewellery. Try wearing solid ensembles to ensure the jewellery and attire chosen go well with each other. Also, mix different types of textured jewellery and complete your look with a simple hammered ring and a filigree bracelet.

* Stand out in style: Create a fashion statement with alternative textures by wearing an interesting blend that is fabulous in fashion and sleek in style. Textured jewellery and modern saris are definitely a concoction with a twist, combine them and stay chic. Your office wear with textured earrings undoubtedly allow you to stay bold and stylish with a unique look.Read more at:short prom dresses |

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A taunt heard often when anything takes too long, has been “Kya Mughal-e-Azam bana rahe ho?” A sarcastic jibe, but nonetheless, a worthy tribute to K Asif’s magnum opus, Mughal-e-Azam, an apocryphal salute to love, and its consequences. The film, which released 57 years ago, will be staged as a musical in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium on September 8.

With a crew of 175, enough lights to light up 20 football fields, and standards of London’s Westend and Broadway, it’s a marriage of sheer splendour and excellence. “The producers, Shapoorji Pallonji & National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), have made huge investments for the venue. This will enable the Delhi audience to experience Mughal-e-Azam in its full glory,” says Mumbai-based filmmaker and director Feroz Abbas Khan. Khan has formerly dabbled in themes starkly different, like the film Gandhi, My Father (2007), which showed the troubled relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his son, Harilal. “I decided to do something completely against my grain. I wanted to share this great piece of cinema as a huge theatre experience,” says Khan.

The production celebrates excellence, rigour, and delivers the familiar with panache. Fashion designer Manish Malhotra’s interpretation of the costumes retains the royal and luxurious look, yet presents a contemporary feel, without being over the top. Khan says, “Manish challenged himself and created 600 costumes of exquisite beauty and grace.” The film, of course, took 500 shooting days and nearly a decade to make.

In the absence of reverbs and other sound-effects, legend has it that the song, Pyar kiya to darna kya was recorded in a studio bathroom. The song, which alone cost more to shoot than the entire film, was set to music by Naushad, but only after lyricist Shakeel Badayuni rewrote it 105 times. The physical recreation of Sheesh Mahal is supposedly spectacular on stage, and the credit goes to John Narun, the projection designer, while choreographer Mayuri Upadhyay has given an audacious interpretation to the song, says Khan. The musical, with English translation and live singing, makes a fine break with the playback tradition that has almost been uniquely Indian. The epic battle scene in the film between father and son, Akbar and Salim, used 2,000 camels, 4,000 horses and 8,000 soldiers. The play of course uses other devices, with lights, shadows and sound to make an impact.

Deepesh Salgia, Director, Sharpoorji Pallonji, says, “The audience wants to see and experience large-scale productions. In achieving that, art should not take a backseat. Our brief to Feroz was to make a play that has the scale of a cinema and yet has the soul of theatre. He has delivered it to perfection.”

But why a play about Mughals and the opulent display of riches, velvet, and lace in these times? Should not a grand production have been about more contemporary concerns, a Les Miserables, for example? But the team disagrees. The central theme of young love, and a sense of defiance always wins hearts, they say. Pyar kiya to darna kya speaks to all of us. Now, let us hear it again from a stage full of mirrors. And with reverb.Read more at:short prom dresses | evening gowns

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How confident do you feel in the clothes you are wearing? Do they make you feel ready for anything? Or are you hoping no one sees you in those yoga pants you slipped on to sneak out of the house and pick up the kids? How do you think you appear to others? Do you ever worry about what other people think of the way you look? Do you worry that you might be putting off potential clients or customers by being too professional, polished, and distant? Maybe you’ve been too casual and are worried that you don’t seem professional enough. Or maybe you just worry that your clothes make you look frumpy and feel older than you actually are. Maybe you hate thinking about clothes altogether and end up in jeans and a t-shirt you got free when you ran a 5k or some kind of charitable event instead of wearing something that you actually planned out and put together.

