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'I got rid of cynicism in UK athletics'

Outside the Booking Office on the upper level at St Pancras Station, a familiar face walks by, looking a little lost.

Inside the Booking Office, the restaurant and bar that leads into the Renaissance Hotel, Charles van Commenee has already arrived. The coach who guided Britain's track and field athletics team Mo Farah, Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Co. to the London Olympics has no idea where his professional life will lead him after his contract with UK Athletics expires next month.

"I pack my belongings into a friend's van and catch the last ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland on 23 December," he says. "Beyond that, I have no idea what I might end up doing. I have a completely open mind. I have no strategy job wise.

"I'm going to spend a few weeks in Amsterdam, just to relax a bit. Then I'm going to travel a bit. I'm going to South America for a month or so."

"Whereabouts in South America?" one naturally enquires. At the end of London 2012,van cleef arpels clover necklace replica, when van Commenee was considering pleas for him to stay on at UK Athletics, there was talk that he was being lined up to lead the Brazilian track team at the Rio Olympics.

"In Rio to start with," he says, laughing, " because a good friend of mine lives there. From there, I'm going to do other trips to Chile and to Buenos Aires. "You shouldn't do that," van Commenee says. "It's purely coincidence. It really is."

But if the chance presented itself,clover necklace van cleef replica, would the 54 year old Dutchman not be interested in guiding the home athletics team for a second successive Games? "It's so unlikely," he says, "because of the language. I could only do that job properly if I could have meaningful conversations and I can only do that in Dutch and English."

It is not difficult to imagine van Commenee's classic observations getting somewhat lost in translation: that the public perception of Britain's injury prone athletes was that they were a bunch of "pussies and wankers"; that Twitter was a medium "for clowns and attention seekers with too much time on their hands." Neither is it difficult to imagine the British sporting landscape being quite the same without the headline grabbing pearls of wisdom from the straight talking Amsterdammer.

Ironically, the main reason that van Commenee is getting ready to pack his bags and step into an uncertain future is precisely because he has succeeded in altering that pussyfooting mindset and indeed the public perception of Britain's runners, jumpers and throwers. At the centre of his attack on the lax attitudes that went before was his instilling of a no excuse culture that ultimately extended to his own door. While UK Sport set Britain's athletes a medal target of between five and eight for London 2012, van Commenee set the bar at eight and said he would walk away if it was not achieved. Despite being urged to reconsider after his team finished with six, he stuck to his guns.

Four of those were golds, so CVC achieved what his most celebrated track and field compatriot FBK Fanny Blankers Koen famously accomplished at a London Olympics. "That's true," he says, laughing. "Success can be measured in many different ways. And I would say that if you look at all the factors from every angle it was a success.

"But the thing is I have been very clear throughout these four years about what targets mean and the difference between a target and an expectation and a prediction and an ambition. Then the question came all the time, 'What happens if you don't hit the target?' So I said, 'I will leave.'

"I could easily have answered all the time, 'If it doesn't happen, we will look into the reasons why we didn't hit the target. Then we will make changes and adjustments.' Which is fair. That's what happens 99 out of 100 times.

"But I wanted to make a clear statement about these things because it helped and still helps the new culture of no excuses and sanctions. In other words accountability is important, and I wanted to put my credibility and my destiny on the line saying, 'Guys, this is a serious business. We need to change here. And I will lead.'

"The leader has to lead by example. And I wanted to make this a big thing during these four years. Now, I have to take the consequences too, because if I don't I'll set the wrong example by saying that there is an excuse. That's exactly the message I don't want to give.

"At the moment a number of staff are in the process of losing their jobs and it would be almost impossible for me if I would have stayed in my position despite missing the target.

"Working in athletics, in high performance environment, is not a comfortable thing. If you want to have a comfortable life you probably have to work in your own garden or in a library. But when it is high performance you have to beat others, with the whole world watching.

"That's a very uncomfortable place to be. And British athletics has been comfortable for many decades. That has changed,replica van cleef red clover necklace. It is clear that there is a high degree of accountability in British athletics. I think the cynicism has gone. People have high expectations. The athletes understand there is no place for excuse."

