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Eating subsistence allowances to travel

A few days ago, Jiangxi women who smashed '300,000 yuan' jadeite bracelets interviewed the media about their family status: 'Her husband became a vegetative state nine years ago because of a car accident. The treatment cost me over 1 million. In 2013, I was listed as low Policyholder '. This has sparked controversy online, questioned the spearhead from her 'do vca necklace imitation not admit the account' transferred to 'eat subsistence allowances can also travel? Also dare to visit the luxury jade market?' Of course, the local authorities may follow the plan to verify its Di Bao family qualification. But if she describes the situation is true, perhaps nothing wrong. The most important thing for those who decide on the minimum living allowance is to look at the family income van cleef and arpel necklace fake and property status. As long as the poverty line is not reached, it should be 'guaranteed.' The community can expect and guide the minimum living allowance to save time, but should not require them to be in a 'low subsistence' status of low quality of living so what is needed right now is the women's subsistence allowances and high consumer spending habits, Verified. Before the fact is unclear, public opinion does not have to hurry to encircle the capital. Poor households travel is not a problem, whether tourism is squandering is likely to be the problem there are netizens from its 'eating Di Bao to travel' come to its 'play fine' 'credit bankruptcy' conclusion, which corroborates its ' Shamelessly. ' These netizens did not consider smashing jade bracelets in the event of unscrupulous business owners did not identify the price and did not do to help wear the pick obligation, nor the laying of the carpet shattering the weight of responsibility even if the parties Bo sympathy, there are wrong? She does not agree with the price of compensation, but also in the situation of reason: Jade valuation of the third party has yet to be impartial and professional identification agencies, and in accordance knock off van cleef flower necklace with previous jurisprudence, who should smash the bracelet should be compensated, the original value minus the shattered Value, multiplied by the proportion of the broken part of the responsibility. The law and professional judgments in the case can not be crooked off the floor.
720,000 candidates can not take away stationery before the last test

June 7 began, Jiangxi province 332,900 candidates went to the province's 195 test sites 11822 examination room to attend the college entrance examination. At 6 o'clock on the 6th, the provincial college entrance examination candidates to their own examination room in advance familiar with the environment. Known as the history of the 'most stringent' entrance is strictly van cleef and arpel necklace replica where, take a look at it!

You can not take stationery until the final exam is over

On the afternoon of the 6th, the reporter went to the second test center in Nanchang. All the staff in the test room put the unified examination stationery on the exam seat in the province. Special stationery box with a test of neutral black pen 2, cartridge 2, 2B pencils and drawing pencils filled with a, protractor, set square, a pair of compasses, eraser, a plate each. At the end of each exam, candidates must put the test stationery into the box, banned from the examination room, after the last exam can take away the stationery video surveillance video playback review is not a walking through

During the college entrance examination, the province's examination room enabled a full range of video surveillance. Reporters in the Nanchang two test center examination room noticed that before and after each examination room has a high-definition camera, which is standard test room standard in the second test center in Nanchang video surveillance room, four high-definition big screen on the examination room live, Every examinee's every move is under control. After the college entrance examination ended, the video surveillance video will focus on the playback review Need to remind that candidates get the answer sheet and papers, the test signal is not issued, can not answer in advance or write any writing, the test signal can only be issued after the answer . After each subject end of the test signal is issued, candidates should immediately stop writing and exit the examination room, if you continue to answer questions, will be the test video surveillance video. Where the examination room of Jiangxi Province unified video playback review to confirm the answer in advance or continue to answer the candidates, as a violation of the examination discipline Do not think video surveillance video playback focus review is to go through the field Oh! 2013 2015 college entrance examination, according to video surveillance video focus Playback review, the number of non-compliance identified and deal with each year were 216, 144, 105 ID identification device can view the candidates details