Wherever you are in relation to your appearance and your clothes, Rachel Nachmias can help. When Rachel first booked in to be on my podcast, I was curious about what kind of interview this would be. My podcast is called Financial Fluency and it usually focuses on matters that relate to money for women working outside of the traditional 9 to 5. So while this encompasses everything from straight up budgeting, bookkeeping, taxes and investing, we also explore sales, marketing, workflow, gender gap, divorce, caregiving, financial abuse, self-employment, and outsourcing to scale and grow. Fashion was not a subject I planned to tackle. And yet, when I thought about it, for women in the workforce so much of time, what we look like and what we wear can have an out weighted effect on our bottom line. Is the fact that women who are perceived to be more put together and attractive are often more successful in business and life, fair? Of course not. Is this at least in part patriarchal oppression and sexism at work? Yes, of course, it is. But this is also the reality that we currently live in so while we are in the process of smashing the patriarchy bit by bit and bringing the walls down brick by brick, we can also be aware of the fact that we all tend to prefer to spend more time with people who are relatively well groomed and have at least a pleasant appearance.

So Rachel came onto the podcast to talk about what colors, cuts, and styles look best on your coloring, height, weight, and body type. Rachel has dealt with challenges in this area herself. As someone who loves Haute Couture and high-end fashion, but someone who is also closer to 5 foot tall than 6 foot, she used to find her own height, bust size, and frame difficult to dress. And while I personally think she is a dead ringer for Kat Denning, she admits that in her mind she wishes she looked like Lauren Bacall, slender, sultry and tall with an angular face and great cheek bones. I can totally relate. Back when I played in indie bands out of college, I always wanted to look more like that indie chick ideal, which was basically tall, very thin, flat-chested, athletic, and very androgynous. Instead, I was only tall-ish (5’8”), curvy, busty, totally unathletic, and very femme. (I was still femme even after I experimentally shaved my head in a bid for butch.) But no matter how far our physical bodies may be from our own personal ideals of beauty, we can all work with what we have and turn it to our best advantage.

This was the kind of thing that I expected from a personal image consultant. What came next was not what I expected at all. Color Theory. Yep, that’s right. Rachel, after a short stint at Bryn Mawr (my own beloved alma mater), earned her degree from Parsons School of Design. You know the one. It’s the place where Tim Gunn mentors would-be fashion designers live on Project Runway. Or at least he used to back when I watched the show. Which means that Rachel not only knows a lot about fashion, she also knows a lot about design, art, and color theory.

At one point in our interview Rachel revealed to me that it is not so much the color choice, but the properties of the colors that matter most. She said that you can wear all kinds of colors together, so long as their properties are the same or similar. I had never heard anyone say something like this before. I had to learn more.

Rachel is a Certified 12 Blueprints Personal Colour Analyst. This means she knows how to help clients identify the colours that work best with their colouring and features. In color analysis, the three important properties are hue (warm or cool), value (light or dark) and chroma (bright or soft). When several colors are adjusted to similar levels for these three properties, they will harmonize together. This was a total epiphany for me.

Rachel breaks down the biggest issues around establishing your own personal style into three basic concepts that will help you zero in on the style that works for your brand, goals, shape and personality:1) Know where you want to go in your business, and who you want to attract;2) Identify how you dream of presenting yourself;3) Consider your shape when choosing clothing, makeup and hairstyles.Rachel highly recommends that foundation clothing, especially bras, be properly fitted so that the clothes that go over them will fit properly too. In fact, when clothing shopping with clients, she usually begins with a professional bra fitting. Factoring in proper tailoring of clothing is also important when it comes to fit and comfort.Rachel also disclosed that designers typically design clothing in much smaller sizes, using vanity sizing. These sizes are in fact 2 sizes smaller than the retail versions. Many designers stop at size 10 as well, even though the average American woman is a size 16 these days. Finding the retail stores that sell clothing that work for you will make shopping far more pleasurable.Read more at:quinceanera dresses

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German discounter Lidl has enlisted supermodel Heidi Klum to develop a new clothing range as it expands beyond the low-priced groceries for which it is better known.

The collection, described by Lidl as its most premium range to date, will be sold across more than 650 of its stores in Europe and the United States later this year, the company said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the launch, Klum said: "Lidl is known for making quality products at affordable prices and I'm proud to partner it on this fashion collaboration.

"I had so much fun designing the pieces in this collection and can't wait for you to see it. I hope you love it as much as I do."

The celebrity collaboration marks a broadening of Lidl's efforts to attract more affluent shoppers, a strategy that has led to the sale of finer fare such as lobsters and macaroons.