There is no doubt that van Commenee has transformed British athletics in his four years as head coach at UK Athletics following on from his past success here in making Denise Lewis an Olympic champion and Kelly Sotherton an Olympic heptathlon bronze medallist. Indeed, he transformed it to such an extent that a 50 per cent improvement on the medal front from Beijing was deemed to be a failure in his eyes and that British records were set in 11 different events this year (compared to three in 2008).

In doing so, he also became the subject of a cult parody on Twitter. Not that anyone has managed to discover the identity of the tweeter whose posts as 'Charles van Comedy' have brought much amusement to van Commenee.

"I like that that nobody knows," he says. "It's a good mystery."

The same could be said of the future of the Dutchman who will always get a name check when the 2012 credits roll rather like his brother. If you look closely, you will see Andre van Commenee's name on screen at the end of Indiana Jones and The Empire of The Sun.

"My brother is a physiotherapist who by chance got one of the world's leading stuntmen as a patient in Amsterdam," Charles explains. "Andre ended up being contracted to work with Steven Spielberg and moved out to Hollywood."

As for the next professional move for van Commenee himself, we shall have to wait and see.

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How to Winterise Your Caravan for Storage

Here you will find information to assist you in completing that task and although it is primarily aimed at caravan owners in the UK, many tips equally apply elsewhere. Check fixed vents are not obstructed and consider using a dehumidifier to prevent damp occurring. Close all blinds and curtains for security. Support the axle using stands so the wheels are just off the ground. If preferred,replica van cleef and arpels zipper necklace, the wheels can be removed and the vehicle supported using stands that bolt directly on to the wheel hubs, such as Winterwheels. They can also be fitted with an imobilising plate to minimise theft.

Lower the corner steadies to just touch the ground but not take any weight. For added security, consider locking the steadies.

If the wheels are left on, correctly inflate the tyres, chock the wheels and cover the tyres to prevent degradation. Rotate periodically to lubricate the wheel bearings and consider fitting wheel clamps for security.

Release the handbrake; check the hitch is fully extended to ensure there is no load on the braking system, grease the coupling and cover for protection. Drain all water carriers completely and leave the plugs off to avoid unwanted smells

Carver Cascade System

1/. Warm the heater to assist in draining

2/. Unscrew the drain plug located on the outside of the flue cowl and leave removed,replica van cleef malachite necklace.

3/. If fitted, activate cold water drain plug which is normally found under the caravan near to the water inlet socket.

4/. Open all hot and cold water taps to allow water to drain to outside. Leave control on dual taps in central position and leave open. Should the vehicle require towing after draining,replica vintage alhambra necklace 10 motifs, by leaving all taps and drain valves open, the vehicle movement will assist in removing all water from the system.

5/. Remove tap spouts and shower heads by unscrewing and shake dry

6/. Remove submersible pump and water filters (if fitted) and shake dry. Should non return valves be fitted anywhere in the system,alhambra necklace replica, pipe work must be disconnected at those valves to ensure complete drainage.

Truma Ultrastore System

1/. Isolate the water pump from the power supply.

2/. When water is cool, open the safety/drain valve and leave open.

3/. Open all hot and cold water taps to allow water to drain to outside. Leave control on dual taps in central position and leave open. Should the vehicle require towing after draining, by leaving all taps and drain valves open, the vehicle movement will assist in removing all water from the system.

4/. If a submersible pump or a water filter is fitted, ensure that they are fully drained. Should non return valves be fitted anywhere in the system, pipe work must be disconnected at the valves to ensure complete drainage.
Houston Carpet Cleaning,replica van cleef pink necklace

Every Houston carpet cleaning company knows that if they want to be the best,replica van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace, they have to look the best.

What better way to make an impression by spending the money to have their carpet cleaning vans wrapped and designed with their name and flashy logos? While having a van wrap can be great, there are several different things that one should consider before have their van wrapped.

So,alhambra necklace van cleef replica, what is a wrap? A wrap is a somewhat very large vinyl decal, or graphic that is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. The wrap usually covers a vast majority of a vehicle and is accompanied by a companies name, logo and what the company offers as far as their services. Most Houston carpet cleaning companies know just how valuable these types of investments can be. If you consider the ROI,replica alhambra necklace copy, or return of investment you get from your vehicle wrap, going all out and spending the money might not be such a bad thing. Having a vehicle wrap catches the eye of more people than a regular van without one. After all, it's pretty much a mobile billboard.

