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Barvade became the new coach of Barcelona. The 53-year-old former Barcelona player had been Bilbao Athletic coach, 2017-18 season he will take the Barcelona first team coach. On Thursday, Barwald and two assistants officially appeared in the capacity of the Barcelona coaching staff.

"I am very happy to communicate with Balfade today," he said in a press conference announcing the new coach. "He was very happy and excited about the challenge of coaching Barcelona."

The chairman also said: "Barvade has the ability, knowledge and experience, he promoted the young players, his style and work style and we like him. His game philosophy is very Barcelona taste, he is also a hard work He is also keen to use new technology to train and play.

It was the second time that Barvade came to Barcelona, ​​the(come to first time was in the player's career - between 1988 and 1990. The new Barcelona coach with the team's European Cup Winners Cup and King's Cup, as a member of the Cruyff, participated in 29 games, scored 10 goals.

Barry Wade has a wealth of experience and has taught in Spain and abroad. He has coached Bilbao Athletics, Olympiakos and Spaniards, Villarreal, Valencia. He has led his unit to win six championships, one of Olympia Cobo, one of Athletic Bilbao.

In 2006, Barwald served as the Spaniard coach, and in 2007 among the Glasgow in the UEFA Cup final, but they lost to Sevilla. In 2008, Barvade served as head coach of Olympia Coase, in the first season of his coaching, Barvade won the league, the cup double title, but then returned to the country to coach Villarreal. In 2010, he once again coached Olympiakos, in their coaching two seasons, Olympiakos won the league championship twice, and won the Greek Cup.

In December 2012, Valverde served as the Valencia coach, when the team ranked only 12, and when Barride left in the summer of 2013, Valencia ranked fifth and returned to the war in Europe. After the 2013-14 season to return to Bilbao, Athletic in the 2015-16 season to help the club after 31 years to win the championship for the first time, when they beat Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup. In the same season, Bilbao Athletic also ranks among the UEFA Cup quarterfinals.


Monaco midfielder Beneto - Silva local time arrived in Manchester on Thursday, he will probably be Manchester City coach Guardiola this summer's first sign.

This season, Monaco's youth storm swept the continent, not only in(click LOLGA) France ahead of a week to beat Paris Saint-Germain lock league title, in the Champions League is into the semi-finals. Mbapi, Beneto - Silva, Le Mare and other teenager became the summer of the transfer market on the popular goods. Which 22-year-old Portuguese teenager C Luo II Beneto - Silva by the Manchester City heroes of strong concern.

In fact, Manchester City midfielder has now talented, David - Silva, Ge Duan, de Boulogne, starlight flashing. But just last month, Guardiola said Manchester City midfielder still need to strengthen. He locked the goal in the Beneto - Silva's body, melon handsome hope that his joining with Sanchez or Grizeman can bring a complete change to the team, so that Manchester City to become the next season to become the Premier League champion A strong contender. Mourinho is also doing the same plan, but on Beneto Silva, Mourinho rumors: "I do not think the summer will sign Beneto Silva, but all good players We are very welcome. "

Thursday Beneto - Silva flew from Mallorca to Manchester, "Manchester Evening News" believe that the purpose of his trip is to transfer negotiations, Silva is expected to complete the physical examination and contract details to become Guardiola The first sign of this summer.

 Eastern Conference finals 5 will be opened today in Boston. For LeBron - James, he only needs to get 28 points will be more than Michael - Jordan (5987 points), rose to the NBA playoff history total score list first.

"It's just my personal goal," James said, "it's nothing to do with the number of championships,(how to get you can come to lolga),the number of scoring and the number of MVPs, which is the goal of my motivation.

James career won the championship number is 3, Jordan 6; MVP James 4, Jordan 5; regular season total score table Jordan (32292 points) history 4, James (28787 points) 7th.

Last summer in California basketball training camp, James published a similar point of view, "My motivation comes from the Phantom I have been catching up, that Phantom of the play in Chicago." Obviously, James is referring to Jordan.

James and Oscar - Robertson are the only two scorers and assists in history that have entered the history of TOP25 players. For the outside world like the most great players out to compare, James published his point of view.