This is also another potential challenge for Europe's established fashion retailers, which are already struggling to lure shoppers into stores as consumers direct more of their spending towards leisure activities, reported Bloomberg.

Lidl said it will continue to sell other entry-level fashion ranges intermittently throughout the year on a "while stocks last" basis.

The discounter plans to open its first 20 American stores this month and aims to have as many as 100 outlets on the country's east coast by the summer of next year.

Klum, who is German, is familiar to fashionistas as she has previously designed shoes for Birkenstock, Victoria's Secret lingerie for The Body line and jewellery for luxury Swiss company Mouawad.

The former wife of British singer Seal has also made a mark presenting Project Runway on American cable television channel Bravo, in which fashion designers vie for a chance to showcase their line at New York Fashion Week.

The Daily Mail noted that while her deal with Lidl may raise some eyebrows, the 44-year-old is no stranger to the craft of creating clothes. She has cut her teeth designing clothing lines for German mailorder catalogue Otto and another for American brand Jordache, which is best known for its designer jeans, as well as active women's wear sold through online retailer Amazon.

Now, she will lend her muscle to help Lidl take on established high- street retailers such as H&M and Topshop.

Industry experts predict that consumers will vote with their wallets, given how H&M's Stella McCartney, Kenzo and Karl Lagerfield collections were snapped up by value-conscious buyers within hours of the stores opening.

Topshop has also previously created a stir with its Kate Moss lines.Read more at: | prom dresses london

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There's something to be said for having an island wedding with a "castaway" feeling, but it's not easy to achieve that and still give your guests the kind of luxurious accommodations that many of them crave when they travel to a tropical destination. Frequently, choosing a remote-feeling destination wedding location means having to ask your guests to make compromises. Unless you choose to get married on Palomino Island.

Palomino Island is one of only three privately-owned islands in Puerto Rico. It's just a little over 200 acres, and it has been owned by the same family for generations. The vast majority of the island has been rented to the Waldorf Astoria's El Conquistador Resort, a popular destination wedding venue on the east end of Puerto Rico, about an hour's drive from San Juan.

While El Conquistador's gardens and terraces on the cliff overlooking the water (and Palomino Island) are popular ceremony locations, for brides seeking a beach ceremony in an unforgettable locale, the resort has a very special treat for them on the shores of its private island.

There's a ferry that runs between the resort and the island every 30 minutes, free to guests of the hotel. It's only a 15-minute trip each way, and many couples choose to get married on the private island, and take their wedding pictures there, before returning to the resort for a fabulously posh reception. Choosing to get married before the regular ferries stop running at 5:30 pm keeps your budget in check, as all of your guests will travel to and from your ceremony for free. But not to worry, El Conquistador has kept the rates reasonable if you choose to charter your return trip so that you can capture sunset in your wedding photos.

For brides and grooms attracted to the Gilligan's Island-vibe of Palomino Island, it's possible to rent the entire private island for your wedding festivities. As in, you can get married on a beautiful Caribbean island that is entirely yours for the evening, and treat your guests to a fabulous tropical experience that is unlike anything they can experience anyplace else.

Just because Palomino evokes a castaway feeling doesn't mean your wedding ceremony or reception has to be any less elegant and sophisticated than you want. El Conquistador and its recommended vendors have designed numerous elaborate weddings, and other special events, on Palomino. You can have as many bells and whistles as your budget allows. For those who choose the private island for its Jimmy Buffet-esque appeal, you can stick with that theme and keep it casual while your guests party all night long. On a PRIVATE island that you and your fiancé have rented for your entire wedding night.

Kamil Rivera Lopez, a catering sales manager at El Conquistador who plans weddings, explains that brides and grooms can literally have anything they want catered to their wedding reception on Palomino.

"We take everything over to the island on the ferries, and set it up exactly as the clients imagined it would look," Kamil says. The only caveat to her "anything you want and can afford" policy is elephants. The resort is popular for Indian weddings, and she's had that request more than once. There are no elephants available for rent in Puerto Rico. However, Palomino Island is equipped with beautiful horses that are frequently brought into service for wedding ceremonies and photo shoots.