Just about every carpet cleaning job since getting our van and truck mount, we have people come up and ask what our prices are for cleaning carpets. They also compliment the design of our van after they realize we are just a small two manned company. The van not only yells "Professionalism", but more people will take you seriously as a carpet cleaner.

There is such a thing as too much on your vehicle wrap, though. When having your vehicle wrap made, remember to put only what is important. I recommend your company name, a logo, bullet points of the services you offer and of course, a phone number. You can also add a Facebook or a Twitter logo. The symbols are free eye candy seeing as how 90% of America uses the mass social media sites. Any Houston carpet cleaning company, or any company for that matter can tell you the importance of social media logos on your vehicle wrap.

The last part of any vehicle wrap is window perf. Window perf, to put it simply are sheets of thin vinyl that are placed onto a window. The vinyl, much like the wrap has an image placed on it. You cannot see through the window from the outside, but you can see through the window from the inside. Window perf not only fits more logo on your vehicle, it also helps keep your carpet cleaning van cool by blocking out most of the suns UV rays. Window perf is an important part of any vehicle wrap, but it can be the most costly as well.

The best way for any Houston TX carpet cleaning company to get more bang for your buck is to shop around. Find a great vehicle wrap company in your area and make sure to check out their previous work and testimonials.

Make your carpet cleaning van stand out from the rest with a professional wrap. Let your vehicle do the talking.
Fall of South Vietnam

Army combat units used in Joint warfare in South Vietnam 1964 1968 [e]

559th Transportation Group [r]: In the People's Army of Viet Nam, the organization that built and operated the Ho Chi Minh trail [e]

Anti aircraft artillery [r]: A general term for guns that can elevate to high angles and shoot accurately at aircraft, using visual, electro optical, or radar guidance. [e]

Ban Me Thuot [r]: A town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, the junction of a number of key highways; During the Vietnam War, it was a MACV SOG covert action base; the first major town captured in the 1975 North Vietnamese invasion, triggering large scale refugee flight [e]

Binh Phuoc Province [r]: A province in the southern and western parts of Vietnam,replica van cleef lucky alhambra necklace, where the "first crack" in the defenses of South Vietnam, from forces invading from Cambodia, came in 1975 [e]

Bui Tin [r]: A Senior Colonel in the People's Army of Viet Nam, serving as a staff officer and a journalist for official publications, who was later exiled for his writings on the war [e]

Cao Van Vien [r]: General in the Army of the Republic of Viet Nam, last Chief of the Joint General Staff,replica van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace, and a contributor to postwar historical analysis [e]

Dien Bien Phu [r]: Site in northern Vietnam of a 1954 decisive battle that soon forced France to relinquish control of colonial Indochina. [e]

National Highway 19 (Vietnam) [r]: A highway in Central Vietnam, which connects the seaport of Qui Nhon, via An Khe to Pleiku. [e]

National Highway 25 (Vietnam) [r]: The main east west highway of central Vietnam; the People's Army of Viet Nam taking control of it in 1975 cut South Vietnam in half [e]

National Highway 7 (Vietnam) [r]: Add brief definition or description

Nguyen Cao Ky [r]: Republic of Vietnam Air Force general, active in military coups, who served as Premier and member of several juntas [e]

Nguyen Van Linh [r]: Market oriented Communist economist; head of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1986. evacuations of people near Saigon, as Vietnam was overrun by the People's Army of Viet Nam. involvement in the Vietnam War, resulting in the Paris Accords signed on January 28, 1973. Navy officer in the Vietnam War, who rose to positions including Deputy Secretary of State in the first term of the George W. ground troops [e]

Tet Offensive [r]: A Communist offensive in the Vietnam War, possibly part of a larger strategy, in early 1968. political opinion against continuing large scale involvement in the war. [e]

Tran Van Tra [r]: General officer of the People's Army of Viet Nam, serving from 1954 to the fall of South Vietnam, who has been in some disfavor for writing a frank history of the North Vietnamese side. [e]

Van Tien Dung [r]: General in the People's Army of Viet Nam, who commanded the 1975 invasion resulting in the fall of South Vietnam and reunification; protege of Vo Nguyen Giap; joined Politburo in 1980,replica van cleef long necklace, and appointed Minister of Defense; dropped from Politburo in 1986 over disagreement with the doi moi reform and replaced as defence minister in 1987 [e]

