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Fall of South Vietnam

Army combat units used in Joint warfare in South Vietnam 1964 1968 [e]

559th Transportation Group [r]: In the People's Army of Viet Nam, the organization that built and operated the Ho Chi Minh trail [e]

Anti aircraft artillery [r]: A general term for guns that can elevate to high angles and shoot accurately at aircraft, using visual, electro optical, or radar guidance. [e]

Ban Me Thuot [r]: A town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the junction of a number of key highways; During the Vietnam War, it was a MACV SOG covert action base; the first major town captured in the 1975 North Vietnamese invasion, triggering large scale refugee flight [e]

Binh Phuoc Province [r]: A province in the southern and western parts of Vietnam,replica van cleef lucky alhambra necklace, where the "first crack" in the defenses of South Vietnam, from forces invading from Cambodia, came in 1975 [e]

Bui Tin [r]: A Senior Colonel in the People's Army of Viet Nam, serving as a staff officer and a journalist for official publications, who was later exiled for his writings on the war [e]

Cao Van Vien [r]: General in the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam, last Chief of the Joint General Staff,replica van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace, and a contributor to postwar historical analysis [e]

Dien Bien Phu [r]: Site in northern Vietnam of a 1954 decisive battle that soon forced France to relinquish control of colonial Indochina. [e]

National Highway 19 (Vietnam) [r]: A highway in Central Vietnam, which connects the seaport of Qui Nhon, via An Khe to Pleiku. [e]

National Highway 25 (Vietnam) [r]: The main east west highway of central Vietnam; the People's Army of Viet Nam taking control of it in 1975 cut South Vietnam in half [e]

National Highway 7 (Vietnam) [r]: Add brief definition or description

Nguyen Cao Ky [r]: Republic of Vietnam Air Force general, active in military coups, who served as Premier and member of several juntas [e]

Nguyen Van Linh [r]: Market oriented Communist economist; head of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1986. evacuations of people near Saigon, as Vietnam was overrun by the People's Army of Viet Nam. involvement in the Vietnam War, resulting in the Paris Accords signed on January 28, 1973. Navy officer in the Vietnam War, who rose to positions including Deputy Secretary of State in the first term of the George W. ground troops [e]

Tet Offensive [r]: A Communist offensive in the Vietnam War, possibly part of a larger strategy, in early 1968. political opinion against continuing large scale involvement in the war. [e]

Tran Van Tra [r]: General officer of the People's Army of Viet Nam, serving from 1954 to the fall of South Vietnam, who has been in some disfavor for writing a frank history of the North Vietnamese side. [e]

Van Tien Dung [r]: General in the People's Army of Viet Nam, who commanded the 1975 invasion resulting in the fall of South Vietnam and reunification; protege of Vo Nguyen Giap; joined Politburo in 1980,replica van cleef long necklace, and appointed Minister of Defense; dropped from Politburo in 1986 over disagreement with the doi moi reform and replaced as defence minister in 1987 [e]

Vietnam War [r]: A post colonial independence/Cold War conflict between communist North Vietnam against South Vietnam, assisted by the United States (1955 1975), to unify Vietnam; won by North Vietnam in 1975. [e]

Vietnam, war, and the United States [r]: The interactions of the Vietnam War with United States domestic politics and public opinion, and,replica van cleef inspired clover necklace, in turn, how domestic considerations affected the military situation [e]

Vietnamese Communist grand strategy [r]: Add brief definition or description

Vo Nguyen Giap [r]: The most prominent general of the Viet Minh, the People's Army of Viet Nam, and eventually Defense Minister and Politburo member of North Vietnam [e]

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