This year, 'Criminal Law (Amendment 9)' the provisions of the organization cheating on exams will be applied for the first time college entrance examination, many people will this year's college entrance examination called 'the history of the most serious' Jiangxi entrance exam this year to continue to prevent cheating, the test centers are national standardized education test centers In addition to setting the electronic monitoring equipment in the examination room, a metal detector, an ID card identification device and a cell phone signal shielding device were also set up on the afternoon of 6th. Candidates experienced the detection process of the metal detector in advance. Reporters noted that metal detectors close to the watches, metal hair clips and other accessories items, it will van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra replica issue an alarm monitor reminder, candidates try not to wear metal bracelets, necklaces, hair clips and other accessories items. Candidates should be placed in the possession of all items before the security deposit at the designated items, if the security metal detector issued a warning siren, the candidates do not panic, in time to explain and cooperate with the examiner to find out the reason Reporter learned that this year's ID card identification device Function stronger than in previous years. ID card identification is only used to identify the authenticity of ID cards this year, as long as the brush about the ID card, identification instrument will immediately display candidates test information and ID card information of two types of information, including test information, including candidates name, gender, ID card Number, exam number, examination room number, seat number, ID card information is displayed candidates name, gender, nationality, ID number, address and so on. Candidates examination information and ID information shows the candidates photos, coupled with the candidates themselves, to facilitate the implementation of vca necklace imitation the proctor to implement 'three control.' (Text / reporter Liao Jitang intern Ye Yu)
Baby wearing a silver bracelet why black

I bought a knock off van cleef flower necklace pair of silver bracelets for my baby and only took one night to find my child's arm (a small bracelet had a black lap over it, much like a lead mark, and wiped it clean with a towel) I did not dare to wear him. The old man said that may be the reason for the impure silver, or the child caused by sweating, but I am afraid to wear it to him no longer, I am afraid of what the real lead in the body of children's bad ah. Everyone has a chance

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I bought a pair of silver bracelets for my baby and only took one night to find my child's arm (a small bracelet had a black lap over it, much like a lead mark, and wiped it clean with a towel) I did not dare to wear him. The old man said that may be the reason for the impure silver, or the child caused by sweating, but I am afraid to wear it to him no longer, I am afraid of what the real lead in the body of children's bad ah. Have you encountered such a thing? Very confused!

Last week, I also bought a pair of silver bracelets for the baby, and only wears it for one night. The baby does not like to wear it. I give it to myself and then put it on the stack, and I find her on a small wrist There is a very minor rash, bracelet that position, I did not insist on her to wear, and after the rash gone silver in the air oxidation discoloration, when the salesperson to send a piece of rubbed silver cloth, rub a bright Yes, I bought is 925 silver, the salesman said that generally buy this purity, because the pure is soft and easy to deform. I now temporarily not to the baby to wear, want to van cleef flower necklace fake wait a little longer to wear .But the baby Wear really beautiful and very cute.

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Last week, I also bought a pair of silver bracelets for the baby, and only wears it for one night. The baby does not like to wear it. I give it to myself and then put it on the stack, and I find her on a small wrist There is a very minor rash, bracelet that position, I did not insist on her to wear, and after the rash gone silver in the air oxidation discoloration, when the salesperson to send a piece of rubbed silver cloth, rub a bright Yes, I bought is 925 silver, the salesman said that generally buy this purity, because the pure is soft and easy to deform. I now temporarily not to the baby to wear, want to wait a little longer to wear .But van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra imitation the baby Oh, really beautiful and very cute
From gold shop apprentices to well-known jewelers

Li Jianhao reason engaged in the jewelry industry, with his family's influence has a great relationship. His father, proficient in gold technology, under the enlightenment of his father, Li Jianhao grew up loving gold jewelry and basically mastered the gold technology. In order to make technology excellence, his father led a young age Li Jianhao worship Lucheng most famous master Xing Hui as a teacher. In the teacher's advice, less than a year's time Li Jianhao advance to the teacher, opened a gold shop, took the first step in his jewelry business career, that year he was only 15 years old. With their superb craftsmanship and integrity management, soon became widely known in the locality, playing gold shop business booming for a while ...