Vietnam War [r]: A post colonial independence/Cold War conflict between communist North Vietnam against South Vietnam, assisted by the United States (1955 1975), to unify Vietnam; won by North Vietnam in 1975. [e]

Vietnam, war, and the United States [r]: The interactions of the Vietnam War with United States domestic politics and public opinion, and,replica van cleef inspired clover necklace, in turn, how domestic considerations affected the military situation [e]

Vietnamese Communist grand strategy [r]: Add brief definition or description

Vo Nguyen Giap [r]: The most prominent general of the Viet Minh, the People's Army of Viet Nam, and eventually Defense Minister and Politburo member of North Vietnam [e]
Gary Glitter 'seduced girl

Rock legend Gary Glitter seduced one of his fans when she was 14, a court has been told at his trial for sexual offences against an underage girl.

John Royce, QC, prosecuting, told Bristol Crown Court that the singer was first introduced to the girl in 1976 when she was 11.

The BBC's Stephen Cape: "The allegations are nearly 20 years old"The woman, 34, who cannot be named for legal reasons,alhambra necklace van cleef replica, met the singer again in 1980. Mr Royce said this was the beginning of a relationship which involved a series of assaults.

Mr Glitter is charged under his real name, Paul Francis Gadd, with four counts of indecently assaulting an underage girl in the early 1980s. He also faces four charges of serious sexual assault against the same girl.

All the offences are alleged to have taken place on dates between March 1980 and June 1982. He denies all the charges.

Gary Glitter in his trademark silver suitMr Royce said the sexual relationship began when the star began visiting her family in Burnham on Sea. He would stay at the family home, sometimes with his manager.

The woman told the jury of eight men and four women that as a girl she was "just besotted".

Mr Royce described one occasion when the singer was performing at the Webbington Country Club in Somerset, and was staying at a hotel with other band members.

He alleged the star called the girl into the bathroom and got out of the bath wearing only a towel and put his arms around her.

Mr Royce said: "That was the start of the sexual contact between the two."

On another occasion at a house in Banbury, Oxfordshire,necklace van cleef arpels replica, the singer got on top of the girl.

Mr Glitter, who was 35 at the time, told the girl it was their "little secret", said Mr Royce. He said on one occasion he sent her a cassette entitled "What yer Mama don't see yer Mama don't know".

But under cross examination by Trevor Burke, the woman said she was paid ?0,000 by the News of the World for the story of her relationship with the singer.

In the contract, she could be paid a further ?5,000 by the newspaper if the star was convicted of having pornography or sex with underage girls, Mr Burke said.

The woman insisted that she decided to speak out after hearing of Mr Glitter's arrest over a well publicised case.

She denied she had made her allegations in order to make money from the newspaper.

Glitter had relationship with Denise Van Outen, then aged 17"My motive was to tell people the truth, to let them know," she said.

"As a parent, I understand now that people cannot do that to children. That's wrong."

Later, the prosecutor told the court that Mr Glitter had "threatened to commit suicide" if the girl finished their relationship. Mr Royce said the girl continued to be obsessed with him and he convinced her he was serious about them.

The 12 year relationship ended some time in 1991 or 1992 when the woman was about 26, she said.

"It was already broken off with Gary. He had been seeing Denise Van Outen all that time."

He was as well known for his trademark silver suits and platform shoes as his top 10 hits,replica mini van cleef necklace.

His career ran into difficulties in the late 1970s and Mr Glitter developed a drink problem. But he reinvented himself in the late 1980s with a series of sell out Christmas tours and college appearances,replica van cleef inspired necklace.
EU data protection reform may promise more than it delivers

BRUSSELS Implementing the biggest shake up to Europe's fragmented data protection laws in two decades may fail to provide companies with the consistency and simplicity that had been promised across the 28 nation bloc.

A patchwork of privacy laws in the European Union, dating back to 1995 when the internet was in its infancy, was criticised for lacking teeth and being interpreted differently across the EU.

To tackle those failings, the EU last week agreed a sweeping overhaul of data protection rules which would introduce a single rule book, fines of up to 4 percent of a company's global turnover and simpler system of enforcement.

"A step change in sanctions will make privacy a board level issue," said Tanguy Van Overstraeten, a lawyer at Linklaters. "Some businesses will need to start taking these issues a lot more seriously."

