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Real estate refugees thrive in rural B

Professionals and entrepreneurs are fleeing the inflated real estate prices for the isolation and relative sanity of the rainforest.

But unlike past generations of urban dropouts they are not donning gumboots and picking up shovels to work the land, instead they are real estate refugees bringing their tech enabled jobs with them.

bulk of our buyers are coming from the Vancouver area, said Derek Topping, a Gulf Islands real estate agent. are extremely busy and we are suffering from a shortage of inventory. We set records for sales in 2015 and so far month to month we are up 20 to 30 per cent over last year. spinoff from hot markets in Vancouver and Victoria is driving a mini boom in the Gulf Islands, a market that is a stark contrast to the events that followed the subprime mortgage crisis that enveloped Hermes necklace replica the United States economy in 2008 and 2009. Americans sold vacation properties in droves and for the most part they haven come back.

buyer is predominantly from the Lower Mainland, he said. have a few American buyers, but nothing like before. islanders are typically retired, people who hang on Hermes replica necklace as long as their health will allow before they have to move closer to family, hospitals and doctors. But the people who are replacing them aren the stereotypical gumbooters and flower children who historically sought a simpler life away from the city and its distractions.

days we are seeing young people and middle aged people moving over who can keep working anywhere they have an Internet connection, Topping said. might go to the city (for work) once a week or a couple times a month. We seen a lot of those buyers of late, far more than we saw even two or three years ago. average price for a detached home in Metro Vancouver, excluding Surrey, is $1.83 million, according to the Real Estate Board of Metro Vancouver. MLS listings contain hundreds of detached homes in the Gulf Islands priced at less than $500,000. There are hundreds more in that modest price range on the Sunshine Coast, Texada, Quadra and Cortez Islands.

Kelsey Rush is something of a poster child for the new rural entrepreneur. Rush runs a bikini design and manufacturing business from her home on Gabriola Island with her twin sister Monica, who works from her home imitation Hermes necklace in the Dominican Republic.

are a lot of entrepreneurs who work online on the island, said Rush, co owner of Bikini Empire, an enterprise that has absorbed nearly every inch of the modest house she shares with her fiance. beauty of the Internet is that you can work from anywhere, it doesn really matter where you are. Vancouver is only 20 minutes away by seaplane, so it doesn take long for me to get there, go to the factory and check on things.

whole house is my studio now, she laughed. good thing is that swimwear is so tiny, it easy to store. Our house is small, but we can keep all of our inventory here and still Hermes white gold necklace fake live in the middle of nowhere. lives on a 12 hectare property that they own jointly with two other couples that live out of eyeshot. Just 29, Rush is mortgage free.

always tell people, it like a commune, but with no ideology, she said. eat together once or twice a week and there is a big garden that we all share. It just a good neighbourly relationship. Empire designs are manufactured in Vancouver, which requires Rush to fly over anywhere from once a week in season to once a month in the off season. About half their sales come from her e commerce site and half are wholesale orders for stores across Canada. To reduce travel, Rush relies on a private seaplane courier service to ship product samples valuable single copy mockups of bikini designs to the manufacturing facility.

first I thought it was a crazy thing to try and I wasn sure we could make it fly, she said. we first launched our online store and started getting orders from people all over the world, we realized that it was going to work. The first year was kind of lean, but we are living very comfortably now. spread of high speed Internet service has made it possible for many people to move their businesses, literally, into the rainforest, she said.

and I do battle dropped Skype calls from the Dominican, she said. our biggest business challenge, just having proper communication with one another. travels to the Dominican Republic twice a year for photo sessions and product testing. Half a dozen of Empire bikinis are touted to be and where better than the Dominican to find out?

Bikini Empire online presence has been so successful that they have developed a second revenue stream re creating that magic for other businesses.

we launched we have been approached by a lot of other businesses wanting to know who did our branding, photography and social media and, well, we do it, she said. are a lot of businesses that don really know how to do social media marketing or write their blogs so they can capture their target audience. the bikini business drops off in October, Monica and Kelsey turn their energy to the branding consultancy.

cost of real estate in Vancouver has scared so many people off, but over here we just don have to worry about having a $3,000 mortgage or the implications of a bad month, said Rush.

Fellow islanders Morri Mostow and Doug Long arrived on Gabriola from Quebec a decade ago and brought their communications and translating business with them.

while we were in Montreal, we barely ever saw our clients, we generally worked from our home offices, said Mostow. not really necessary to meet clients in person that much, so because of that it was a pretty portable business. For our purposes, communication has always been more efficient on the phone or online. couple arrived with six solid clients, but both soon began to pursue passion projects while working part time for BizNet Communications, Long writing and publishing music and Mostow as an e book publisher.

core business hasn changed for us, though there has been some attrition over the years, said Mostow. lost a few clients through mergers, so I do what I have always done, just a bit less of it. We generally have two or three active clients at any given time. they do pick up new clients, they are usually in Montreal, mainly through word of mouth or serendipitous Internet searches.

Mostow side business Fictive Press has published a dozen titles mainly as e books and print on demand publications, from drama and poetry to young adult fiction and children books. It a business that is easily integrated into a home office setting.

are not traditional publishers, so we have no inventory, no need to ship, it all online, said Mostow. physically have no books. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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Professor Kate Burridge

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Schneider, Edgar, Kate Burridge, Bernd Kortmann, Raj Hermes necklace copy Mesthrie, Clive Upton (eds) 2004. A Handbook of Varieties of English (Vol. 1 Phonology) accompanied by a CD ROM (Topics in English Linguistics). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

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Patient reported outcome measures in practice

