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3 Reasons to Use Solid wood Window treatments

Window blinds come in a myriad of styles, colors, and materials. Whilst many are constructed with metal or plastic, we intend to describe 3 good reasons for using wood window blinds instead.

Wood lasts longer than other materials. Metal shades are often made so thin that the person slats are quite easily curved out of condition and ruined. In an hard work to stiffen them, many are made with a curve in them. This kind of can make a crease in the slats if they are bent against the curved surface. Plastic is a brittle substance that will snap easily if enough force is applied to it.

Wooden items are also stronger and flexible enough to prevent breakage due to unintentionally being struck by various objects. At the same time they are firm enough to provide enough defense against invading light and unwanted eyes striving to peek inside. On addition, minor cosmetic destruction can be covered with paint or sanded away.

For many people, the sight of any plain arranged of closed blinds is not esthetically pleasing. Real wood blinds are assembled in such a manner that when closed, it is possible to paint these to match the decor of any room. Metal and plastic material blinds can be produced in several colors, but changing their color later on is not so easily accomplished.

Wood is a more eco-friendly material. Contrary to plastics, which are made using petroleum, and steel, which is Holzfenster mined from the beginning in limited supplies, trees can be considered a renewable useful resource. If a new woods is planted whenever one is reduce, the world will never run out of trees to use. Petroleum is a precious fuel that is in finite supply. Metal pépite are also finite, though recycling is possible.

Wooden requires far less control to render it useful for the objective of making home window blinds. In fact, the slats used to from the blinds can certainly be a byproduct of other manufacturing operations.

If these three reasons are not enough to convince one of the value of wood window blinds, there is one more quality that may tip the scale. These blinds provide a higher insulation value than metal or clear plastic. While metal and plastic-type do control how much light that comes in by using a window, they do not do much to control the temp of the air coming into or leaving a home window.