Privacy has long been a particularly sensitive issue in Europe, where intrusive government surveillance during and after World War Two has made its protection a fundamental right on a par with guaranteeing the freedom of speech.

The exponential growth in data from people's credit card habits,replica clover necklace brand, social media postings and wearable fitness devices tracking their sleep and movements have fuelled concerns that individuals do not have enough control over such information.

The new rules should be a boon for web companies such as Google,van cleef arpels necklace replica, Facebook and Amazon which do business across Europe and who currently have to deal with a series of national regulators.

EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said on Monday that a single data protection law would save businesses around 2.3 billion euros ($2.5 billion) a year.

However, critics of the new measures question whether regulators will be able to cope with an increased workload and whether the regulatory overlap has genuinely been removed.

"We are concerned that investors will be scared off from investing in Europe and will look outside the continent to finance the next big thing in technology," said the Industry Coalition for Data Protection, whose members include Google,replica mini van cleef necklace, Facebook, Amazon and IBM.

The rules are tougher in some obvious ways.

Not all privacy regulators currently have the power to levy fines. When they do, the amounts are often paltry compared to the billions of dollars of revenues of the businesses involved.

One of the most significant changes that companies were looking forward to was the "one stop shop".

Under the new law, which will come into force in two years, companies operating across the EU should only have to deal with the regulator in the country where they have their European headquarters.

But consumer groups say ensuring that citizens can still complain to their local regulator is important for protecting their privacy,van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace replica.

Lawyers also point out it that the new EU rules leave many issues to the discretion of individual countries and there is still a risk that regulators could interpret them differently.

"It would be bad if an Italian company were sanctioned more than a French one for the same thing," Jourova said in an interview.

If there is disagreement between regulators the case will be referred to a European Data Protection Board (EDPB), yet to be created, to take binding decisions. ($1 = 0.9188 euros)
Find May Lead to New Glue

Van der Waals forces, named after a Dutch physicist of the late 1800s, are weak electrodynamic forces that operate over very small distances but bond to nearly any material.

Geckos have millions of setae hairs on the bottom of their feet. These tiny setae are only as long as two diameters of a human hair. That's 100 millionth of a meter long. Each seta ends with 1,000 even tinier pads at the tip. These tips, called spatulae, are only 200 billionths of a meter wide the wavelength of visible light.

A single seta can lift the weight of an ant. A million setae, which could easily fit onto the area of a dime,replica van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace, could lift a 45 pound child. If a gecko used all of its setae at the same time, it could support 280 pounds.

"Our previous research suggested that van der Waals force could explain gecko adhesion. But we couldn't rule out water adsorption or some other types of water interaction. With our new data, we can finally disprove a 30 year old theory based on the adhesion of water molecules," Autumn said.

The team's previous research ruled out two other possible forms of adhesion: suction and chemical bonding.

"The van der Waals theory predicts we can enhance adhesion as nature has by subdividing a surface into small protrusions to increase surface density," Autumn explained. "It also suggests that a possible design principle underlies the repeated, convergent evolution of dry adhesive microstructures in geckos, anoles, skinks, and insects. Basically, Mother Nature is packing a whole bunch of tiny things into a given area."

If van der Waals adhesion determines setal force, then geometry and not the material make up should dictate the design of setae, the team predicted.

Jacob Israelachvili at the University of California at Santa Barbara applied a mathematical model Johnson Kendall Roberts theory of adhesion predict the size and shape of the setae.

Ronald Fearing at the University of California at Berkeley took the empirical results and nanofabricated synthetic foot hair tips from two different materials.

"We confirmed it's geometry, not surface chemistry, that enables a gecko to support its entire body with a single toe,replica van necklace," Autumn said.

"This means we don't need to mimic biology precisely,alhambra style necklace replica," he explained. "We can apply the underlying principles and create a similar adhesive by breaking a surface into small bumps. These preliminary physical models provide proof that humans can fabricate synthetic gecko adhesive," he said.