Scores of tools to measure outcomes that matter to patients have been developed over the past 30 years but few are used routinely at the point of care. Nelson and colleagues describe examples where they are used in primary and secondary care and argue for their wider uptake to improve quality of careClinicians' understanding of the effect of disease and treatment on patients' daily lives is poor.1 In response to this problem, over the past three decades, hundreds of standardised measures have been developed to capture patient reported outcomes, including symptom status, physical function, mental health, social function, and wellbeing. However, the patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) movement has largely been driven by the agenda of researchers or service payers and has failed to focus effectively on improving the quality of care from the patient's perspective (box 1). We use two examples to show how the use of PROMs in everyday practice has the potential to narrow the gap between the clinician's and patient's view of clinical reality and help tailor treatment plans to meet the patient's preferences and needs.2Box 1: Uses of PROMsHealth systemPerformance assessmentValue for moneyInformation for patients or cliniciansChoice of providerChoice of treatmentBarriers to routine use Hermes bag knock off Evidence shows that the systematic use of information from PROMs leads to better communication and decision making between doctors and patients and improves patient satisfaction with care.3 4 5 6 7 There is also evidence that patients report better outcomes for example, improvement in depression.8 However, research on attempts to embed measurement of patient reported outcomes into routine practice has revealed many technical, social, cultural, legal, and logistical barriers to successful adoption.9 10 11 12 13Clinicians are often reluctant to use PROMs routinely because they fear it will add to their workload rather than make them more efficient and effective. Furthermore, many clinicians who do spend time talking to patients contend that they already understand their patients' problems and do not need additional information from them.Patients generally welcome systems that routinely use PROMs. However, they say that patient reporting systems must be used well and not misdirect the focus of the clinical encounter, burden patients, or focus only on factors that have value to clinicians (box 2).Box 2: Views of patient advocatesFor most patients there is no systematic or effective method for communicating what happens outside the clinical encounter, such as perceived needs, symptoms, response to treatment, undesirable side effects, effect on function, and what matters to patients and their families. Like clinicians, patients want better outcomes for individuals and communities, and better professional development and system performance, although we might not use those same words to describe them.PROM systems have the potential to enable improvement by providing information that can bridge the gap between the clinical reality and the patient world, triggering learning as well as the right next action.PROM systems must be codeveloped by patients, the public, and professionals to obtain maximum value. They should be integrated with the rest of the patients' healthcare information and patients should be able to use the information when and where they choose, including for research to benefit others with their condition.Any system designed to assess and respond to patient reported outcomes must include relevant and validated Hermes handbag copy measures. These must be analysed and reported appropriately and the response to them made explicit in the notes. Identifying the best way to incorporate PROMs in pre existing medical record systems while safeguarding privacy is challenging. The best design will vary for different patient populations, practice types, and clinical settings.Below we present two cases from Sweden and the United States that show routine use of PROMs in primary and secondary care. Both systems were developed by experienced, practising physicians and share similar objectives but the design differs.Swedish rheumatology quality registryThe Swedish rheumatology quality registry was established in 1995 and contains data on over 66000 patients, about 85% of people in Sweden Hermes handbag knock off with rheumatoid arthritis.14 Data generated by patients is fed into a user friendly "dashboard" and used to support care. Patient reported outcome measures are tracked over time in relation to ongoing treatment. Patients input information on both disease specific and general measures of function and health, helping clinicians to provide more appropriate and patient centred care. The dashboard displays trends and is used to guide treatment, shared decision making, and self management. Experience suggests that the registry dashboard helps necklace Hermes replica engage and empower patients and increases their confidence that they can manage and control their condition.14Karin A, who has rheumatoid arthritis, says: "Nowadays I work together with my doctor and the computer for every change in my treatment. I can check my disease at home between visits. Before I go to see my doctor I report on and measure my own health. It's easy; I just click on the screen and enter how I feel now."Clinical outcome measures seem to improve after patients start measuring, reporting, and sharing responsibility for the management of their condition with their physician. Patients in one region (Gvle County) that implemented routine use of PROMs in clinic visits had less disease activity, as measured by C reactive protein, than patients in regions where structured communication with doctors was not necessarily part of routine care.15Patients have a personal identifier to access the registry, and the system is easy for patients to use and input information. The system also contains all the usual data used by medical staff to track outcomes (blood test results, inflamed joint counts, etc) so staff do not need to spend extra time inputting data or to move from one screen to another. Because patients track their outcomes between office visits and can communicate electronically when there is a change, the timing of appointments (urgent care for flare up or routine follow up) and their duration and content can be preplanned by the office staff and guided by patients' needs and priorities. Registry data can also be aggregated to examine population health, improve quality of care and provide transparent public reports on patient outcomes at the county level. For practice improvement the system also provides a summary of all patient data (with national benchmarks) and a secure registry to target interventions at groups of patients with similar needs (such as those with diabetes, emotional problems, or low confidence to self manage health problems). The system is used by hundreds of practices in the United States and Canada, and initiatives to increase uptake are under way in Iowa, Massachusetts, and British Columbia. The system is endorsed by several medical specialty organisations.Patients usually access HowsYourHealth from home or within the doctor's office. They have the opportunity to share their "check up" data with the office staff, receive information tailored to their needs, and create a personal health plan for tracking and sharing their health status and behaviours. They can also access tools to help build confidence and skill in self management and better understand the risks and benefits of treatment. The system collects generic patient reported outcomes, including COOP/WONCA measures on pain, mobility, mental health, age and sex specific preventive health needs, and self management capacity for common risks and conditions. Patients control their HowsYourHealth information and its security, and it doesn't require a personal identifier or password.A controlled trial involving 45 primary care physicians and 1651 patients aged 70 years found that the HowsYourHealth system significantly improved patient ratings of overall care quality and their understanding of important risks (such as falls and advance planning of care). Patients also reported that it helped with daily activities, emotional issues, and social support.7 Another controlled trial involving 47 primary care physicians and 644 adults with pain and emotional problems showed sustained improvement when HowsYourHealth was combined with a problem solving intervention supported by a nurse educator.8Practices typically build HowsYourHealth into the routine "annual check up," and patients are usually happy to use it once they understand how it helps their care and improve the practice. James Bloomer, a family practitioner, describes his practice's approach:
PM 'Will Force Europe To Vote On Juncker'

The Prime Minister, who sees the controversial candidate as a symbol of Europe's past and a potential obstacle to reform, is expected to set out his concerns when he meets Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council. Mr Juncker is forced through as the council's nomination, Mr Cameron will call a vote at a meeting of the 28 member bloc on Friday, requiring each country to set out their position clearly.

A Downing Street source told Sky News the vote would be handbag Hermes copy "unprecedented" and a "break away" from the traditional approach of the European Council, which has always managed to find a consensual candidate.

"British officials have been clear . that if there was the political will to find consensus, then the decision on Commission President could and should be delayed," the source said.

"But if leaders aren't even willing to consider alternative names, despite their widely expressed misgivings, then a vote should take place."

Despite Hermes Kelly bag replica opposition from Mr Cameron, Mr Juncker enjoys support from many European leaders, including French president Francois Hollande and Italy's Matteo Renzi.

However, in an interview with Hermes Birkin bag replica Sky's Murnaghan programme, Poland's foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski said the process for nominating Mr Juncker necklace Hermes fake was democratic because he was the choice of the centre right European People's Party, the largest group in the European Parliament.

"In Dublin a couple of months ago, we agreed that this time it would be more democratic, not just national leaders meeting in a room overnight and coming out with a solution," he said.

"This time we decided to nominate a candidate ahead of the election.

"The candidates of the socialists, the liberals and the centre right were plastered all over Europe, so those who bothered to take an interest knew that if they voted for us, Mr Juncker would be the candidate.
Poll workers ordered to remove Maple Leaf pins

A deputy Hermes h bracelet gold replica returning officer and a poll clerk working at an advance poll in Thornhill last weekend say they were told to remove their Maple Leaf pins or they would lose their jobs.

