10 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers from Muhammad Amjad Butt's blog

Make connections to New topics.


Expound on current occasions and how they identify with you as well as your perusers. Along these lines, individuals will realize that you a.) don't live under a stone, b.) have conclusions, and c.) think about an option that is other than your blog. This is a viable approach to convey perusers to your site, and it is an extraordinary chance to make your substance topical.


Write consistently.


You don't have to compose on a particular calendar, however you would like to post consistently with the goal that you remain applicable in your perusers' brains. Contingent upon the concentration of your blog, you may need post a few times each week, or consistently if conceivable. Likewise, stay steady in your composition and do whatever it takes not to negate yourself.


Read constantly.


Attempt to find another blog each day. Observe the way different bloggers are utilizing devices that are promptly accessible to you, and discover destinations that interest you. On the off chance that you appreciate perusing about a subject, then maybe you will appreciate expounding on it.


Create catchy headlines that aren’t misleading.


You need individuals to peruse your blog, yet you additionally need individuals to peruse your blog. Be astute however don't deliberately beguile anyone.


Make your posts accessible.


In the exacting sense, don't make them elusive. On the off chance that some person is keen on perusing your different posts, make it basic for him/her to get to them. In the other feeling of the word, do whatever it takes not to distance any of your potential perusers. You may have solid feelings, and that is fine, however don't be obstinate.


Weave an intricate web of links.



Recognize a job well done. On the off chance that another blogger rouses you, then recognize the post through pingback/trackback. This is likewise compelling when you allude to your more established posts in an article.


Incorporate images and videos.


Goodness man, individuals cherish taking a gander at pictures and stuff. Consider it. Would you rather read a book with just words or a book that has pictures?


Mind the length of your posts


You for the most part need to expound on 300 words for your post to be perceived by a web crawler, for example, Google, so entirely from the SEO point of view, you ought to remember that. Be that as it may, the length of your posts ought to be specifically identified with the capacity to focus of your perusers and the subject of your written work.


15. Take risks.


Try not to be hesitant to investigate new thoughts. On the off chance that you think of something that makes you somewhat awkward, great. Run with it. Indeed, keep running with it. Wander out of your usual range of familiarity and you may wind up with a fascinating story to tell.


Know your limits.


Try not to compel anything. You will take in more things once you leave that safe place, yet in the event that something makes you feel to a great degree awkward, maybe there is an explanation behind it.

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By Muhammad Amjad Butt
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