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Stop being a sucker

The New Zealand Herald8:12pm Wed 24 MayNetworkHelp SupportYou can keep more cash in that wallet if you change your shopping habits. Photo / 123RF

It's no wonder people complain about the cost of living. Our wallets are being sucked dry fake vca necklace at every turn. But you can change your fake van cleef turquoise necklace ways and keep more cash in that wallet.

This article started in the laundry aisle of my local supermarket. I couldn't help but notice two young men deep in an intense discussion about fabric whitening products.

They turned out to be Navy recruits trying to decide which of the Vanish products would be best at keeping their uniforms white.

Another customer and I tried to convince them to buy the cheaper Pams whitener or even bleach as an objective choice.

After a pregnant pause one of the bemused looking recruits responded: "But this is Vanish."

Clearly the brand had some sort of magical powers and no other product was capable of doing the same job. Such was the power of branding.

Shortly after the Vanish incident I was drawn into an online discussion with someone looking to put Rhino carpet down in her house and had been shocked by the quote.

When I suggested an alternative, she said she needed Rhino carpet and really didn't get that she would be paying a premium for the brand name over and above an equivalent carpet.

In both examples the consumers saw the brand name as a mark of quality, rather than a marketing tool to convince them to pay a premium price for an equivalent product.

Buying brands is great if that's how you want to spend your money.

If instead you want to save more, buy a house, pay your mortgage down, travel, go to university or something else but money's tight, doing a bit of navel gazing about why you choose certain brands could make a big difference in your weekly spend.

A few bucks here and there every week, or hundreds of dollars in one go when buying big ticket items, adds up to thousands over a van cleef necklace replica alhambra year.

I asked Melnik what was going on in the Navy recruits' heads that day in New World. She says it has to do with heuristics mental shortcuts.

Clearly the brand had magical powers and no other product was capable of doing the same job.

The brand's advertising had created a shortcut in their minds that Vanish was automatically better. The irony is Melnik herself used Vanish in Europe, but switched to Pams in New Zealand because, she believes it's better quality.

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