Mike Zichowski and Augustin Marcu both tell the Toronto Sun that a supervisor at the St. Anthony School polling station spotted them with the tiny lapel pins last Sunday.

shameful, hermes bracelet sale replica Zichowski said. flag doesn belong to any one party. said a voter gave them the pins. The woman belongs to a group that been lobbying the government to make Flag Day, the day which honours the creation of the Canadian flag in February, a national holiday.

she left, she pulled a little bag from her purse and gave us Canada flag pins, Marcu said. even thinking, we put them on our lapels. pair wore the postage stamp sized pins for about an hour before they were told to remove them.

is the flag for crying out loud, Marcu said. were really shocked. said they already drafted a letter to complain to Elections Canada and plan to file it after Monday vote.

didn say anything at the time, he said. it really hurt and it has really bothered me since. Canada spokesman Dugald Maudsley said there are no rules against workers wearing a Maple Leaf pin at the polls.

are prohibitions on things like wearing the Liberal colours or any party colours or a slogan that supports one party or another, he said.

Mike Zichowski and Augustin Marcu both tell the Toronto Sun that a supervisor at the St. Anthony School polling station imitation hermes bracelet sale spotted them with the tiny lapel pins last Sunday.

shameful, Zichowski said. flag doesn belong to any one party. said a voter gave them the pins. The woman belongs to a group that been lobbying the government to make Flag Day, the day which honours the creation of the Canadian flag in February, a national holiday.

she left, she pulled a little bag from her purse and gave us Hermes H bracelet copy Canada flag pins, Marcu said. even thinking, we put them on our lapels. pair wore the postage stamp sized pins for about an hour before they wer
Pregnant Cheryl moves into Liam Payne's Surrey mansion

Cheryl to this day hasn confirmed the pregnancy rumours, but she made it clear as day on her Instagram page this week that she was expecting after uploading this snap of herself.

The picture comes from The Prince Trust and L collaboration campaign, where Cheryl stands alongside a whole host of other ambassadors and she was positively glowing.

Cheryl look is two pieces, but we made it easier to recreate by lining up long sleeved midi dresses in the carousel. From Monrow to Isabella Oliver, you really are spoilt for choice on the maternity dress front. But if you after a bargain, head straight for Boohoo.

Ready to pop:Cheryl first showed off her bump before Christmas when she attended the Fayre of St. James Christmas Concert in London in November

The home apparently boastsan all weather tennis court, cinema and heated outdoor swimming pool, in addition to a 700 bottle wine store and ballet studio.

And the celebrity couple will be safe from prying eyes.

'The security is insane,' a source told when he moved in to the home two years ago. 'Every part of the house and grounds are in camera isolation zones, many heat and motion monitored.'

The 33 year old star says: 'There was definitely a time I struggled with self doubt

Meanwhile,Cherylrecently showed off her burgeoning bump in a second video in aid of the Price's Trust and L'Oreal Paris's new collaborative campaign, which sees the pop princess reflect on her battle with self esteem.

Sitting on a chair and cradling her belly, the 33 year old star says: 'There was definitely a time I struggled with self doubt.

'More so when I was a teenager. Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet replica I wasn't doing very well in school at all.'

The former X Factor judge has previously refused to comment that she and herOne Directionboyfriend were expecting a baby, although she had been pictured at an event with a noticeable bump on display.

'Cheryl is getting very excited to meet her baby. Her due date was mid to late March but she knows there is a two week window on either side so her baby could literally be here any day now!', a source told the website.

Mum's the word!The former X Factor judge, 33, has previously refused to comment that she and her One Direction boyfriend, 23, are expecting a baby

Cheryl's new video hermes clic h bracelet replica was released whilst she and boyfriend hermes bracelet imitation Liam have been keeping a low profile online.

The couple's black out on social media comes not long after the music star's return from his recording session state side sent fans into gossip over drive.

Keeping their Twitter and Instagram profiles in a state of lock down, they have not deigned to address the rumours.

While the former Girls Aloud singer has not been active in five weeks on both her profiles, Liam has also joined the black out.

Meant to be:Cheryl and Liam first met in 2008 when he was an aspiring teenage contestant on The X Factor and she was a judge

They went public with their romance in February, just weeks after Cheryl announced her split from second husband Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini after 18 months of marriage.

But the genetically blessed twosome are said to have started dating in secret as early as December 2015.

Cheryl first showed off her bump before Christmas when she attended the Fayre of St. James Christmas Concert in London in November.

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Help for the homeless heroes: Millionaire West Ham fake hermes H bracelet black owner. The schoolgirls massacred by ISIS coward: Five teenagers. Was bomber's family in global terror network? Killer. 'Our little princess has been so lucky': Father's joy as. Britain on lockdown: Army deploys 1,000 heavily armed. Mother of child actress pictured hugging a female police. Horror on the M6: Lorry driver is arrested after four. Grisly photos of scorched remnants of suicide bomber's. Tourists watch in horror as armed police arrest man. Aaron Hernandez's hell behind bars: NFL star killed. More than 24 hours on, desperate families still search. Heartwrenching scenes as the mother of 15 year old. BREAKING NEWS: My son is innocent, insists father of. Comedian Jason Manford deletes Twitter after being. 'I won't forget what you said!' Trump tells Pope after. Melania and Ivanka wear black veils to meet the Pope at. White women's burrito shop is forced to close after. Bomber from a red brick semi who 'knew an ISIS. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
positive senescent cells delays ageing

Advanced age is the main replica hermes bangle risk factor for most chronic diseases and functional deficits in humans, but the fundamental mechanisms that drive ageing remain largely unknown, impeding the development of interventions that might delay or prevent age related disorders and maximize healthy lifespan. Cellular senescence, which halts the proliferation of damaged or dysfunctional cells, is an important mechanism to constrain the malignant progression of tumour cells1, 2. Senescent cells accumulate in various tissues and organs with ageing3 and have been hypothesized to disrupt tissue structure and function because of the components they secrete4, 5. However, whether senescent cells are causally implicated in age related dysfunction and whether their removal is beneficial has remained unknown. To address these fundamental questions, we made use of a biomarker for senescence, p16Ink4a, to design a novel transgene, INK ATTAC, for inducible elimination of p16Ink4a positive senescent cells upon administration of a drug. Here we show that in the BubR1 progeroid mouse background, INK ATTAC removes p16Ink4a positive senescent cells upon drug treatment. In tissues as adipose tissue, skeletal muscle and eye which p16Ink4a contributes to the acquisition of age related pathologies, life long removal of p16Ink4a expressing cells delayed onset of these phenotypes. Furthermore, late life clearance attenuated progression of already established age related disorders. These data indicate that cellular senescence is causally implicated in generating age related phenotypes and that removal of senescent cells can prevent or delay tissue dysfunction and extend healthspan.

