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The third quarter of the third quarter challenge Huang Lei Why mysterious equipment

This Sunday, 'Extreme green hermes birkin faux Challenge' broadcast the third quarter of the third quarter of the program, hermes bags birkin cheap before that is broadcasting Wang Jiaer Song Andy, saw the preview guest is summer rain, should be broadcast next week. This week's 'ultimate challenge' airborne Sichuan Sanxingdui, and guest summer rain incarnation three thousand years ago tribal warriors, opened the mysterious journey.

It is strange that only Huang Lei won the program of mysterious equipment, Hermes Birkin 30CM cheap so the third quarter of the third quarter of the ultimate challenge Why only the mysterious equipment Huang Lei?

Everyone from the bronze standing portrait, they will get a rope and two maps, but Huang Lei was an extra mystery package, wrapped in addition to full of walnuts and stones, in addition to a look still Some old bracelets. He picked up the bracelet looked, wearing on his wrist, showing a look suddenly realized, with a smile and said: 'This is definitely my girlfriend sent me my' love story. '

This program, the ultimate man to help all the guests and guests Xia hermes birkin 35 replica Yu seven individuals scattered in different locations in the Sanxingdui, bronze standing portrait one by one wake up, that is, so that 'building wood tree' never let go of the fire, let Sun Bird has habitat.

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