"The artificial foot hair tip model opens the door to manufacturing dry, self cleaning adhesive that works under water and in a vacuum," according to Autumn,replica alhambra necklace copy, who foresees countless applications for synthetic gecko adhesive vacuum areas of clean rooms to outer space.
Hear City Of Caterpillar's Previously Unreleased Song

City Of Caterpillar was one of those bands that released one great album and then, like a mutant butterfly too beautiful and weird for this world,replica how much is van cleef and arpels clover necklace, flew away. After a demo and a few split 7"s with pg. 99 and System 2600, the Richmond post hardcore band released its self titled debut album in 2002. Where others in the scene bared shredded nerves with a distorted punk sound,replica van cleef small necklace, City Of Caterpillar understood that musical chaos builds over time, and that the most satisfying catharsis comes from suspense, not blunt trauma.

To celebrate the success of last year's vinyl reissue and a string of reunion shows in January (including a couple with Malady, a one off project from members of pg. 99 and City Of Caterpillar),replica van cleef lucky alhambra necklace, we have a previously unheard track from those original recording sessions. "As The Curtains Dim; (little white lie)" is classic City Of Caterpillar, set in a heavy, gloomy groove that would have fit alongside Isis' post metal benchmark Oceanic (also released in 2002), but set apart by jigsaw puzzle melodies and droning overtones. When the band finally explodes four minutes in, the fractured guitars and crazed drumming don't so much provide release as send the listener spiraling into its abyss.

Guitarist and vocalist Brandon Evans tells NPR that while this was one of the band's favorite songs from those recording sessions, they had cut it due to limited vinyl space. But its themes seem to portend City Of Caterpillar's return:

I remember we were listening to The Cure's Pornography tape every day in the van on the way to the recording studio during this album's sessions. I can definitely see its impact on some of our mixing and dubbing decisions in this track. Not that it was written with that influence; more so influencing the after tweaking.

It's strange; absurdly ironic, really. this song's lyrics were written from the perspective of an artist who has decided to die. The lyrics are about watching the audience and admirers taking in your last work, as if a ghost. The lyrics talk about the audience all entering and locking into a groove, swaying to the artist's emotions and being,van cleef and arpels diamond necklace replica, though they don't know it's all long gone.

Parts of the lyrics say:

"Well I just can't seem

To see which me I was in the beginning.

Right then, I wasn't me.

Close your eyes

As I spill

These dying limbs

Sway your bodies

As I turn my back

'Cos I'm scared I'll cringe at this ghost I am

With a passing grin,

You nod your head as the poet's dead."

Somehow, ironically, this song has become exactly what the lyrics painted, without any purposeful planning. It's surreal; it almost feels like we prophesied and willed this whole moment. The band died 13 years ago, and yet here we are, releasing things and playing shows and entertaining, more so than when we were alive. We have actualized becoming the ghost.
Do you have the bottle To Collect Art

The headline reads "Undiscovered master piece sells for millions at Auction". The family was overjoyed to discover that a picture that had hung on their grandfather's wall for years attracted a six figure price at auction. Grandson and heir said "The whole family knew he collected odds and ends but we never envisaged it would amount to anything". Ok the above is fiction, but it's what's at the back of the majority of collector s minds, especially those who collect art. Buy it cheap and sell it for squillions. Just don't rely on it as your retirement fund. In many respects it is a lottery,replica clover necklace brand, your betting your collection decision against that fickle beast, public opinion. The beauty of the art collecting lottery is you can hang the ticket on your wall. A win, win situation, your wall decorations are working for you and all your friends can admire your taste. Now that can be scary, because 90 out of 100 people know damn all about art. If it isn't chocolate box pretty it isn't art, right. Wrong,replica van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace, have a look at the masters of art in your local museum or better still here on the internet and see how many pretty pictures you can find. Look at Picasso, Gauguin, Pollock, Matisse, Cezanne or Van Gogh to mention a few. It's Ok,replica van cleef and arpels 10 motif necklace, I'll wait. Not much prettiness there. What is there is life, both the depiction of it and in the picture itself. There is an energy that radiates from art and if you allow it that energy will take you places you have never been before. But be prepared, it will confront you, it will challenge you,replica butterfly van cleef necklace, it is opinionated and isn't afraid to speak its mind, it is prepared to stand up and be counted, it is art. As such it is in the vanguard of human experience, it is raw, it is fresh and new. It isn't the tried and true of recipes of yesterday rehashed, it is pushing the boundaries. In the 21st Century it is computer generated art in all of its many and varied forms. Be it fractal art, manipulated photography or cartoon cells, the collectible artists of today are using a keyboard and a mouse. If Michelangelo were to paint the Sistine Chapel today you can bet London to a brick he wouldn't be using intonaco. Now as then he would be using that latest technology available to him. For the collector this just adds another level of complexity. Because computer art is so easily reproduced, what does one actually collect? As in the past, collect signatures, preferably from a limited edition. Obviously, the shorter the edition the better. If an open edition with a signature is all you can afford, go for it, it is better than a poster with or with out a digital signature. If your print isn't signed by the fair hand of the artist, as a collectible, it is worthless and that includes digital signatures. It is a $29.99 commodity and barely worth the paper it's printed on. Although the frame may attract a bid or two. If you consequently come across your print on the cover of Vogue or in a TV commercial for whatever, chances are you're on a winner. That is the paperback of your signed first edition. Assuming of course your print has staying power, for so much of the mass media is based on ephemera. It is the quick hit that attracts attention and while this can be true of art there is a deeper relationship just waiting for your attention in works that can stand the test of time. For anyone seriously considering collecting art, the pieces to acquire are those you can live with. If you like it from the start that is a bonus though not essential because if you have chosen wisely you will, over time and many conversations, come to love your new found friend. Works of art do become trusted friends and when it comes time to dispose of them it is a gut wrenching experience. This I know for I have been there and done that. When I had to dispose of my collection a few months ago my main concern was that they were going to good home rather than the financial return they could afford me. Consequently the ROI was less than if I had been less sentimental.
Guests Forced To Pretend Wedding A Good Thing