a, Schematic of the INK ATTAC construct and the replica hermes bracelet mechanism of apoptosis activation. b, GFP intensity of IAT. c, qRT analysis of the indicated tissues of 10 month old mice. ATTAC, INK ATTAC; H/H, BubR1H/H; SkM, skeletal muscle (gastrocnemius). d, Bone marrow cells harvested from 2 month old mice immunostained for Flag after culture in the absence or presence of rosiglitazone for 48 e, SA stained IAT collected from 9 month old mice of the indicated genotypes. Brackets indicate sorting gates. Scale bar, 50 b, Incidence of lordokyphosis and cataracts. c, Representative images of 9 month old mice. d, Mean skeletal muscle fibre diameters of 10 month old mice. ABD, abdominal muscle; Gastro, gastrocnemius muscle. e, Exercise ability of 10 month old AP20187 treated mice relative to age matched untreated mice. Time is running time to exhaustion; distance is distance travelled at time of exhaustion; work is the energy expended to exhaustion. f, Body and fat depot weights of 10 month old mice. Mes, mesenteric; Peri, perirenal; POV, paraovarian; SSAT, subscapular adipose tissue. g, Average fat cell diameters in IAT of 10 month old mice. h, Dermis and subdermal adipose layer thickness of 10 month old mice. Colour codes in e, g and h are as indicated in d. For all analysis n = 6 female mice per genotype (per treatment). b Expression of senescence markers in IAT (b), gastrocnemius (c) and eye (d) of 10 month old AP20187 treated and untreated BubR1H/H;INK ATTAC 3 mice relative to age matched untreated WT;INK ATTAC 3 mice. e, BrdU incorporation rates in IAT and skeletal muscle. ABD, abdominal muscle; Gastro, gastrocnemius muscle. mo, months. b, Improvement of exercise ability of the indicated mice relative to age matched untreated mice. c, Body and fat depots weights of the indicated mice. Mes, mesenteric; Peri, perirenal; POV, paraovarian; SSAT, subscapular adipose tissue. d, Average size of fat cells in IAT of the indicated mice. e, Subcutaneous adipose layer thickness of the indicated mice. f, SA IAT. g, Expression of senescence markers in IAT and gastrocnemius of the indicated mice (n = 3 females per genotype per treatment). Colour codes in d and e are as indicated in a. For analyses in a n = 5 5 month old BubR1H/H;INK ATTAC 5 females; n = 9 10 month old BubR1H/H;INK ATTAC 3 +AP and females; n = 7 10 month old BubR1H/H;INK ATTAC 5 +AP females; and n = 8 10 month old BubR1H/H;INK ATTAC 5 females.

Senescent cells accumulate in tissues with age, but it is not known whether they actually cause age related dysfunction or whether their removal is beneficial. Using a mouse model with a transgene named INK ATTAC, which allows for the inducible elimination of cells carrying the senescence biomarker p16Ink4a, Baker et al. demonstrate that life long removal of senescent cells replica hermes brecelet clic h delays the onset of age related phenotypes. Furthermore, late life clearance attenuated the progression of already established age related disorders. This indicates that senescent cells do cause age related phenotypes and that their removal can prevent or delay age related copy hermes clic h bracelet tissue dysfunction.
pension reform vote reveals unusual political alliances

Senate votes for landmark pension and benefits reform for public workers

After heated debate, state senators passed controversial legislation today that would force public workers to pay more for their pension and healthcare benefits. The bill (S2937) passed 24 15 with support from a handful of Democrats, but was decried by unions as rolling back workers rights to collective bargaining. Speaking after the vote, Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D Gloucester) said the bill was a painful concession but critical to address the state's fiscal crisis. (Video by Nyier Abdou/The Star Ledger)

TRENTON Senators divided along unfamiliar lines to pass a landmark piece of legislation that shifts more pension and health insurance costs to New Jersey's more than 500,000 public workers.

Relying on the Republican minority instead of his own caucus, Senate President replica hermes h enamel bracelet Stephen Sweeney (D Gloucester) secured passage of the controversial bill, which would double what most teachers, firefighters and police officers must pay toward their health benefits and, in many cases, triples those costs.

It would also shift the retirement age from 60 to 65 for people entering the workforce. It would eliminate cost of living increases that help workers offset inflation and property tax hikes.

And it would break off insurance plans into two options: one for treatment primarily from in state hospitals, and one that would allow workers to get out of state care presumably at a higher cost, though Sweeney could not say whether one plan would be cheaper than the other.

"We're not sure whether it's going to save money or not, we've got to design it," Sweeney said at a news conference after the vote.

With the bill's passage, Sweeney delivered a major victory to Gov. Chris Christie, who has been calling for structural reform to the pension and benefits system for months. He also accomplished a longtime goal of his own by overhauling pensions. Meanwhile, protesters decrying the legislation outside the Statehouse could be heard inside the Senate chamber.

"No one in the last 10 years has passed more pro union legislation than myself," Sweeney said on the floor of the Senate, citing laws that ensured paid family leave and minimum wage increases. But the state's pension liabilities have spiraled out of control and legislators had a duty to h hermes bracelet fake act, he said.

"How will history judge us if we fail to take action today?" he asked.

The legislation (S2937) passed 24 15 with support from a handful of Democrats: Teresa Ruiz, Jeff Van Drew, Fred Madden, Jim Whelan, James Beach, Brian Stack and Donald Norcross.

Other Democrats gave floor speech after floor speech condemning the bill, saying it curtailed the rights workers won during the hermes h bracelets fake Civil Rights struggle, drawing applause and cheers from the audience in the gallery.

Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono said undermining the collective bargaining process "erodes our identity as a nation."

"Today is all about politics," she said. The bill was a hermes bracelet replica cheap result of "back room deals" instead of open debate. It restricts competition, "an affront to free market principles," she said.

The state's fiscal mess was triggered by poor decisions made on Wall Street, said Sen. Linda Greenstein (D Middlesex), not by public workers' health benefits and pensions.

"Collective bargaining is a basic human right," she said. "If Gov. Dannel Malloy could use persuasion to save $1.6 billion dollars in Connecticut, we can do the same here in New Jersey."

Sen. Paul Sarlo (D Bergen), chairman of the Budget Committee, said he had yet to see any research showing costs would actually decrease. The figures cited at a Budget Committee hearing Thursday projecting that the state would save $9 million in the first year while towns saved $5 million were "made up" and "thrown as a carrot."

"No one has been able to back that up," Sarlo said.

Democrats also criticized the bundling of both bills into one. A pension overhaul by itself would have been doable, they said, and added they were dismayed Sweeney bowed to pressure from Christie, who wanted one bill instead of two.