There are many lovely destination wedding venues on tropical islands, but El Conquistador is the only one in the Caribbean that boasts a private island that can be used exclusively by wedding couples for their wedding festivities. And since El Conquistador itself is located on the island of Puerto Rico, brides and grooms who choose Palomino Island as their wedding destination are getting married on an island, located off of an island. It makes their destination doubly special.

Another added bonus is the fact that this resort is in Puerto Rico, which means your wedding guests won't need passports for the trip, and they can use U.S. currency for their expenses. Don't forget to check out the off-season rates—while temperatures in the continental United States become unbearable in the summertime, El Conquistador has stunning views and spectacular breezes on its cliffs year round.Read more at:sexy prom dresses | red prom dresses

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Launched in October 2008 by designers Monica and Karishma, Jade was born of a creative spirit and unique sensibility. Having researched and consulted for internationally acclaimed fashion labels for over a decade, designers Monica and Karishma felt encouraged to start their own fashion line. Monica discovered her love for draping at Central Saint Martin’s, London while Karishma honed her skills in fashion at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Representing traditional Indian crafts in a refreshing avatar remains the label’s forte. Comprising of an eclectic diffusion and an exclusive couture Bridal Heirlooms line, their designs have a global feel that reflects the duo’s international experience.

What to look out for?

The femininity in Parvati’s passionate dance is the genesis of our autumn/winter 2017-18 bridal couture collection titled ‘Laasya’ that personifies this feminine energy, with every weave resonating the balance womanhood brings to the world. And thus, Parvati is portrayed through free flowing and unrestrained silhouettes.

What’s the most elaborate Jade creation?

We use heirloom fabrics in the collection that bring with them a sense of belonging, which in turn forms the heart of any union. The drama evoked through Parvati’s rhythmic sways has been recreated with tone-on-tone embellishments. The collection features a unique blend of textures, colours and embellishments that come alive in the light. The use of feather light silhouettes and innovative textures elevate the heirloom ensembles. Expect a colour palette of champagne, gold, red wine, copper, midnight blue and metallic shades handcrafted in antique gold and silver embellishments.

What’s trending?

Ensembles with lucid silhouettes and bold cuts are a major trend this season. Brides prefer to wear something that is comfortable and suits their personal style. Embellished flared jackets, organza and embroidered capes that can be paired with a Lehenga or a skirt are all the rage. Outfits with beige and gold embellishments are being appreciated for their understated elegance. Dramatic layers and delicate, feminine embellishments in warm tones of silver and gold are seen on champagne, shell pink, midnight blue and plum lehengas and gowns.

Tips for the bridal party:

Mother of the bride – Wear something elegant and comfortable, as you will be on the move coordinating and interacting with guests. Opt for an embellished jacket that is equal parts majestic and comfortable in a shade that complements the bride’s ensemble.

Father of the bride – Opt for a classic sherwani or pair a jacket over a kurta. The colour you choose should complement your spouse’s outfit.Read more at:long evening dresses | vintage evening dresses

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Johanna Ortiz on what to remember when buying your wedding dress (Photo:

Why a wedding dress line, and why now?

“Every time, more and more women are seeking versatility and ease, and having a chance to shine with more than one dress. Many clients started asking for custom Johanna Ortiz’s wedding dresses; I wanted to start embracing the details and love what goes into designing and crafting a wedding gown.”

Had you worked on wedding dresses before?

“I as a designer and woman have always been moved into this passionate and special creative process. I’ve always liked to design statement, luxurious dresses, so bridal just an exciting part of it.”

How is the approach to wedding dresses different to ready-to-wear?

“The challenge in brides is keeping femininity and elegance while adding romance. Everything has to be in balance; too much volume, or to sexy, or to simple doesn't work for me. The creative process behind applies similarly to bridal and results in designing dresses that are elegant, festive, feminine and why not sexy.”

What is something that is overlooked with a wedding dress?

“We want our brides to feel ‘bridal’ and elegant but be equally ready to celebrate. Separate pieces are ideal because they guarantee comfort and more laid back possibilities throughout the day or night.”

What do you think differentiates your wedding dresses?

“I feel that all JO Brides are in search of a sort of ‘unexpected romance’. That is, effortlessness through a romantic, statement, and non-traditional dress that talks festiveness without losing sight of elegance.”

What is one piece of sartorial advice you'd like to give a Johanna Ortiz bride?