However, booming business did not let Li Jianhao secure the status quo, not 'safe points' he put aside the work began to travel far. From Wenzhou to Myanmar, removed more than a dozen cities, wherever he went to study and analyze the local jewelry market, learning from peers advanced experience and technology. 'When Myanmar came back, I immediately prepared for payment. At that time are still used 10 yuan banknotes, 300,000 yuan a full package, I was alone in cash again to Burma, ready to enter a group of first-class goods . 'Li Jianhao recalled the beginning of the calf entrepreneurial experience. However, this time bold attempt almost let him lose everything. 'At that time, my vision is high, to purchase only into the good, but not carefully analyzed our local market in Wenzhou, Wenzhou at that time do not understand jade. Because the price is expensive, not many people to buy. Coupled with the lack of experience , Came in from Burma ring around the mouth are too large, not suitable for our southerners, which led to the backlog of those bracelets. 'The lasted months of travel and investment failed to make this under the age of 20 The young man started a profound reflection, from the lesson of failure, he gradually had its own unique perspective on the jewelry market in China at the time. In the late 1990s, the wave of jewelery reform swept the mainland. Li Jianhao felt that the opportunity was coming. , Met some Chinese leaders and business people locally. Under their guidance, Li Jianhao began to contact the internationally renowned jewelry brand - Kimani Kim Wan-yin. After successfully obtaining authorization for the development of Hong Kong's 'Golden Years' in the mainland market, he returned to his hometown. His first goal - - Introduced the concept of jewelry brand in Wenzhou market, followed by the establishment of Wenzhou City, the million years Jewelry Co., Ltd. In 2003, the opportunity came, at a time when SARS, we are overwhelmed by knock off van cleef and arpel clover necklace this unexpected experience, Li Jianhao meditation to improve their product style and service quality. He firmly believes that after the SARS epidemic, the jewelry market will usher in a consumer craze. Sure enough, no less than three or four months, atypical pneumonia in the past, people after this life and death baptism, life, life has great reflection and promotion, the demand for luxury goods is bigger, Li Jianhao jewelry business is also getting more and more Booming. Li Jianhao keen vision, has won the jewelery industry colleagues trust the golden years and consumers of jewelry brand Wannian Pi favor, Li Jianhao also recognized in the industry. In 2007, he was appraised as Li Jianhao's company such as '2007 Top Ten Entrepreneurship Youth Model in Wenzhou', 'Model Worker' and so on. However, he is still not satisfied with the status quo. 'Wenzhou, after all, is just an area with a limited audience. Even if business is booming, it can not push its own brand across the country.' Li Jianhao said he left his hometown for Shenzhen for this 'brand dream.' Subsequently, the company started to launch the development of the national market, committed to the construction and promotion of the first brand of Chinese jewelery and the development of franchise partners nationwide. It is this time and time again 'restless' choice, so that the brand continuously improve and enhance the million years so far in all parts of the distribution of self-owned stores and franchisees have been developed to nearly 200 in the jewelry industry bit Forefront of the daily work of more than 16 hours, 20 years to join the cause; one day identification of thousands of diamonds, he personally check the product of each process ... ... This is Li Jianhao's daily work. From the beginning of the business, to have their own 'Kingdom of jewelry,' Li Jianhao's enthusiasm for the cause did not diminish a bit, for the guarantee of product quality is the slightest slouch from the purchase of raw materials to the factory processing, from design to quality checks, each A process, Li Jianhao personally check. Once, in order to identify the quality of a number of products, Li Jianhao for several days shut himself in the studio desperately 'look' diamonds, the results see both eyes temporarily blind. 'I have to do a good job of quality, workmans do a good job, the price is reasonable.' Li Jianhao said that since the beginning of a unique vision, so that he can be the most affordable price to superior jade raw materials, strict quality requirements for 'gold Years 'has become a gold sign, these van arpels and cleef necklace fake elements together, the advantages of the brand is highlighted Li Jianhao said that he was young at the beginning of the business, never thought how much money to make, how much business to do, he only Want to do a good job in front of every piece van cleef and arpel necklace replica of work, presented to the guests with the best quality. But it is this persistence day after day, so that he has the cause of today. Now JINWANNIAN JEWELRY has become a professional chain specializing in the design, manufacture, processing and sales of jewelery. It specializes in the wholesale and retail of jewelery such as gold, platinum, diamonds and jade, as well as the custom design of fine jewelry. Jewelery industry chain based industry group development model, distribution network throughout the country Li Jianhao loved to learn from an early age, young age embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. He believes that self-study can be accomplished. Read Wanli Lu Wanli Road, continue to absorb knowledge in the process of traveling thousands of miles, to learn practical experience in the real world, to supplement the book can not learn the knowledge. Li Jianhao to work as learning and entertainment, never tired. Progress in learning, growing up in learning, from a gold shop primary apprentice to the jewelery industry has a certain influence Li Jianhao, jade can tender from the tender to the production and sales to do more professional, can cut the diamond to more detailed and more perfect Li Jianhao said: 'In order to strengthen the business, not only to provide customers with quality service, but also to customers a good quality.' Under the leadership of Li Jianhao, the company won the 'Chinese famous brand', 'China's quality, service, reputation AAA Enterprise ',' Integrity Private Enterprise in Zhejiang Province 'and' Integrity Private Enterprise in Wenzhou City 'for 5 years,' Integrity Private Enterprise ',' 4th and 6th Consumers Trustworthy Unit ',' China Famous Brand ',' 2006 2008 Fashion Wenzhou jewelry brand 'and other life Li Jianhao is very frugal, helping others is very generous. Li Jianhao said, 'buy technology, make a brand, I certainly do not skimp on millions of expenses, but when you buy clothes, or shop around, spend a hundred dollars should not worth it.' He admitted that frugal is a child Develop habits, hard to change. But when faced with those who need help, he is very generous and take the lead in donations. Enterprises in his advocacy, has been enthusiastic about social welfare. For 16 years, he insisted on participating in poverty alleviation projects and community twinning activities in his hometown. On holidays, he and his family comforted the lonely old man; when he resisted the typhoon, he donated money and materials for the first time ...