"I find that an offensive reason not to split the bill," said Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D Bergen).

Sweeney's defenders were mostly on the Republican side of the chamber. Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R Monmouth), a close friend of Christie's, called it a "historic day" and praised Sweeney's leadership.

Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R Morris), the bill's co sponsor, said most increases to workers' health benefits have been legislated over the years not negotiated and New Jersey could not afford to kick the can down the road anymore.

New Jersey faces a $53.9 billion pension deficit. Health care costs have also soared, and there are $66.8 billion in unfunded liabilities. Christie has said the system is barreling toward insolvency by 2020.

"Today, the taxpayers are victors," said Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. (R Union).

Before the vote, the Senate passed an eleventh hour bill also proposed by Sweeney that loosened restrictions on public workers seeking out of state treatment.

A majority of Democrats opposed that provision, too, even though they acknowledged it was better than what Sweeney was proposing on Friday.

The provision, as it was passed today, lets public workers choose whether to buy health insurance that covers out of state treatment or a cheaper option that directs workers to New Jersey hospitals unless a doctor decided that no one here could handle their case.

Sen. Joseph Vitale (D Middlesex) said that still puts world class medical care in New York and Philadelphia out of reach for many public workers, who will not be able to afford their share of the costs if they enrolled in the out of state plan.

Many people will be forced to take the cheaper in state plan, said Vitale and Sen. Shirley Turner (D Mercer).
Real meals on wheels

A well dressed couple are picking their way through a grimy car park by a plumbers' merchant in Peckham, south London. "This is an industrial car park," says the woman, correctly. "Are you sure we should be here, darling?"

"No, I'm not, damn it," frets her partner. "But it's somewhere around here."

The pair of foodies have travelled out of their comfort zone to make a long trek to The Meat Wagon, a burger van but not like the ones you may know, selling mashed up cow's anus, breadcrumbs and blood, defrosted and fried in dirty old oil. This is a different story all together: burgers from The Meat Wagon have their fat calculated to the closest percentage point. Ingredients are sourced from London's best producers and don't contain a single item that hasn't been researched, adapted and tasted repeatedly by the chef before serving. Their maker tried more than a thousand types of cheese before settling on one and has crossed continents to work out the science behind the perfect bun.

The 5 burgers are causing a sensation in food blogs. The influential Willeatformoney. More promising still, these burgers could be a sign of a new wave of British food. After years in the gutter, there are the beginnings of a serious street food revolution in this country.

But back to our burger van Blumenthal. The Meat Wagon owner is Yianni Papoutsis. A half Greek boy from deepest Norwood, with no professional kitchen experience at all, he makes an unlikely burger expert but Papoutsis is obsessed.

Perched on a packing crate, he's delighted to expound on his ingredients. "We use 28 day aged prime chuck steak," he says. "It is well hung and then freshly minced each morning, quite thickly so you still get texture. It only lasts a day we make meatloaf or chilli with replica h hermes bracelet any left after that. With the increased surface area [taken up by a burger], the meat leaches out so much blood that you don't get the same juiciness. You cannot serve a rare ish burger with mince that's over a day old."

The Meat Wagon tried out patties that were 20 per cent fat the level of most gourmet burgers but with their coarse ground mince and rare burgers, there were concerns about fat globules, so in conjunction with a butcher, they began experimenting. Trimming away, mincing and cooking until they found the perfect fat level about 15 per cent.

The meat is only the start of the intricate calculations. The bread for the buns is an ongoing experiment. After months of research in America, Papoutsis found his desired bun. He disregarded the possibility of a brioche, which is favoured by upmarket restaurant burgers, as it fell apart after the first bite. He's been working with a local baker for about a year to create the ideal roll. They use a mild, sweet sourdough which works to cut through the richness of the cheese and Papoutsis keeps daily tabs on it. "I tell [my baker] how the finished product works and he changes the steam to weight ratios and things like that," says Papoutsis. "The ones today are a tiny bit too soft."

His cheese is readily available but he won't reveal where from. Each burger is formed in front of the customer and after flipping, the pre sliced cheese is added. It is then cooked under a cloche to melt it correctly. And this is not just any cheese. "I began with mature cheddar," he says. hermes h bracelet fake "I steamed it so it mixed properly and it looked fantastic but it overpowered the meat. It was all you could taste and that's not what that burger is about, so we moved on. You need to get the right level of a property called hyperplasticity. It means that it melts into the crevices of the meat, which is hard to find outside processed cheese. I must have eaten a thousand types and some of them were horrible. At one point, literally every time I saw a new type of cheese slice, I bought it, whether it was a Turkish deli, Polish supermarket or farmers' market. It drove my other half mad and it was not easy on my stomach. I won't tell people what I use because they haven't suffered like I've suffered. But we've got the right one. A real cheese but with a good element of hyperplasticity. The idea is that the whole burger works together. It's an amalgam of the ingredients. That's something McDonald's does really well in the Big Mac. You don't taste bits, you taste the whole. No matter what you think about McDonald's you can't argue with that. When you bite into a Big Mac, it tastes unmistakably like a Big Mac. You have to slow down and think about the separate flavours to notice things like the sauce and onions."

To finish off the classic cheeseburger there is French's Mustard ("Obviously you wouldn't want it on your roast beef, but it is just the right tartness for this") and Heinz Ketchup ("There's only one, isn't there?") and shredded iceberg and red onion ("texture"). Tomatoes cannot be trusted. "I just can't find a tomato in Britain that is tasty enough to stand up," he says. "There's no advantage in texture and there's no advantage in flavour."

You may be lucky enough to find that The Meat Wagon has left its Peckham car park a friend owns the hermes clic h bracelet replica warehouse and travelled to a pub or a festival near you. Despite the fact he calls himself a "guerrilla dining operation", it is important to Papoutsis and his team that their high quality food is available to anyone who can find them. It's a common complaint of foodies that great cuisine in Britain is exclusively found in expensive restaurants in posh pockets of towns. For example, Gordon Ramsay claims that Britain has miles to go before it becomes a great culinary nation because food is not enjoyed from "the bottom up". He compares mass produced sandwiches at our service stations to the rare roast beef that can be found in their French equivalents. This could be changing. The success of these vans in big demand on the festival circuit as well as markets up and down the country could be a sign of that "bottom up" revolution. Petra Barra certainly believes that the vans and a new era in street food could have a role to play in British food culture.

"We reclaim urban spaces," she says. "You park up somewhere in a car park or outside an office block and suddenly that space belongs to everyone. People are outside their office eating and mingling sharing an experience. He's based in Los Angeles, where so called "roach coaches" selling cheap food to Mexican workers, began the food van trend in the early 1970s. "Don't forget that street vendors selling food is a tradition dating back to 18th century costermongers who sold pies and eels," he says. "There are good trucks and bad trucks; some succeed and some fail. The best ones will, in my opinion, eventually be bankrolled to open permanent bricks and mortar spots and the bad will disappear. Still, there are more and more of them a consequence of high rents and high failure rates."