"Madeline looked so beautiful today," said mother of the groom Betsy Sykes, who once threatened to disown her son if he married "that manipulative bitch." "She looked positively radiant. They're going to give me such beautiful grandchildren one day."

Willfully ignoring the eight months of screaming, pleading, and threats that marked the couple's courtship, both families were outwardly positive about what they secretly called a "horrible disaster waiting to happen."

"Jerome and Madeline said they were in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together," said Dorothy Pirone, the bride's mother, who reacted to the October 2000 announcement of the engagement by throwing a porcelain cookie jar at Sykes' head. "It's so wonderful to see a young couple so in love."

Despite near constant fighting and two breakups during their eight months of dating, Sykes, a part time worker at Federal Express, and Pirone, a hair stylist at Supercuts, say their relationship was meant to be.

"Nobody in my family liked me going out with Maddy," Sykes said. "Everyone said she wasn't good enough for me, that she treats me like shit. But I don't care what they say: She's the love of my life and nobody can keep us apart."

Pirone agreed, saying that their families' disapproval of the relationship brought her and Sykes closer together.

"Everyone in Jerry's family said I was just dating him on the rebound after I broke up with Mike [Harrison]," said Pirone, straightening the same wedding gown worn years earlier by her mother,replica van cleef inspired necklace, who reluctantly agreed to let Madeline wear it. "So we felt like we had to see each other in secret, just like in that movie Romeo And Juliet, until Jerry was just like, 'Screw this, let's just get married and nobody will be able to tell us what to do.'"

Friends of the bride and groom masked their true feelings throughout the reception, peppering their conversation with comments like, "Yes, we're very happy for the both of them,van cleef necklaces replica," and "No, really, we're very happy."

"When Jerome's high school shop teacher, Mr. Kyzlowski, came through the receiving line, he said it looked like Jerome had really grown up in the last few years," said Patricia Sykes, the groom's mother. "And I guess I had to agree technically is a man now."

Pirone's maternal grandmother, Mary Ellen O'Rourke, who after every meeting with Sykes said she "[doesn't] like that boy," was especially impressed with the wedding.

"The flowers were so beautiful," O'Rourke said. "Very pretty flowers."

"I told Madeline I was totally jealous of her," said maid of honor Roxanne David, who in March repeatedly warned Pirone that Sykes was sleeping with one of their friends. "I told her she looked so beautiful, and that Jerry is going to make her the happiest woman on the planet. What else was I supposed to say?"

Not everyone paid lip service to the couple's prospects.

"If those two last more than a year, I'll sell my dentures,replica van cleef and arpels 10 motif necklace," said Maria Van Kamp, 58, the harpist at the reception. "I've played a lot of weddings, and I can usually tell who's going to make it. Usually,van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica, if the groom is drunk and hitting on a bridesmaid, and the bride threatens to call off the wedding twice during the rehearsal dinner, it's a pretty good sign that they're not going the distance."
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