In recent years, Li Jianhao devoted more and more energy to social charitable donations, caring students, and poverty relief. He said he also experienced the days of poverty, short life, more care when living around, there must be grateful heart. Today, his jewelry industry has taken a firm hold of the mainland market and is now expanding its territory internationally. However, no matter where the future of 'Golden Years' is going, he said his heart will never forget the fortunes of Lucheng's hometown. Therefore, as long as he has the time and energy, he will return to his hometown, take an active part in his hometown philanthropy, help his social development in his hometown, and talk about starting a business. He said that in fact there is no secret to success, but we must have the idea that everything Do not sit idle dreams, but first try; everything to find ways to solve their own; restless in the status quo, the total pursuit of further development; everything must have a sense of gratitude, big business at the same time, do not forget to repay the community . Li Jianhao said he left a part of the center of his career in Lucheng and also kept his hometown feelings. He hoped that Lucheng would retain every heart of pioneering 'wanderer' and allow Lucheng people who have made careers all over the world to come back for development. They would give back to their hometown 4 Party members volunteer to serve in the mountains to send 'charity spree'

5 Nightfall, Tong River shining along the lights, showing the water beauty of the beautiful scenery

6 five horses 'no intermediary demolition' for the transformation of the old district d

7 Mountain Fu appropriate to build a hydrophilic shoreline a bay of water also come back

A delicious country ride by the 'new retail' Dongfeng farmer products unattended convenience store a new appearance

2 'Ten Hundred Thousands' help enterprises accurately solve the problem of docking problems to stimulate new vitality of the enterprise

3 Lucheng a number of new resettlement housing where the completion of the completion of the acceptance before the end of 3584 sets

4 Feng Men on-line 'Red Sailor' training program so that members 'sun' in the sun

5 Wenzhou started 'two lines and three' storming battle to create 'city gold card' 'new cultural landmark'
DNF sword ho different sets of attributes with the proposed 6 sets of the future is the mainstream

Heterosis have been brushing for many years, I believe most people should brush vomit, see a lot of people practiced Jian Hao and into the deep pits, so I specifically say that the installation of sword ho Although large Most people recommend the ghost palm 9, but I think that since the Han service opened Antun (LZ brain hole slightly larger), then we will not be the pursuit of the future is the 9 sets of sword-hawks set of what? Personally think that should be 6 sets, Antun arms jewelry, I choose to exclude the ring such a fit believe that the future should be the mainstream configuration, and now also have to adapt to the fit (soul van cleef arpel ring knock off chain / Luso + Horace 3 Piece set, soul chain / with Ruth + right + gold bracelet + double attack left) 1.6 sets of the relative difficulty is the lowest of 2 sets of storms far, because as long as the brush 2 can be formed far more difficult Far 3 can be directly skipped, recommended civilian selection 2. I recommend the sword of the area set, because the sword ho 70 control and power both, and because the CD itself is long, 20% is relatively more, at the same time, do not forget, More storms sword CD 40%, power + 10% of the benefits, can be described as the first comprehensive package of the first three sets of flu. 45 because of personal likes Ying Luo and more, if the same choice, I will choose Ling Jian sets, here to talk about 45, personally feel van cleef & arpels engagement ring knock off that van cleef and arpels lotus ring knock off the addition of TP 45 is very easy to use, and through the forum found that 45 has many other uses, the most practical After the flash than the 70EX, Jian Hao I think the most uncomfortable is not sudden skills, a flash of 45 can play an alternative role, in some need to sprint figure is particularly easy to use, but also can control Strange to live, to give teammates the next control to provide more valuable time for you a reference, of course, if you consider the anti-wear or brush the other side to the dead, then still recommend the ghost 9.
Dragon Boat Festival eating dumplings literature