The Meat Wagon was inspired by roach coaches and fear of investing in a restaurant. Having travelled the world for 15 years as a ballet mechanist for the English National Ballet, Papoutsis found he had time off and 4,000 in an ISA. "My friends kept telling me to open a restaurant but I'd seen all those Gordon Ramsay shows where people don't know what they are getting into and end up in loads of debt, crying in their beds after six months. I didn't want to be one of those idiots. So I bought a van. Most of the money went on a 40 year old cast iron griddle. I had to go to America to find one hermes replica bracelets that was heavy enough. You need to get one that gets really, really hot to get that lovely caramelised crust on the meat." And it seems to have paid off: "Three weeks after we opened," he says, "people were coming from all over."

So if he wasn't making his own burgers, where would he be eating them? "I do love a Big Mac," he says, "or a Double Double from In N Out, a West Coast American burger chain. The sauce contrasts with the burger really well. There's a sweet and sour element to the sauce that's almost addictive. Or there is a small place called The Apple Pan in LA."

By this time, the foodie couple who'd looked so incongruous in the Peckham car park have eaten.

"I never thought we'd find you," says the woman. "Thank you so much."

"Oh, no problem," says Papoutsis. "That's no problem at all."

As they walk away the couple have the glazed eyes of religious converts.

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ration entre l'ONU et les organisations r

L'Assemble gnrale a tenu aujourd'hui son dbat de haut niveau sur le renforcement de la coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales et sous rgionales au cours duquella complmentarit et les avantages comparatifs ont t prsents par les participants, dont le Prsident de l'Ouganda, comme les ingrdients d'une bonne coopration.

Compte tenu de la connaissance approfondie qu'elles ont de leur rgion, les organisations rgionales et sous rgionales, a argu le Prsident de l'Assemble gnrale, M. Sam Kutesa, sont positionnes, de manire unique, pour comprendre les dynamiques locales et les causes sous jacentes des dfis qu'il s'agisse de ceux lis la paix et la scurit ou au dveloppement. Il m'arrive de vous demander des ressources, une action diplomatique ou collective, ou encore votre solidarit pour faire avancer nos valeurs communes, a reconnu le Secrtaire gnral de l'ONU, M. Ban Ki moon, qui vient d'organiser le week end dernier une retraite avec certains chefs d'organisations rgionales et sous rgionales.

Il faut faire plus, a estim le Prsident de l'Ouganda, M. Yoweri Museveni, dont le pays prside cette session de l'Assemble gnrale. Le point de dpart d'une bonne coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales, a t il argu, est la confirmation du principe de complmentarit contenu dans le Chapitre VIII de la Charte. La complmentarit, a t il expliqu, signifie que l'ONU et les organisations rgionales, qui ont leurs forces et leurs faiblesses, se compltent. Il faut que l'ONU, a renchri le Secrtaire gnral de l'Organisation de la coopration islamique (OCI), M. Iyade Ameen Madani, ne soit plus considre comme une star autour de laquelle les autres plantes gravitent mais comme le fil qui doit se joindre aux autres pour tisser le tapis de notre communaut mondiale. Mais, a t il mis en garde, ce fil qu'est l'ONU, cette arne importante, ne doit plus s'appuyer sur une classe privilgie de pays lus, le club des aristocrates. Il faut un mcanisme o le collectif surmonte l'unilatral.

L'ONU devrait saluer le fait que le XXIe sicle donne naissance des institutions rgionales plus fortes et plus responsables, consolidant ainsi un monde multipolaire o le dialogue et la paix sont de plus en plus urgents, a comment, son tour, le reprsentant du Systme d'intgration d'Amrique centrale (SICA). Le Vice Prsident de la Commission de l'Union africaine, M. Erastus Mwencha, a jug urgent de dvelopper une vision stratgique commune soutenue par une comprhension commune pour renforcer et mieux coordonner les actions de prvention des conflits. La Commission de consolidation de la paix devrait devenir un vritable partenaire stratgique de l'Union africaine et des commissions conomiques rgionales, a t il suggr.

La complmentarit, a expliqu le Prsident ougandais, requiert un processus consultatif de prise de dcisions, le partage du fardeau de la paix et de la scurit internationales, une division du travail fonde sur les avantages comparatifs et le respect des processus rgionaux. Le Prsident a insist sur ce respect: si les membres du Conseil de scurit, qui ont dcid d'une action militaire contre la Libye, avaient cout la voix de l'Afrique, le chaos actuel dans ce pays mais aussi au Nigria, au Mali et dans la Mditerrane aurait pu tre vit.

propos du chaos dans la Mditerrane, le Secrtaire gnral du Service d'action extrieure de l'Union europenne a rappel que depuis l'incident dramatique du 17 avril dernier, les chefs d'tat et de gouvernement europens ont adopt un plan et des mesures substantielles hermes clic clac replica qui devraient faire immdiatement la diffrence dans le problme de la traite des personnes. C'est l'intrt commun de tous les pays de la Mditerrane, du Sahel et de l'Afrique de l'Est. C'est un problme humanitaire, mais aussi un problme scuritaire et politique qui demande des efforts conjoints avec nos partenaires de l'Union africaine et de la Ligue des tats arabes, a t il dit. Les partenariats interrgionaux comme celui entre l'Union africaine et l'Union europenne pourraient favoriser l'allgement des tches confies l'ONU, a t il estim, en se flicitant de la volont des Communauts conomiques des tats d'Afrique de l'Ouest (CEDEAO) et d'Afrique centrale (CEEAC) de conjuguer leurs efforts pour lutter contre Boko Haram et en souhaitant la multiplication de tels partenariats. L'OCI vient d'ailleurs de signer un Mmorandum d'accord avec l'Union africaine sur la mise en uvre de projets contre le terrorisme et l'extrmisme grce un don saoudien de 10 millions de dollars, a annonc son Secrtaire gnral.

Ce qu'il nous faut, a dit le Prsident de l'Ouganda, c'est en effet l'appui financier et logistique de la communaut internationale. L'ONU a le devoir d'appuyer les organisations rgionales, conformment la Charte. Il a soutenu l'ide de ponctionner le budget de l'ONU pour financer les oprations de maintien de hermes click clack bracelet replica la paix rgionales, estimant que les fonds d'affectation spciale sont peu fiables et imprvisibles compte tenu de leurs contributions volontaires.