"The outside world is always talking about who is the greatest player, this is the nature," James said, "but these are not important to me." Eventually, discussing this topic is a funny thing. In the NFL, no one is discussing who is the greatest Quarterback, like (Dan) Marino, (John) Elvi, (Payton) Manning and (Tom) Brady, you know that they are the greatest quarterback. Said that is the same. "

"It's a good thing to create a discussion atmosphere," James continued, "but for me, it's only for me," he said. Try to leave my mark in the game.I hope to leave a valuable asset to inspire the next generation of young people to play in the right way.

Ajax replaced. Ajax Younis has been given a yellow card for a foul. After receiving the pass, in the restricted area outside the left foot shot, the ball above the upper left corner of the goal. Ajax replaced the house. Manchester United Lin Jade replaced Mhitta Liang.

Manchester United Mata because of malicious foul, the referee to produce a yellow card. The referee gave a yellow card to Ajax Jairo Riedewald. 81 minutes, after receiving Waltman pass, in the restricted area outside the left foot shot, the ball higher than the upper left corner of the goal. Since then, Ajax replaced Jairo Riedewald. 83 minutes, after passing the ball, in the restricted area outside the right foot shot, the ball higher than the beam.

84 minutes, Manchester United Martyar replaced Rushford. The first 90 minutes, Manchester United Wayne Rooney replaced Mata. 94 minutes, after receiving the ball, in the restricted area outside the left foot shot, the ball wiped the right column wide.(how to get you can come to lolga) .

Spurs sits home to 115 to 129 loss to the Warriors, was swept out. This night for the Spurs fans, for Manu - Manu Ginobili may have an unusual significance. The 39-year-old "old" veteran played 32 minutes, 12 shots in 6, get 15 points 1 rebounds and 7 assists and 3 steals.

Perhaps it is premonition that this may be the last battle of Ginobili career, before the Bobovic coach put him on the starting, (visit LOLGA.INCwhich is the first time since 2014, his first appearance. When the admission ceremony Manu - Manu Ginobili's name was aroused, the audience fans boiling endless, for the 15 season veteran to pay the highest respect.

The playoffs for the Spurs is not smooth, the main players Parker, Leonard suffered injuries, David - Lee also because of injury, the Spurs almost caught in the situation. Ginobili was in danger, the team needs him, he will not come forward The third war he scored 9 of 21 in the efficient cut 21 points, the entire Western Conference he averaged 20.25 minutes, 12.5 points, 0.75 rebounds, 2.75 assists 1.75 steals, shooting 58.8%, third hit rate of 36.4%. Time to take his elegant long hair, but also took his sharp as a scalpel-like breakthrough, do not go with his never forget the fighting spirit.

Do not be blinded by the data, Ginobili has no ability to reverse growth. This season, his playing time dropped to 18.7 minutes, is the lowest career, averaging only 7.5 points and 2.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists. He just when the team needs him, do everything he can do. Although he said he would make his decision in three to four weeks after the game, but many thought it would be the last season of Ginobili, and the game would be the curtain of his career.

"I looked at him, '" I really do not know why these people are going to give it, "Ginobili said in a conversation with the cheers of the audience." I looked like they wanted me to retire. Did you stand up and applaud? "" Patty Mills said after the game, "and then he said, 'Yes ah, I have to play three seasons again.'"

Fans hope that this sentence is not a joke, Manu really can accompany the Spurs for three years. After the game, players and the media have to pay tribute to Ginobili.

Popovich 1996-97 season took over the Spurs, has been coaching for 21 years, for 20 consecutive years to lead the Spurs into the playoffs, played 271 playoffs, the current opponents have only been swept 2 times: one is the 2001 west Finals (come to, the Spurs were swept out by the Lakers 4-0; one is the 2010 Western Conference semifinals, the Spurs were swept out of the sun 4-0. Now the Spurs West West big score 0-3 behind the Warriors, wave face career swept the third time.

In the NBA playoff history, the big score 0-3 behind a team to achieve a comeback, to avoid the success rate of sweeping is not high. In the history of the NBA playoffs, a total of only three times a large score 0-3 behind also Lianban three, the game dragged into the situation, but these even pull the three teams finally grab seven failed, Failed to complete a major reversal. These teams, including the 1951 Finals of the Knicks, the Western Conference semifinals in 1994, the first round of the Western Conference in 2003 the pioneers.

