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Manchester United and Manchester City-limits will be staged in Houston, the United States Derby, Mourinho abounding the columnist appointment afore the game, he acicular out that although Chelsea alive Mora Tata, but Manchester United aswell Lukaku(click LOLGA. Searching at this Manchester City-limits Derby, Mourinho achievement that the new aid can yield advantage of this befalling to run lineup.

Previously, Manchester United in the alteration bazaar success cut Hu Chelsea, alive the Belgian striker Lukaku, which already let Conti rage, but now Chelsea aswell anchored the Mora tower, which, Mourinho said, I absolutely do not affliction what Chelsea do, we charge a striker, we aswell got an important amateur Lukaku. Over the accomplished 5 years, his advance is complete big, we acquire he is a top player.Of course, He aswell needs to prove his backbone in a top akin of the event, but aswell charge to play able-bodied in the Champions League, he absolutely has the strength.Obviously, Chelsea charge to assurance a striker, abnormally the drillmaster and Diego happened afterwards those things.

Mourinho aswell looks at the across Derby with Manchester City, he said, "This is a aggressive convenance session, such a game, you will strive to win, but the aftereffect is not the a lot of important. Previously, we and the United States (Manchester City, Complete Madrid, Barcelona). I do not apperceive how they attending at the game, but I will not be able to see the game, but I will not be able to see the game. Apperceive what you want, I will accord players time to upgrade, will acquiesce them to accomplish mistakes, and afresh afresh in the training acreage to practice, in adjustment to abstain mistakes, so that new players as anon as accessible and teammates accustomed with it, which is important for our alertness content."

Manchester United in this summer alive Lindroff and Lukaku, talking about the team's signings, Mourinho said complete objectively, "Today's botheration is that we acquire four blood-soaked can not play, or even no way Training, the charge for a connected accretion period.Therefore, our agenda looks like a lot of manpower afore I acquire said, we charge four new aid, but now I acquire to do the alertness of the three(visit LOLGA.INC, because the alteration bazaar It 's harder that we are not a club - blazon club, we are not how abundant money anniversary other, we are able to dig out how abundant money the club.

Chinese amateur Ding Yan Yu Hang in the acquire minute if the brawl breach to allure the bifold team, the brawl credibility to the chargeless bandy band afore the Jonathan - Motley, Motley midfielder hit the buzzer belief finish! Xiao Ding starting played 29 minutes, 7 of 3 shots, of which three-pointers 4 vote 2, to aftermath 13 credibility 3 rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals the data, which ceremony already afresh brace the new high.

Xiao Ding completed his mission in the Orlando Summer League, 5 amateur were 8 points, 1 point, 9 points, 10 credibility and 13 points, which averaged 8.2 points, the all-embracing achievement bigger than expected. Next, Ding Yan Yu will leave for the casino, on ceremony of the Mavericks played added important Las Vegas summer league(come to

Pistons alpha 7-0 lead, this time Ding Ding hit the brawl hit the third, the Mavericks opened the aboriginal record, Dallas denticulate 8 credibility exhausted score. The aboriginal area of the cruise, the Mavericks 18-19 behind. Sub-section Ding Ding brawl breach foul, angle chargeless bandy band 2 chargeless throws. The aboriginal half, the Mavericks 37-42 abaft the Pistons. Came to the third quarter, Ding already afresh hit the third, but anon the Pistons will beforehand to aggrandize to bifold digits. The boilerplate of the section, Xiao Ding brawl breach layup and fabricated foul, the US narrator said: "I adulation the Chinese adolescent man!" Three hardships, the Mavericks 59-69 behind.

The fourth division of the Mavericks alpha counterattack, the final ceremony will bolt up to 74 level, the bold into overtime. Overtime the a lot of analytical moment, it is Ding's assists to advice Motley to complete the buzzer lore! Eventually, the Mavericks overtime win over the Pistons, to win 5 afterwards victories this year Orlando summer accord title. As the acquire assay CBA approved assay bounded MVP, Ding Ding accustomed his strength.

Juventus club on Thursday through the official website announced the official check in Desilio, the former Milan right gate transfer fee of 12 million euros, signed a five-year contract with the Bianconeri, also became the following Douglas Costa, The third new aid this summer Juventus in the official website of the announcement said, "Juventus Club announced with AC Milan club reached Delixio transfer agreement, Juventus will be paid within three years to pay 12 million euros transfer fee to Milan, according to mutually agreed terms , Juventus will pay up to 500,000 euros in prize money. Desilio and Juventus signed a contract until June 2022. "

Desilio is one of the love of Allegri, but in 2016, Desilio also signed in Milan, a Milan fans from the anti-Juventus terms(visit LOLGA.INC), but the face of Allegri Invitation, Desilio changed his mind. Desilio and Milan in June 2018 contract expired, and he has refused to renew with Milan. Juventus in the Italian Cup against Milan after a war, Allegri hugged Desilio, and said, "I will soon take you to Turin." After the rumors of the departure of Desilio, Milan fans also insulted Desilio.

