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The Disunited Front

Highlights from this week's forum discussions, including assessments of the European split on Iraq and reactions to the Oscar nominations.

The Disunited Front

In recent months, France and Germany have publicly expressed their differences with cartier love ring for men replica the Bush administration on the Iraq issue, arguing that United Nations weapons inspectors should be given more time to do their work and pressing for a slower timetable for war. France, one of the five permanent members of the Security Council, has hinted that it may use its veto power on the issue, while Germany has repeatedly stated that it will refuse to back an Iraq war resolution in the council. and European countries have cartier love ring for men imitation been discussing the various rifts the Iraq question has created.

Giosetti : "Did I say sometimes one must jump? Schroeder jumped. He takes all of us Germans with him.

"As an American living in Germany, I have felt none of the 'anti Americanism' described in that piece. pressure. imperialist plan in Iraq. I feel happy because that means that world is not yet completely under control of United States.

"If the West had stood firm together, then Saddam Hussein would have long since packed his bags and given the long oppressed Iraqis an opportunity to work out a future that would be as good as their immediate past has been bad.

"As it is, Saddam Hussein must be sniggering up his sleeve at the disarray in the Western camp.

"But that's what democracy is all about, isn't it?"

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Forum Snapshot: Roll Out the Carping

Members of the newly created Oscars forum were not at a loss for words as the Academy Award nominees were announced.

Tirebiter0 : " Scorsese will win it's his turn."

InLAreviewer : "Well, besides the semi slap at Streep (undoubtedly Actress nominee 6) and the expected disappointment over "Far From Heaven's" limited showing, it was pretty much as anticipated, and how nice that Almodovar got a cartier fake mens love ring nod for Best Director (sorry, Peter Jackson).

"As for 'Chicago's' mega nods, I have seven words: 'The Color Purple' and 'The Turning Point.'"

KitVanCleave : "Any one of several actresses could have played Roxie Hart in 'Chicago' if she is not going to be a true dancer/singer. Ditto Billy Flynn, and Mama Morton. Zeta Jones could have done 'Chicago' on the cartier love band knock off ring stage."

Lulu18 : "I'm thrilled Reilly got nominated for 'Chicago,' as well as Zellweger and Zeta Jones in different categories so they won't cancel each other out. Reilly's 'Mister Cellophane' really blew me away!"

Moesy : "I'd like to see Michael Caine or Daniel Day Lewis walk away with Oscar this year. Best Actress award should go to Salma Hayek for 'Frida.' Best Supporting Actor award should go to either Chris Cooper or Ed Harris (it's about time for Ed). Best Supporting Actress to Meryl Streep. I think 'Chicago' will win for Best Picture and Martin Scorsese for Best Director. on "20/20," led to many tabloid headlines. Regular members of the Television forum, depressed by the spectacle, discussed the parallel themes of Mr. Jackson's obvious instability versus the media's exploitation of him versus the compulsion to participate in that exploitation by watching him self destruct on camera.

HippieMC : "It's not Michael Jackson that disturbs me. It's the media's cruelty in dealing with this guy. I mean they're just crucifying him. Why? Because he's a weirdo? And I must admit that I feel somewhat ashamed of myself for being a part of the frenzy. This kind of television really is ugly."

Blansh : "I am surprised that Jackson is still so naive about the media after all these years. What exactly did he expect from this documentary? It sounds like he had quite a bit of control over what happened, who saw what, and what questions were asked, so it's not like Mr. Bashir popped out of the bushes and snuck around. My guess is that Jackson would have been unhappy with any documentary that wasn't a fawning, non stop adoration festival. With his singing career stalled and in reverse, he now has a chance to get more media attention by playing the victim yet again. Notice how everything is a conspiracy, no one understands about what he does with children because they are 'ignorant' and he feels 'betrayed' even though he probably controlled the whole thing. Everyone is out to get him because they don't understand, and he simply cannot take responsibility for anything he may have done. Yep, narcissistic personality disorder!
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