Dans l'optique de la mise en uvre du programme de dveloppement pour l'aprs 2015, la coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales et sous rgionales devrait aussi impliquer la socit civile, a estim le Sous Secrtaire gnral de l'Organisation des tats amricains (OEA), M. Albert Ramdin. Peut tre pourra t on ainsi viter le paradoxe du cappuccinoconcernant les trois piliers du dveloppement durable? Le Secrtaire excutif de la Commission conomique pour l'Afrique (CEA) a dcrit ce paradoxe comme celui dans lequell'conomie est l'lment le plus important (le caf), le social venant ensuite (le lait), saupoudr d'environnemental (le chocolat).

Dans sa dclaration de clture, le Prsident de l'Assemble gnrale a annonc que le fruit de cette journe sera une dclaration politique qui devrait tre adopte demain, mardi 5 mai, par l'Assemble gnrale.


En ouvrant le dbat thmatique de haut niveau, M. SAM KUTESA, Prsident de l'Assemble gnrale de l'ONU, a hermes h bracelet fake salu le fait que 25 organisations rgionales et sous rgionales aient dsormais tabli des relations officielles avec l'ONU. Il leur a demand comment renforcer ces partenariats stratgiques importants. Que faut il faire pour renforcer leurs capacits dans les domaines de la prvention et du rglement des conflits, du maintien et de la consolidation de la paix, et de la promotion de l'tat de droit, des droits de l'homme et du dveloppement. Comment faire pour que ces organisations jouent effectivement un rle dans la mise en uvre du programme de dveloppement pour l'aprs 2015?

Compte tenu de la connaissance approfondie qu'elles ont de leur rgion, ces organisations, a poursuivi le Prsident, sont positionnes, de manire unique, pour comprendre les dynamiques locales et les causes sous jacentes des dfis. Aprs avoir donn plusieurs exemples d'une coopration russie entre l'ONU et des organisations, le Prsident a reconnu qu'il faut faire beaucoup plus pour renforcer ladite coopration, en tirant les enseignements de l'exprience pour crer des arrangements plus novateurs et plus souples. Certaines de ces organisations, a t il soulign, continuent de souffrir d'un manque de ressources financires et logistiques et il nous revient de trouver les moyens de leur assurer un financement prvisible et durable, en particulier quand elles mnent des oprations de maintien de la paix sous le mandat de l'ONU, a tranch le Prsident.

M. BAN KI MOON, Secrtaire gnral de l'ONU, a indiqu que ce week end mme, il a organis une retraite avec les chefs d'un certain nombre d'organisations rgionales et sous rgionales pour renforcer la coopration dans les domaines de la paix et de la scurit. Nous avons analys sans concession les dfis auxquels nous sommes confronts et nous avons renouvel notre dtermination trouver des solutions ensemble, a t il rvl. 2015, a rappel le Secrtaire gnral, est une tape importante, avec la fin des Objectifs du Millnaire pour le dveloppement, l'adoption du programme de dveloppement durable et la conclusion d'un accord neuf et universel sur le climat.

Les partenaires rgionaux, a estim le Secrtaire gnral, ont dj amlior notre efficacit mais nous devons faire plus pour rpondre aux cris des millions de personnes qui mritent dignit et quit. Il m'arrive, s'est il expliqu, de vous demander des ressources, une action diplomatique ou collective, ou encore votre solidarit pour faire avancer nos valeurs communes. Avec votre engagement, nous avons atteint de rels rsultats et la collaboration entre l'ONU et ses partenaires rgionaux est plus riche et plus diverse que jamais auparavant.

Le Secrtaire gnral a attir l'attention sur les lignes de communication qui ont t tablies, les stratgies communes, les programmes conjoints, la nouvelle dimension des relations et la capacit renforce de servir les peuples du monde. Dans la prvention des conflits et la mdiation, a t il poursuivi, nous avons montr comment le travail commun augmente notre pouvoir de persuasion pour obtenir des parties qu'elles fassent la paix. Notre partenariat dans le maintien de la paix a renforc l'appui des Nations Unies, en particulier aux oprations conduites par l'Afrique sur le terrain.

Les organisations rgionales, a conclu le Secrtaire gnral, contribuent donner forme au programme de dveloppement pour l'aprs 2015 et il faut compter sur elles pour aider le monde raliser les objectifs de dveloppement durable. Notre partenariat a aussi renforc les efforts collectifs en faveur des droits de l'homme et des valeurs de la Charte de l'ONU. Les citoyens du monde sont mieux connects et mieux informs. Nous leur devons d'tre la hauteur des dfis avec une ligne de communication ouverte, une force de concentration et un engagement collectif en faveur des droits de l'homme, du progrs et d'une paix durable, a encore dit le Secrtaire gnral.

Alors que la Charte consacre la coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales, a dclar M. YOWERI MUSEVENI, Prsident de l'Ouganda, elle rserve au seul Conseil de scurit le droit d'autoriser le recours la force. En ralit, a dnonc le Prsident, les dcisions ne sont vraiment prises que par ceux qui sont dots du droit de veto et c'est l une erreur qui a dj caus beaucoup de mal l'Afrique. Il a cit l'exemple de la Libye o la voix de l'Afrique a t ignore, conduisant une hmorragie massive. Si les membres du Conseil de scurit, qui ont dcid d'une action militaire contre la Libye, avaient cout la voix de l'Afrique, le chaos actuel dans ce pays mais aussi au Nigria, au Mali et dans la Mditerrane aurait pu tre vit. Aprs tout Kadhafi recrutait beaucoup de main d'uvre africaine, a argu le Prsident qui a jug prsomptueux pour les cinq membres permanents du Conseil de scurit de se dire responsables de la scurit mondiale, alors qu'ils ne reprsentent que 1,9 milliard des 7milliards d'habitants de la plante.

Le Prsident ougandais a estim que le point de dpart de la coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales doit tre la confirmation du principe de complmentarit contenu dans le Chapitre VIII de la Charte, comme tant la base. Les Nations Unies doivent respecter les processus engags par les organisations rgionales en matire de rglement des conflits. L'approche qui consiste par tradition et superficialit mettre l'accent sur la justice au dtriment d'une paix durable porte en elle les germes de l'chec, a estim le Prsident. L'ONU ne devrait pas suivre aveuglment l'option des sanctions et de la saisine de la Cour pnale internationale (CPI), sans consulter les rgions concernes, tant donn que cette option compromet bien souvent le processus mme de rglement du conflit.

Nous devons, a estim le Prsident, parvenir une acception commune du concept de complmentarit. Pour les Africains, il signifie que l'ONU et les organisations rgionales, qui ont leurs forces et leurs faiblesses, doivent se complter. La complmentarit requiert le partage du fardeau de la paix et de la scurit internationales, un processus consultatif de prises de dcisions, le respect des processus rgionaux et une division du travail fonde sur les avantages comparatifs.