As a child, every Dragon Boat Festival, we all have to eat dumplings. There are two riddles in my hometown, 'Long triangle triangle, hidden inside the pearl. To replica van cleef arpels ring eat pearl meat, with belt off the clothes,' 'Pearl pearl female, marry a poor husband bamboo leaves Lang. To Ya (teeth) door ', the answer is to eat dumplings. Fortunately, my birthday is in the seventh day of May, and there are dumplings to eat Dragon Boat Festival also eat eggs, children often one by one, swaddled. Once, eggs in the throat, live, swallow, spit it out, I am uncomfortable to death, quickly scoop up a bowl of cold water, while the 'sudden turbulence' to drink, while others call me back to say From the Dragon Boat Festival, Mr. Cheng Chih-Fa of the neighboring village is familiar with his family and tells his story about the different ways of childhood, childhood, adolescence and youth. At the age van cleef and arpels wedding ring knock off of 34, when the Dragon Boat Festival got up and early in the morning, Red, his face painted a little realgar, put on a silver ring, silver bracelets, silver lock in the neck, for fear of this alone Miao accidentally 'fled' to go; again Sachet and coins tied colored lines, wear In the neck, tied to the wrist. Colorful lines are said to be evil, the water ghost met with van cleef ring replica knock off fear, a child wearing a summer, all day in the water, adults rest assured. Painted realgar, so afraid of the snake, also considered evil until six or seven years old, Zheng Zhifa found that people around do not wear a silver ring, silver bracelets, their own like the Grand View Garden Jia Baoyu, wearing these gadgets are not gregarious, but also people Scolding 'little girl offended', crying and not willing to wear a nude, wearing only colored line copper coins and sachets. Many people, brothers and sisters can not afford to buy sachets, with a string of colored sachet on a few sachets hung around the neck. Ingenuity, the sachet into a dragonfly, butterfly-shaped, a better look at the door of each house posted a bell 馗 symbol, painted so vicious, daunting. Children near the edge of the door reach out, nail a bamboo, plug the leaves and iris. Iris cut into a sword-shaped head, it seems to guard the gateway to Zhong Kui, 'big ghost do not come in,' a safe. Summer is approaching, dysentery, malaria and other infectious diseases, Dai Sachet, insert the leaves can cure illnesses and evil childhood Dragon Boat Festival, the most worthy of love law Zhizhi. He is not interested in eating dumplings and eggs, sachet is the favorite. Sachet slightly smaller than the cigarette box, which is filled with spices, fragrant, can go to the market to buy, but also homemade. From the childhood fell in love with sachet, the Dragon Boat Festival each year his father gave him to buy a few, not too enjoyable, to the big brother to discuss, big brother tired of playing, give him more to read a few elementary school, Zheng fans Engraved sachet and printed sachet. After school, he followed behind the 'old master' in the upper grades, to cut the branches of the jackals and saw them into pieces of about ten centimeters in length, splitting them into rectangular blocks, smoothing them and making them templates. Wait until Sunday, go all out to engrave the sachet. Students will be carved with sachet sachet, and some beautiful, thin lines, deep, light; some brown rough, a knife line off. Engraved a sachet, it coated with ink, can not wait to test India, test the labor results, not satisfied with the Department, and then move the carving knife to the fourth grade, Zheng Zhifa a bit hardworking, to sleepless nights engraving. Hand was bleeding from the knife, the tongue licking, find a piece of cloth, continue to carve. One year, only after March 3, he went to steal the branches of Ubony, until the end of the Dragon Boat Festival. Looked at their sachet printed than their peers beautiful, brightly colored, the heart soothing addition to carved sachet, Zheng Zhi also love sachet. Use your thumb tip to sachet 摁 on the wall, gently release your fingers, sachet floating out, the furthest priority, he can aim at any sachet on the ground, estimate the good distance, scent on top The wall, let it float out, drop any sachet, all belong to him, but also can fly pressure again, until the pressure is not, it becomes pressure ... ...

