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Why Bernie Sanders shouldn't be Hillary Clinton's VP pick Opinion

The opinions expressed in Knockoff fashion bangles bracelets this commentary are hers.

(CNN)If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president, she should find a substantive and valuable role for Bernie Sanders. It should not be as her vice president.

Before Sanders supporters take my head off, let me explain:

I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter and believe wholeheartedly in his economic populist vision for the Democratic Party and for America, but he doesn't do what a VP candidate needs to do: help the presidential ticket win votes.

Sanders has given small signals that he'd be willing to step into that job (on "Meet the Press" last weekend, he wouldn't rule it out), and there's little doubt that such a move would help Clinton secure Sanders' voters. Beyond that, at least one recent poll (from not always reliable Rasmussen) shows Democrats preferring Sanders as a VP pick.

If Clinton is genuinely worried about exciting Sanders' base and looking to address this with her VP pick, Elizabeth Warren is a much stronger choice. Warren would bring the same base rallying energy as Sanders, plus younger energy and something else very useful in a running mate: a demonstrated ability to effectively attack Trump particularly on his Twitter turf something Clinton has been either unwilling or unable to do so far.

With Trump attack on judge, has he hit a new low?

Plus, Warren would directly tap into the overall anti Knockoff classic hermes bag establishment moment coursing through the electorate.

There are some other baldly pragmatic reasons that Clinton must look beyond Sanders for her running mate whether to Warren or someone else in what could be a painfully close general election.

All signs point to a tough battle in Rust Belt states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, crucial to this election's outcome. A Democratic nominee needs a VP candidate who, yes, aligns with her (or his) values and vision for the nation but also helps pick up these key states and the demographics within them.

Consider Ohio and Pennsylvania the first and second most competitive battleground states in 2008, respectively. The conventional media narrative is that these states reflect the concerns of their white voting populations, that winning over this demographic is key to winning the general election. And for Donald Trump that would surely be true, as his path to victory runs straight through white male voters, as a group.

But in 2012, Barack Obama won Ohio because African American voters turned out at an even greater percentage than in 2008, giving him a sizable margin. There's a reason the limited demographic appeal of Sanders stings his supporters: The reality is that Democrats depend not on white swing voters but on mobilizing and activating voters of color (who have been slow to warm imitation gold and enamel bracelets to Sanders) to win a national election.

In this sense, HUD Secretary Julian Castro, a Latino, or former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, an African American, would be a good choice for Clinton's VP. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey certainly would add youthful energy to the ticket, though his record of accomplishment is sparser. Tom Perez, secretary of labor under Obama, is also a strong choice because he would help motivate Latino voter turnout and appeal to the Sanders wing of the party.

It is possible, of course, that the centrism Clinton is known for would rear its head in her vice presidential choice.

Consider this: Faced with a general election against Donald Trump, imitation fashion bangles bracelets an opponent that many decent Republicans find repugnant, Clinton and her team may use the VP pick to appeal to moderate swing voters and even some Republicans thereby expanding her base beyond those left of center white, Latino and black voters she can already count on.

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