After the start of the summer window, Juventus offer 6 million euros to buy, but then refused by Milan, Milan Sports Director Mirabelli said, "Juventus if you want to buy Desilio, we must meet our requirements, or he will continue to stay in Milan "In the end, Juventus agreed to pay the transfer fee of 12 million euros to Milan, Desilio also arrived in Turin on Wednesday to accept Juventus physical examination.

In Juventus officially announced before the join, the name of the Milan right gate has appeared in Juventus to the United States to participate in the International Champions League list of 30 people. In the summer of 2017, Juventus has been checked into Douglas - Costa, Shichisi, Desilio three new aid, and the Bianconeri will soon be checked from Florence to Bernardesky, in addition, Juventus also interested Check in Chelsea midfielder Matic.


Edson's response is also very fast, several times to fight the pass is very timely, the first 78 minutes, has been offside Phil - Jones 3 consecutive close shot have been resolved by him. In addition to fighting out, the Brazilian country at the foot of the ball technology also won Guardiola's appreciation, but the game he did not get too much chance to show.(come to

Manchester City fans do not want him to be the next Bravo, but unfortunately, Edson is still in the game mistakes. Blue month of the first one to lose the ball, that is, his attack was Lukaku header a little easy to off; 2 minutes after the first two lose the ball, the Brazilian national station is too close to the post, missed the far corner, Was hit by Rushford shot. Full match, Manchester United shot 6 times, Edson made four saves, lost 2 goals, at least not "regent".

Compared to Edson's high resistance, Kyle Walker's performance is also dim. Played in Tottenham, he was flying on the right and left, playing the wind and water, but came to Manchester City, Guardiola side of the back of the new requirements. Fans should remember that at the beginning of last season, melon handsome arrangements for two side guard premise adduction, turned "side back", but Sabaleta and Clichy did not adapt to this change, the final move Bankruptcy.

The game, Pei Pu trick, when Manchester City ball, Walker received the road, basically the equivalent of a midfield, while the right attack to the right winger Roberts. In this way, the England striker superior wing assists ability to play, equal to the martial arts were waste. But after all, this is only Walker's first show, believe melon handsome will not waste his assists talent. In the defense, Walker still embodies his role, with Manchester United left winger Rushford confrontation, he does not suffer in the speed, the strength is to prevail, forcing the master for the edge. Manchester City's preferred goal is Monaco's left back Mendi, after the news that the Blue 44.5 million pounds offer has been rejected by the other, but the "team" said the two clubs have reached an agreement, Mendy's transfer fee will be close to Kyle - Walker. If you can get this offensive and defensive left back, blue moon side of the strength will be further strengthened.

In the accomplished season, Manchester United is assuredly a success, won the association shield, Alliance Cup and the European Cup three championships, and accomplished the Champions Alliance race. But for Rooney, although he bankrupt the Bobby - Charlton Jazz in Manchester United 249 brawl record, but added achievements with him is not great, he gradually achromatize out of the aggregation lineup, and even marginalized(visit LOLGA.INC). According to the alfresco world, Rooney has appear to the end of Old Trafford, this summer will clearly bid adieu to Manchester United. Rooney has not yet left, but Manchester United official action, it implies that he is about to leave the team.

Recently, there are authentic accompany begin that Manchester United official face book accomplishments photos, there accept been some changes, and this change is about Rooney's. May 10, Manchester United official face book accomplishments photo is Lingard, Rooney, Bogba and Herrera and added four players; the latest awning abandoned Herrera, Borgba and Ling Kade, and Three humans accept the area of the adjustment has changed, the abridgement of captain Rooney alone. "Goal net" frankly, Manchester United admiral in the Rooney on the affair to abide silent, but secretly activity or betrayed them.

Need to point out that Manchester United wish to apple-pie Rooney, or actual difficult, the two abandon accept two-year adjustment until the summer of 2019, and ample annual bacon of up to 300,000 pounds, in appearance of his accepted aggressive state, if he did not abatement Salary, no brawl will yield over, even a pay cut, yield over the club will not be too much. In addition, Rooney aswell wish to participate in the 2018 Russian Apple Cup, if he larboard Manchester United, will accretion a acceptable backbone and can get a lot of opportunities for the team, from now on, it is absolutely difficult.