By 1996, to catch up with the 'three-year hard times', Zheng Zhifa graduated from elementary school. Dragon Boat Festival is Sunday, there are two pounds of millet home, my mother wrapped it into dumplings, a family of three shut the door to secretly eat stove edge. His father ate half, he ate half, said full, the rest of the night to eat. There are also a lot of happy, changeable ways for children to have a Dragon Boat Festival, wrapped in barley dumplings, wheat dumplings, white rice dumplings taste less than the second year of the Dragon Boat Festival is Saturday, Zheng Zhifa from Baima Middle School, looking forward to eating rice dumplings , Stove can be cold, drooling, to eat in the dream to go! In the past, people wrapped white rice dumplings, his family wrapped in gray soup dumplings, bean dumplings, dumplings do not want to eat, this time to eat dumplings, but did not have to eat. After all, is a junior high school students, colored lines do not have, sachet does not play, nothing, the Dragon Boat Festival had later, Zheng Zhi Fa admitted to Jinhua City, the first high school, better days. Dragon Boat Festival every year, the canteen to each student made two meat dumplings. Students Parents Zongzi sent to the school we eat, very happy. At this time, he was most concerned about the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival, especially admired Quyuan's patriotic spirit. For several years, he read Qu Yuan's 'Li Sao' and 'Nine Songs' on the Dragon Boat Festival the same day. As a way of commemorating the Dragon Boat Festival during the 'Cultural Revolution', workers and peasants could ate dumplings and just had no Dragon Boat Festival Atmosphere, Zhong Fu Fu, Ai Ye, iris, sachet on the emperors will be gifted and beautiful, are 'sealed, funded, repair', 'four old' list, all the swept away is the revolution of the Dragon Boat Festival reform and opening up After the Dragon Boat Festival has become a variety of dumplings, in addition to white rice dumplings, millet rice dumplings, gray soup dumplings, but also made meat dumplings, ham dumplings, bean dumplings, dates dumplings. Later, bell pendant appeared again at the gate of the farmhouse, and the leaves, calamus and daffodils were more concentrated than before. (Wang Xiangyang 'nostalgic China' Zhejiang University Press December 2015)
DNF Jian van cleef gold ring copy Hao pig pig equipped with experience to share

DNF Jian Hao pig pig equipped with experience to share, to play Jian Hao partners know how to choose weapons and equipment Jian-ho? I believe many players still know it, then following a small series together to understand it first simple Talk about the criteria for these two sets of van cleef engagement ring price copy options: If you have any of the following Blowstrokes: Assassin's Edge Rings, Bulimia, Knife (only a Knife), then choose a Pocky Set, if none of the above, Do not intend to use, it is recommended that the essence of the total set of Lan 10 crit rate, decent three vulgar, passive awareness of a passive addition, 8% of the crit damage and humanoid 20% additional, so Blue total set of equipment can only choose, can only choose, only to select the left 6 (three important things to say)

Recommend some reasonable blue total set with:

A class of weapons does not conflict (release soul, dark Dayton, Fire Knife, demons cut, etc.)

1. Orchids total 6 + weapons + yellow bracelets + soul hunter + double attack or a strong ring, the title with white text attached

2. Orchids total van cleef perlee ring replica copy of 6 + + yellow + necklace neck + peel or strong bracelet + double attack or a strong bracelet, the title with white text attached

3. Lan total 6+ weapons + stripping or strong bracelet + soul Hunter + is a strong or double attack ring, the title with yellow

Overall, these three collocations are more mainstream, but also is not a great deal of damage with the match, the soul hunter can use the honor of Peiru, Wu Zen excessive anger
DNF85 version Magic Emperor enchant punch fashion properties choice

Jewelry: cost-effective there, 6 light icoloso, 9 light XXXX, 10 dark strong leader Hassan, 11 fire strong king, ice mermaid

Left slot: Chi Angels high cost, two Percussion is the best at the moment but has been out of print (Lan Howe, not to mention ...) Tops, Bottoms: Magic Explosion

Shoes, bracelets: hit

Left and right slots: platinum badge

Shoulders, necklace: IAS

Rings, belt: intelligence

Fashion attributes

Hat hair are selected intelligence

Face chest speed election attack

Top magic selected burning

Under the election HP

Shoes van cleef and arpels flower ring copy election move

Waist avoidance

Skin physical injury reduction

85 version of magic damage formula

Determine the factors that hurt the Emperor, the first formula to write out, installed God.

