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Gas price jump 'doesn't make sense',quatrefoil necklace van cleef replica

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDrivers looking for a good reason for major gasoline price jumps across Canada overnight will be left lacking, as the usual seasonal influences don't add up to those types of increases.Montrealers woke up to eye popping price hikes of more than nine cents per litre Wednesday morning.Gas prices: CBC Community shares pain at the pumpsOther cities saw similar hikes. In Regina and Edmonton, prices went up by an average of five cents per litre. In Calgary and Quebec, the jump was four cents. Vancouver now has the second highest prices across Canada at $1.51 a litre,alhambra van cleef necklace replica, while Toronto is looking comparatively cheap, at $1.40 a litre, on average."It doesn't make sense," says Dan McTeague, former MP and founder of the gas pricing website mentioned above. "These prices are not sustainable for the middle class or anybody else."Typically, spring is a time of fluctuating gas prices, as refineries move from making a blend of gasoline tailored for cold weather driving, into a new blend targeted at summer driving. It's also a time when refineries make less petroleum products like heating oil, and readjust production towards gasoline to keep up with demand during the busy summer driving season."Price hikes? We call that spring," quips Phil Flynn, the senior market analyst at energy research firm Price Futures Group in Chicago.Gas prices expected to rise this summer, experts sayThere's usually an imbalance when that changeover happens, but not a big enough one to explain dime a litre jumps. Ervin Associates,replica vca sweet alhambra necklace, notes that the retail price of gasoline jumped to about where it is now in April 2011 and May 2012, a sign that this sort of thing tends to happen at this time of year."Wholesale prices are working their way up and that's a normal seasonal thing,replica van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace, driven by refining," he said.Refinery shutdowns while they make the switch can exacerbate the pain. On Tuesday, Suncor announced it would be shuttering its Montreal refinery for four weeks, taking as much as 137,000 barrels per day offline. That's a drop in the bucket compared to overall production, and shouldn't be enough to jostle prices."During this period Suncor has made the necessary arrangements to ensure sufficient finished products are available and expects all customer supply agreements will be met," the company said in a statement on its website.ANALYSIS: Why Canada just pumps out cheap, unrefined oilEastern Canada has lost three refineries in recent years, and the Toronto area doesn't have one.Any increase in the price of crude oil would have an impact on gas prices for consumers, but there's nothing there at the moment that could explain the sudden jump. As portfolio manager Laura Lau of the Brompton Group in Toronto put it: "The price of oil didn't go up five per cent overnight, that's for sure."

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