3-1 to aces Cameroon, recruited a ample amount of bordering players of the German aggregation is still 2 wins and 1 akin after-effects Bingbing won the accession name, simple to beforehand to the Confederations Cup semi-finals, assuming a able all-embracing strength, the advance for the drillmaster Loew, acceptation extraordinary. It is both Loew drillmaster Germany 150 games, but aswell Loew drillmaster Germanic agent fabricated a abounding 100 victory. Anniversary on the activity to access a anniversary in the victory, Loew has his name acutely imprinted in the history of German football.

As the civic aggregation cadre aggregate a newer(click LOLGA), in the amount of compassionate with anniversary to course, to be added improved. The aegis of the abounding baleful mistakes, or can not advice but for the team's Confederations Cup acme acme a little compression sweat. Leno was the capital goalkeeper, the aboriginal activity of connected mistakes by the Tier Stern basis awkward into the bench. Mustafi sub-war ancillary of the belted breadth of a brawl error, so that the club abettor Sanchez smiled gift, he aswell absent the capital position. Rudy and Gintel's achievement is not abundant sound, Zul''s play can alone be admired as law-abiding. If you can appropriately breach the botheration on the defense, this German aggregation will be the bigger favorites of the Federation Cup.

The German semi-final adversary is Accession A second, North American best Mexico. Two years ago at the Olympic Games, the German Olympic Amateur in the case of 2 assurance abaft 2-2 draw endure time best Mexico, the bold admission of abounding players, are now condoning to their corresponding developed civic team. Jeremy, Gtter, Gretzka, Brent is accepted to move afresh with Talavera, Perez, Lothano, Guzman, Peralta. Whether it is history grips or the all-embracing backbone of both abandon and appropriate style, Germany accept a assertive advantage. Conceivably Loew has amorphous to accede advanced of the final with Portugal or Chile.

Looking aback on the history of the German team, apprenticeship the civic aggregation is the a lot of admirable drillmaster Helberg, he accomplished the civic aggregation a absolute of 167 games, fabricated 94 wins, 27 draws and 46 losses, acceptable 56.3%, 1954 Apple Cup best is its The greatest honor. The next is Loew, 2006, aback the new year, Loew in the civic aggregation to advise the bold to ability 150 games, fabricated 100 wins and abrogating results, acceptable 66.67% of the terror. If the exclusion of affable results, Loew's apprenticeship amount is as top as 78.72%. Loewu added than 10 years of civic aggregation apprenticeship career, captivation the 2008 European Cup runner-up, the 2010 Apple Cup runner-up, the 2012 European Cup semi-finals, the 2014 Apple Cup and the 2016 European Cup semi-finals and added honors.

Suolangke and Chelsea contract expired this summer, Chelsea did not have the opportunity to England young striker choose to leave, Liverpool announced on May 30 agreement with Solank. In this summer's World Youth Championship, as the main leader of the three lions, Suolangke in this session on the performance is extremely good, he led the England U20 all the way through the finals and eventually won the championship(visit LOLGA.INC), which is the three lions since 1966 World Cup won the world championship.

Suolang scored four goals in this tournament and won the Golden Globe. See the outstanding performance of Suo Lanke, Liverpool how fortunate enough to sign the England young striker, to know the Red Army only need to pay Chelsea 3 million pounds of compensation, you can get with Messi, Bo Guba and Aguero match the World Youth Championship Golden Globe winner!

Liverpool announced today officially signed with Sorrent, he also became the second posther of Salah after this summer, to Solanke in the summer World Youth Championship "thigh" performance, his future worth looking forward to Liverpool, While the "glass man" Stuart Ridge may leave his team for him. Douglas - Costa has joined the basic no problem, but according to the Italian media news, Juventus will also introduce another winger Bernardeski, and if the two together to Juventus play, it means that the Quartrado Of the poor situation, and the most recent period of Arsenal and Milan are surmounted for the buckrada.




2018 World Cup who and Commander ", now U21 Deqing team has won the European Youth Championship, the Confederations Cup champion also close at hand. German media feeling:" German football golden age arrived! "The newspaper specifically points out the five pillars of the German Confederations Cup, which will be the backbone of Lovers in the final (visit LOLGA.INC).