Basic damage = percentage of skill (a base attack + b ignore the attack) +% of the percentage van cleef and arpels perlee ring copy of injuries a separate attack

a = (1 + Intellect 250) [1+ (our strong enemy is against) 220] 1 [enemy defense (character level 200 + enemy defense)]

b = reduce the difficulty of the map

Final damage = basic damage Breakthrough crit Critter Increase crit rate Other factors van ring copy White increase

Revenue = (damage increased to enhance the injury before) 1 (the value of 1 is the value of air damage. There is about 1 range of fluctuations)
Pawn shops to buy the cheapest 1 g gold cheaper silver 80 yuan

Buy Hot Festive Gifts Smart people find new ways

Gold and silver coins, gold and silver coins, gold coins ... are all very popular festive gifts. Where to buy van cleef ring copy the most cost-effective? In the past few days, reporters visited Wuhan Yufa and Ruiheng and many other pawnshops and found that 'gold rush' is far higher than shopping malls and banks. People almost only need to use The price of raw gold, you can buy brand gold ornaments. Pawn shops also accept small to large or trade-in business, spending less than two or three large shopping malls, you can buy your favorite gold 1 gram of gold cheaper 80 yuan

Recently, the reporter in Wuhan, the first civilian pawn chain Ruheng Pawn see absolutely must-have products are hot sale, the hottest is precious metals, Chow Tai Fook's gold bracelets, there are Luk Fook gold necklace, as well as CCB, ABC The price of gold here with the mall there is a big difference, the mall Chow Tai Fook jewelery more than 410 yuan per gram, where the price is about 330 yuan per gram, almost equal to the gold exchange gold price tag of the old necklace Back to the new bracelet

In addition to gold panning, pawn shops also opened a 'small change for the big', 'TM' business wage earners Mr. cattle would like to buy a gold bracelet for her wife as a New Year gift to the mall to see copy van ring that the price of 25 grams are 9000 yuan To 1 million, Mr. Niu think too expensive. He will wife now not wearing the old style of gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other small pieces to get the pawn line, pawn shops according to the recovery price recovery, and then by the number of bucks arrived in Mr cattle phase of 25 grams Chow Tai Fook copy van cleef wedding ring bracelets, and finally , Mr. Niu only made up 3,000 yuan to buy a gold bracelet. 'Although there is a difference of 25 yuan per gram of gold price and selling price, compared with the exchange rate in the shopping mall, there is no need to supplement the art and craft fee or 12% discount,' Mr. Niu said.
Legendary eternal ultimate path advanced chapter Raiders

Then Rakshas is scheduled to 34 only copy van ring because he can make chopped more by the anti-and more provincial, if you do not like the pursuit of knife Shura's pleasure, just want to quietly chop strange, do not want to be harassed by others. That choice Rakshas is right. Blue jade no problem, right? Helmet can choose skull, 24 defensive best, or prayer head is not bad (almost do not die) precision bracelet, ordinary on the line, anyway, the upper limit of useless, ring stack hell is only relatively good, It is only 1 point lower limit, the main or Taoism support, sacrifice the stability of these 2 points in the attack in exchange for 2:00 IAS is a good choice. Then is the efficiency, if you want to cut like the Zuma defender 15 15 or 16 16 defensive strange, 6,7 blood per knife is stable, but we hit a knife Xiuluo flow casually broke more than van cleef emerald ring copy 30 bars. Dead will not disappear, right? This is not a big deal, this waiting to try out a small partner van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy thread supplement is the last cream, although it has been eliminated, but at least we are good entry partners, enough often floated 0 damage may wish to change Cream cut chopped. After all 34 we can change 0 5 coral ring, 0 5 ghost necklace. Has been and began to understand the 32-point attack, said the small cut on the turn.

These days 24 24 weapons are all broken, that is, no more than 25, in anger, put the only one to throw in the weapons, give me a reason not to A.
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