In 2003 the pioneer against the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs, for example, in this series, Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki 2 games played two games are very good, the first field to get 46 points and 10 rebounds, The third field to get 42 points and 10 rebounds, the second 25 vote 8, but the score also reached 25 points, led the Mavericks 3-0 lead. The Blazers then make adjustments to strengthen the defense at the same time began to share the ball, to strengthen the overall attack, continuous 3 games single field with more than 5 scoring double, three consecutive games to beat the Mavericks, the game dragged into the tie seven. But in the grab seven battle, Dirk re-rule the game, the audience received 35 points and 11 rebounds out of the pioneers of the anti-hope.

NBA history, a large score 0-3 behind the team did not come back, the Spurs have the possibility to complete this miracle? No. Warriors are now the league's best team, which has no objection, they have three consecutive season regular season single season to obtain more than 67 victories, three consecutive season regular season record ranked first in the league, 2015-16 season is Made 73 wins and 9 negative historical record. In the past two seasons on the basis of the Warriors this season also introduced the strength of the league's top five superstar Kevin - Durant, composed of four giants, the overall talent unmatched.

Warriors such a super teams, the past three seasons, their playoffs 4 big match 3-0 leading opponents, only 1 times to opponents pull back a disk, the other three times all swept. Can be seen in the Warriors talent strength of the background, the Spurs to consider the primary problem is not a big reversal, but how to win the next game.

The last round of the Premiership scored twice, Aguero help Manchester City reached the Champions League season next season, but also to make their league goals to 20 goals, for three consecutive Premier League gains more than 20 goals (click FIFA Coins, Premier League career fourth season gains 20 balls +, tied for history 3, 33 games this season, also hit the best career record. Can be so brave Manchester City first striker, but may not necessarily stay in the team, although melon handsome has repeatedly stressed that "he will never go."

Manchester City round victory over Waterford, Aguero scored twice, into the escort sent to the Champions League Lanjun the biggest hero. 23 and 36 minutes, the Argentine 13 minutes to arrange two goals, the score rewritten as 3-0, early to kill the game suspense. The second half of Aguero assists Gabriel - Rusus into the fifth ball, to ensure that Manchester City lock the league third, to avoid playing Champions League playoff trouble.

Aguero has scored 20 goals this season, the league has reached 20 goals, has been winning more than 20 consecutive games more than 20 goals, the history of the Premiership can do this efficient killer, before only Henry, Ruud van Nistelrooy and this season Kun God and gold Boots Kane became the 4th and 5th people. Plus 2011-12 season, Aguero Premier League career has four league league gains more than 20 goals, this result is ranked third in history, and Ruud van Nistelrooy, second only to 7 seasons into more than 20 goals Alan - Shearer, with five season 20 balls + gun Henry Henry.

This season the game, Aguero has scored 33 goals for Manchester City, also a career record, 2014-15 season he had for the blue moon into 32 balls, the effectiveness of Atletico, he never single season gains 33 ball. But unlike the old Pellegrini era, Guardiola did not regard Aguero as the absolute striker, that the Argentine and the team is not compatible with the style of control, can not hold up the offensive system. In particular, Gabriel - Tusu winter joined and a hit, Kun God became the second choice of striker, if not followed by Brazilian international injury for a long time to stop, he is also difficult to regain the main position.

To Aguero in the status and influence of football (Hiller once known as the Premier League only one of his world-class players), of course, do not want to serve as a substitute, especially the position of the competition lost to a newly discovered new star. British media before the disclosure, Aguero made it clear that if the melon handsome not to promise their main position, he will seek transfer.

Not bad money in Manchester City, this summer has been determined to sell the third center Ishena Qiao, Aguero is absolutely unwilling to shot. The end of the fight melon handsome will Gabriel - Rusus arranged in the sidewalk, to some extent also made a compromise, before he said: "They can play together with the perfect match, will let us Become stronger, "the media asked the media after the arrival of Aguero, melon handsome also insisted:" I have said countless times, he will stay in the team.

David Lee was in the first game of the first game of the two sides due to injury exit, when he would hurt very heavy, even through the wheelchair to leave the stadium. Post-match MRI results show that the David-Pat patella tendon part of the tear, his agent Bartels Turner admits that David Lee will evaluate his injury within a few days to determine if surgery is needed.

Earlier, Popovich had a fantasy about David Lee's injury. "He may not be able to play, but I do not think it's serious.He made a nuclear magnetic resonance, we have not yet got the results, I hope this is just bruises or other similar injuries(come to, because it does not seem to swell, Stiff, so he may also be in the fourth war debut. "And now the results of nuclear magnetic resonance, the fantasy was ruthless breakdown.