Des solutions africaines aux problmes africains, a insist le Prsident, fustigeant la lenteur des processus l'ONU. La crise au Soudan du Sud a commenc en 2013 et le Conseil de scurit en discute toujours. Si les pays de la rgion n'avaient pas agi, nous aurions un autre gnocide comme celui que la rgion aurait pu stopper en 1994, si la communaut internationale ne lui avait pas mis des btons dans les roues, a affirm le Prsident. Ce qu'il nous faut, a t il dit, c'est l'appui financier et logistique de la communaut internationale. Face une crise, il faut laisser faire les nationaux, puis en cas de difficult, les rgionaux, et en tout dernier recours les internationaux, a argu le Prsident, en illustrant sa stratgie par le succs, dans une certaine mesure, de la Brigade d'intervention en RDC.

L'ONU, a insist le Prsident, a le devoir d'appuyer les organisations rgionales, conformment la Charte. Il a soutenu l'ide de ponctionner le budget de l'ONU pour financer les oprations de maintien de la paix rgionales, estimant que les fonds d'affectation spciale sont peu fiables et imprvisibles compte tenu de leurs contributions volontaires.

Le Prsident a conclu sur deux points et d'abord la dsorientation idologique qui s'illustre par le sectarisme et le chauvinisme contre lesquels la communaut internationale doit lutter comme elle l'a fait contre l'antismitisme. Il a enfin appel l'orientation idologique soit la discipline des forces locales, rgionales et internationales que le systme de l'ONU utilise pour maintenir ou rtablir la paix. Si la question de la discipline n'est pas prise au srieux, nous risquons de devenir une partie du problme plutt que de la solution, a mis en garde le Prsident ougandais.

M. FREDERICK A. MITCHELL, Ministre des affaires trangres et de l'immigration des Bahamas, au nom de la Communaut des Carabes (CARICOM), a, la vielle de la troisime Confrence internationale sur le financement du dveloppement, estim que de nouvelles approches sont devenues ncessaires. Il a expliqu que les pays de la CARICOM sont particulirement affects par leur nouveau statut de pays revenu intermdiaire, bas sur le revenu par habitant. Or, ce statut bloque l'accs aux dons et aux financements concessionnels, alors que les effets de la crise financire et conomique mondiale rsonnent toujours dans la rgion et que les pays sont pigs par un fardeau de la dette particulirement lourd. Il ne fait aucun doute, a argu le Ministre, que le revenu par habitant seul est une mesure inadquate du niveau de dveloppement, surtout dans une rgion vulnrable aux catastrophes naturelles et au changement climatique, y compris l'lvation du niveau de la mer.

Nous l'avons rpt et nous ne le soulignerons jamais assez: lutter contre le changement climatique et l'lvation du niveau de la mer est unequestion de priorit et une question de survie pour les pays de la CARICOM. Le Ministre a dit attendre beaucoup de la onzime Confrence des tats parties la Convention cadre des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques prvue Paris au mois de septembre et qui, a t il dit, doit trouver un accord contraignant sur la stabilisation de la temprature moyenne terrestre bien en de de 1,5 degr Celsius.

Le Ministre a appuy la position des petits tats insulaires en dveloppement qui rclament un programme de dveloppement pour l'aprs 2015 comprenant des mesures globales pour affiner le revenu par habitant comme indicateur de dveloppement. La coopration technique pour renforcer les capacits dans la collecte des donnes et l'analyse statistique sera essentielle la mise en uvre du programme de dveloppement pour l'aprs 2015, a prvenu le Ministre.

M. GEORGES REBELO PINTO CHIKOTI, Ministre des relations extrieures de l'Angola, au nom de la Confrence internationale sur la rgion des Grands Lacs (CIRGL), a rappel que la Confrence a cr un cadre de coopration avec les Nations Unies et d'autres partenaires concerns dans les domaines de la paix et de la scurit, de la prvention des conflits et du gnocide, de la lutte contre la violence sexuelle et l'exploitation illgale des ressources naturelles, des droits de l'homme et du dveloppement. Ce cadre a donn des rsultats concrets, a estim le Ministre qui a cit le Cadre pour la paix, la scurit et la coopration pour la Rpublique dmocratique du Congo et la rgion des Grands Lacs, lequel a donn naissance au Mcanisme rgional de surveillance. Le Ministre n'a pas cach sa proccupation face la situation actuelle au Burundi et a rappel aux parties que tout diffrend relatif au processus lectoral doit se rgler auprs des instances juridiques existantes dans le pays. Le Ministre a en revanche dcel des signes d'espoir en Rpublique centrafricaine, avec le Forum de Bangui pour l'organisation duquel l'Angola a dbloqu une somme de 4millions de dollars.

Le Ministre a ensuite fait quelques suggestions et a d'abord demand une coordination plus efficace au premier stade des crises. Plus tt nous parviendrons une comprhension commune de la situation, meilleurs seront les rsultats. Il faut donc des changes d'information plus systmatiques, des visites d'valuation conjointes et des mcanismes souples runissant les acteurs de la prvention des conflits et de la mdiation. Il a aussi soulign que le rglement pacifique des conflits doit rester la norme mme s'il a reconnu le succs de la Brigade d'intervention en RDC et la possibilit hermes clic clac fake de rpter l'exprience ailleurs. Le Ministre a galement mis l'accent sur la ncessit de renforcer la mobilisation des ressources pour mettre en uvre les actions agres. Les organisations rgionales et sous rgionales devraient pouvoir, a t il poursuivi, pendre la tte des efforts, compte tenu de leur expertise et de leur meilleure comprhension des dfis et des dynamiques de leur rgion. La formation et le renforcement des capacits sont essentiels, a t il aussi soulign, en parlant des institutions rgionales. Il a enfin appel les participants reconnatre que l'absence d'opportunits conomiques et l'chec des tats assurer les services essentiels sont les ingrdients de base de l'instabilit politique partout dans le monde.

Mme ANNIKA SODER, Vice Ministre des affaires trangres de la Sude, a estim que la coopration entre l'ONU et les organisations rgionales et sous rgionales doit tre base sur la confiance et le respect. L'efficacit de cette coopration dpend de la clarification des rles des uns et des autres et de l'assignation chaque partie des objectifs. Le Conseil de scurit se doit de consulter davantage les acteurs rgionaux, a reconnu MmeSoder qui a aussi plaid pour un bon financement des organisations rgionales et sous rgionales pour qu'elles puissent jouer leur rle efficacement. Elle a tabli le lien entre paix, scurit et dveloppement, et a invit la communaut internationale promouvoir la participation de tous les acteurs de la socit, y compris les femmes qui ont un rle important jouer en matire de rglement des conflits, a t elle affirm.
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