Before the start, no one would have thought that in the German team to play 8-bit Goreczka will suddenly broke out, he is currently in the Federation Cup into the top three scorer top scorer, the Schalke 04 midfielder And even may be able to force C Luo and Sanchez wear gold boots. Goreczka played in the three games of the offensive and defensive, he was in the midfield control and convergence ability is impressive, and his offensive in the offensive force can also be fully demonstrated, Germany 4-1 Mexico in the battle of his 3 Minutes into the 2 ball flash hit succeeded is proof.

In addition, the Federation Cup has just completed the national team's first show of Shedindel and Timo - Werner, also has become the backbone of the team members, the final two men played only for the national team 5, Shi Ting Del Scored 2 goals, including the team's first goal of the tournament, Werner is not enough to use the playing time into three goals. On the efficiency of Werner on top of the two teammates, the Leipzig RB striker played three times in the cup averaged 71 minutes, equivalent to 31 minutes into a ball, the efficiency is even far more than four games C Luo.

Defense line, Loew called a lot of experienced players, Cologne captain Hector is one of them, this has been on behalf of the national team played 32 games "veteran" offensive and defensive, is the team left the most stable Of the ring. In addition, the Confederations Cup debut Leno after a low-level error, Loew continued to open the lion king Terstigen root, the final coach did not risk the reason for the goalkeeper. "Bild" also predicted that the German team will continue to adhere to the use of three guard formation, the semi-final starting Lvdig and Gintel may be removed, Henriksh retreated together, together, More powerful three-guard combination.

Barvade became the new coach of Barcelona. The 53-year-old former Barcelona player had been Bilbao Athletic coach, 2017-18 season he will take the Barcelona first team coach. On Thursday, Barwald and two assistants officially appeared in the capacity of the Barcelona coaching staff.

"I am very happy to communicate with Balfade today," he said in a press conference announcing the new coach. "He was very happy and excited about the challenge of coaching Barcelona."

The chairman also said: "Barvade has the ability, knowledge and experience, he promoted the young players, his style and work style and we like him. His game philosophy is very Barcelona taste, he is also a hard work He is also keen to use new technology to train and play.

It was the second time that Barvade came to Barcelona, ​​the(come to first time was in the player's career - between 1988 and 1990. The new Barcelona coach with the team's European Cup Winners Cup and King's Cup, as a member of the Cruyff, participated in 29 games, scored 10 goals.

Barry Wade has a wealth of experience and has taught in Spain and abroad. He has coached Bilbao Athletics, Olympiakos and Spaniards, Villarreal, Valencia. He has led his unit to win six championships, one of Olympia Cobo, one of Athletic Bilbao.

In 2006, Barwald served as the Spaniard coach, and in 2007 among the Glasgow in the UEFA Cup final, but they lost to Sevilla. In 2008, Barvade served as head coach of Olympia Coase, in the first season of his coaching, Barvade won the league, the cup double title, but then returned to the country to coach Villarreal. In 2010, he once again coached Olympiakos, in their coaching two seasons, Olympiakos won the league championship twice, and won the Greek Cup.

In December 2012, Valverde served as the Valencia coach, when the team ranked only 12, and when Barride left in the summer of 2013, Valencia ranked fifth and returned to the war in Europe. After the 2013-14 season to return to Bilbao, Athletic in the 2015-16 season to help the club after 31 years to win the championship for the first time, when they beat Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup. In the same season, Bilbao Athletic also ranks among the UEFA Cup quarterfinals.


Monaco midfielder Beneto - Silva local time arrived in Manchester on Thursday, he will probably be Manchester City coach Guardiola this summer's first sign.

This season, Monaco's youth storm swept the continent, not only in(click LOLGA) France ahead of a week to beat Paris Saint-Germain lock league title, in the Champions League is into the semi-finals. Mbapi, Beneto - Silva, Le Mare and other teenager became the summer of the transfer market on the popular goods. Which 22-year-old Portuguese teenager C Luo II Beneto - Silva by the Manchester City heroes of strong concern.

In fact, Manchester City midfielder has now talented, David - Silva, Ge Duan, de Boulogne, starlight flashing. But just last month, Guardiola said Manchester City midfielder still need to strengthen. He locked the goal in the Beneto - Silva's body, melon handsome hope that his joining with Sanchez or Grizeman can bring a complete change to the team, so that Manchester City to become the next season to become the Premier League champion A strong contender. Mourinho is also doing the same plan, but on Beneto Silva, Mourinho rumors: "I do not think the summer will sign Beneto Silva, but all good players We are very welcome. "

Thursday Beneto - Silva flew from Mallorca to Manchester, "Manchester Evening News" believe that the purpose of his trip is to transfer negotiations, Silva is expected to complete the physical examination and contract details to become Guardiola The first sign of this summer.

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