In the David - Lee injured exit, the first section of the game left 2 minutes and 57 seconds, he also became the playoffs this season, the Spurs fell because of the third player. Prior to this, the Spurs have been damaged Parker and Leonard.

In addition to David - Lee, Leonard may continue to miss, his left ankle injury has not healed. In the series opener, Leonard was Pachulia's feet, immediately quit the game, the warriors took advantage of counterattack, completed a 25-point reversal. It is worth mentioning that, in Leonard exit, the Spurs were holding 23 points ahead.

Insiders revealed that the purpose of the Spurs is the player's long-term health is better than a single game, this idea can be traced back to the first Duncan era. In the fifth half of the Western Conference semifinals, Leonard's ankle will twist it, for this in the sixth game with the Rockets, the Spurs choose to let him truce, but that game Al-Qaeda in the lack of Leonardo Germany, the road victory, so as to 4-2 overall score promotion.


Since the ancient final unnamed, if hit the semi-final stage, in order to cut the goal, both sides may play a more conservative war. And Atletico advocate a good defense, the use of counterattack kill opponents, but tonight Real Madrid actually successful zero seal Atletico, for the final cut to lay a solid foundation.

Simone's first leg, although it is away to fight, buy fifa 17 coins but Atletico did not think of clinging, tonight in the front line, the bed of the Legion out of the Carrasco, Gretzman and Gamelro three, but Real Madrid is Zhongwei Vallane Come back. French people at this time completely hurt is very critical, to know Atletico's positioning ball is very threatening, Varan more than 190 cm height can be in the positioning of the ball play an important role in attack and defense.

And Kawahar is tonight, Real Madrid array is more sad one, the first half is about to end before, Kawahar injured fell to the ground, the second half began to be replaced by Nacho. Real Madrid last season, 2 times against the Atletico in the game 1-0 lead case, Kawahar injured midway, Atletico then equalized the score, 90 minutes into a 1-1 level. One in the first leg of the league, and the other in the Champions League final.

These two games replace Cavalhar's respectively Aveiroa and Danilo, tofu has left the team, cheap fifa 17 coinsbut tonight the Brazilian tiankeng did not enter the 18-man squad, Zidane only Nacho 1 available. But the satire is not good at assists in the Spanish local defender is directly restrained the Atletico attack.

As the right back to the right back Marseille 3 people, tonight Simoni in the defense line resorted to Savage, Lucas, Godin and Felipe, 4 of 3 people are defender, so before the Felipe Insert, Atletico is more like a 352 formation, but Nacho and actively inserted Felipe bit against, anti-attack strength is not particularly strong Brazilian is not difficult, the final Nacho did not rush assists, peace of mind In the right defense, whether it is Graderman or Felipe, can not open Real Madrid defense right road gap.

Real Madrid last year to achieve the first nine games since the first zero closure opponents, the last time also dates back to early April against Allawi Si, after the league against Leganes, Atletico, Sporting Gijon, Barcelona, ​​La Coruña, tile Lensia and the Champions League two rounds against Bayern all lose the ball. www.fifacoinszone.netNavas also ended an embarrassing record for three months without zero opponents.

And Real Madrid was not optimistic about the home can be zero sealed Atletico, to know the past 10 times to play against the home, Real Madrid 7 times by Atomo break, but tonight bed corps attack state is too bad, 4 shots only 1 shot is. The attacking core Gleeszmann directly surrendered the restricted area within the 0 ball, 0 to create the opportunity, 0 shot and 0 break the "Audi data".


"I did not see the whole process of the incident, but the performance of Baili was phenomenal, and the game was very exciting for everyone," said Mourinho, referring to the red card. Other people are good.Longcalia has been in this scene is also a veteran of the final we will lose a very important player.

For the final opponent Ajax, Mourinho said: "The final is the final (click FIFA Coins, the final will be in two teams with a glorious history between the start. Ajax will be difficult to deal with, they are a young ball The team is also a strong team, they will end the league this week, there are 12 days of rest, we have three games to play.

"For us, the most important thing is the championship, and perhaps the qualification to play the Champions League.We can not go farther in the FA Cup, the European Union is a great event.I am sorry for the players , After playing for 64 games, they have to go to the national team to continue to play, and after the end of the season they should be a spa instead of playing a few weeks against the national team.

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