“Always look for a dress that not only enhances your body traits but also shows your style and personality…”Read more at:

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Jung Mi-sun is the designer behind Korean fashion label Nohke. (Photo:prom dresses 2017)

What’s your design philosophy?“I believe everyone has a unique form of beauty regardless of how one looks or how one’s body is. To me, good design is something that brings this beauty and elegance to the fore, and that’s the design I try to produce. My designs are not fantasy – they’re strictly for ‘real women’. Today, women in Korea are progressive, smart and passionate about their lives and my design reflects those elements to create a slightly different vibe from other brands.”

Why do you think Korean fashion is having its moment globally? “Korea as a nation is at a point where the pent-up cultural energy is about to explode. We went through war only half a century ago, and we achieved what we call the ‘miracle on the Han River’ [rapid economic growth] from the ruins of war. Through all that, we didn’t have the opportunity to spend our cultural energy fully, and the stories and energy collected across several generations have exploded, which has led to a variety of cultural content.”

What is it about Korean fashion that resonates with Chinese customers? “Our cultural sensitivities and languages are similar. Although Korean designers might not intentionally mirror the characteristics of Asian culture, the thoughts we have, our culture and language all reflect an Asian brand and philosophy, which is something that touches a lot of people in the Sinosphere. Korean people are very interested in aesthetics. I think that sort of interest and energy creates good brands.”

Are you worried about the recent ban on Korean imports into China?“I’m already experiencing the effects. Chinese buyers are finding it difficult to engage in promotional and sales activities for Korean products because of the political climate. In fact, Customs proved difficult as I entered China for this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week. I hope we can resolve these political issues soon so we can resume our cultural exchange.”

You are a success in Korea already – why go global? “Instead of simply representing an individual brand, I think it’s crucial to show­case the cultural sensitivity and dynamism of Korea as a brand in the global market. The appeal our brands have can penetrate deeper into the international market once we form a consensus about Korean culture and identity on the global stage. I hope that brands like mine can tell our own stories based on the unique traits we have.”Read more at:celebrity dresses

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We're waking up to a lot of Cannes reportage these past few days and while it's jolly well to see celebrities from across the globe making brave fashion choices and creating archaic statements on the red carpet, some choices are well, simply outrageous so to speak of.

The internet has been breaking, ever since Deepika Padukone redeemed her pedestal position as a fashionista, post her Met Gala debacle and turned out in what critics are calling the 'right' outfits. Nandita Das, Aishwarya Rai, Shruti Hassan and even an odd Mallika Sherawat have caused the Indian media to go on overdrive in the first week of the 10-day festival.

The French Riviera witnessed a rather obnoxious fashion statement on the 18th of May, one which goes much beyond being just 'a choice of apparel by a celebrity at an international film festival'. Far Right-wing Cultural Minister of Israel chose to walk the red carpet in an off white dress with the skyline of the city of Jerusalem printed along its hem, sweeping around her ankles. The dress was commissioned by Minister Miri Regev from designer Aviad Arik Herman which she wore to the 70th Cannes Film Festival as she attended the opening of Ismael's Ghosts. In a statement, Minister Regev said, "This year we are celebrating 50 years since the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem."

Touted by popular media as the 'Jerusalem Dress', instead of creating a strong political statement that Regev intended, the dress caused a severe uproar and an elaborate Twitter mockery. Regev set out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the '6 day war' of 1967 when Israeli forces established control over East Jerusalem with her hemline depicting the city's horizon including images of the Old City and it's disputed Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock. Both Israel and Palestine regard Jerusalem as their capital city and while Israel claims sovereignty over all of Jerusalem, 164 nations including United Nations regard West Bank, including East Jerusalem as 'Occupied Palestinian Territory'.

Choosing to wear this dress, in many ways endorses Israel's hostility and authoritarian tendencies, completely disregarding the plight of many Palestinian Arabs. Twitter trolls have already taken up the humanitarian concern that the 'Jerusalem Dress' has evoked and very responsibly begun trolling and snubbing the Minister. Among Twitter trolls are ones with the Israeli separation wall, flames over the skyline and a bomb exploding in Gaza Strip photoshopped over the controversial dress.Read more at:formal dresses uk | prom dresses uk

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